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Guilty Conscience is the femslash ship between Winter Schnee and Harriet Bree from the RWBY fandom.


Winter and Harriet are former teammates in the ace-ops. The two don't have many interactions through out much of the Atlas Arc but they don't seem to get along. In Volume 8, after Ironwood shoots Councilman Sleet, Winter looks over at Harriet before the Ace Op looks away. Later, it is revealed that Winter was made the the new leader of the Ace Ops. During a trip, Winter reprimands Harriet and the others for arguing like children.

When the Ace Ops get a distress call from Jaune Arc, Harriet notices Winter's hesitance and demands to know where Penny Polendina is before the earth begins to shake beneath them. She and Winter watch as Salem invades Atlas in horror alongside the rest of the Ace Ops, Jaune, Yang, and Ren. When Harriet speaks out against Winter allowing Yang, Jaune, and Ren to go into Monstra to rescue Oscar, Winter silences her with a cold, "I outrank you." Later, Harriet reports to Ironwood that Winter disobeyed orders. When the Ace Ops and Ironwood learn about the Schnee Dust Company ships being sent to bring citizens from the Crater to Atlas, Harriet gives the shocked Winter a glare.

Harriet then informs Ironwood that Winter let Yang, Ren and Jaune go into the whale to try and retrieve their friend. Winter then hangs her head in shame. Harriet is slso present when Winter arrests Marrow. Later Winter and Harriet are briefly enemies when Winter teams up with Qrow, Marrow and Robyn to take down Ironwood. Harriet is then briefly arrested by Winter.


Guilty Conscience is a rarepair in the RWBY fandom. This is due to ships like Snowbird and Schneewood Forest being more popular for Winter. A popular headcanon of the ship is that Harriet and Winter were teammates back in Atlas Academy or at least knew each other. Some fans like to think the two would be the enemies turned to lovers trope. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



Harriet/Winter tag on AO3



  • "Guilty Conscience" comes from Winter and Harriet having doubts about following Ironwood's orders in Volume 8.


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