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Guili is the het ship between Guizhong and Zhongli from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Guizhong and Zhongli have known each other before the Archon War. The two are both Gods, with Guizhong being the God of Dust, and Zhongli being the God of Contracts. The two first met in Dihua Marsh, Liyue in a garden of glaze lilies. Guizhong showed Zhongli her stone dumbbell in joy, the Memory of Dust. The memory of dust is a current catalyst weapon in the game that was released on the weapon banner in Zhongli's May 2021 re-run. She challenged Zhongli to open the weapon, which contained her wisdom. In the description of the weapon it states lore, in the lore, it mentions how time have passed but yet, Zhongli still has not learned how to open the dumbbell.

“Many years passed, and he was never able to unlock that dumbbell, nor would he ever learn what might have followed that sentence. Over the years, the wild Glaze Lilies, too, dwindled till at last they were no more.”

After their meet, the two eventually became allies. On certain occasions, they would eat meals together with the Adeptus Cloud Retainer on top of Mt. Aocang. Guizhong taught her people about how to grow crops, and Zhongli praised her for it. After, Guili Plains was later founded. However, not too long after, the Archon War began as monsters and evil gods begin to emerge.

Guizhong and Zhongli, along with most Adepti fought to protect the people of Guili Plains. Sadly, during the war Guizhong was killed. It's said that she died amongst the glaze lilies, which were the same flowers she and Zhongli met. As she dies, she smiles at Zhongli and tells him to forget about the dumbbell she challenged him earlier on. Guizhong's body had turned to dust after she died. After the death of Guizhong, Guili Plains later became abandoned by the people as Zhongli relocated the people to Liyue Harbor, where he taught them how to build homes.

Guizhong had a fond of flowers, or particularly, Glaze Lilies. Which was the Glaze Lilies were a key element to the Rite of Parting, as Guizhong was a dear friend to Zhongli. In Zhongli's birthday art, he can be seen holding a bouquet of flowers, in the bouquet, glaze lilies were included.


Some Guili shippers imagine Ningguang, being the incarnation of Guizhong, which brings the ship Zhongguang. Though, others prefer to just ship Guili on its own instead of bringing other ships into it. The ship's main rival is Zhongli's ship with Tartaglia. Guili is somewhat small but still growing amongst social media platforms. Fan art between these two mainly contain angsty themes with Zhongli holding onto Guizhong as she's dying.



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  • On Zhongli’s official birthday art, it is shown that he is holding a bouquet that contains Glaze Lillies which are Guizhong’s favorite flowers.


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