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Gumulous is the slash ship between Cumulous Rocks and Theobald Gumbar from the A Crown of Candy fandom.


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Deep Bleu Sea

While battling, Theo turns to Cumulous if Lazulia made him. Cumulous says that in a sense, yes. Theo thinks they have a lot to talk about when the battle is over. Cumulous says that he likes, Theo's sword. Theo likes Cumulous' whole vibe, and he just responds with a "wow". As Cumulous is about to be hit, Theo is able to swirl onto the boat, and block him from it. Cumulous asks if they've met, and Theo recounts how he saw him talking to Lazuli years ago. Cumulous says that it's not a great memory, but Theo points out that it wasn't important at the time.

After the battle, Theo notices the necklace around Cumulous' neck, and asks how he got it. Cumulous says that he got it from the Archmage Lazuli. Theo asks what he meant when he said that Lazuli made him, and Cumulous explains that he was part of an order created by Lazuli that was made to protect the magic of Candia. He was molded by her in a way. Theo explains to the others what he knows about the others, and asks if Cumulous was sent specifically by Lazuli. Cumulous says that he was sent, when Candia went to war.

Safe Harbor

Before going to bed, Theo asks if there are more people like Cumulous. Cumulous says that there used to be a lot more, but not as many now. Theo asks what's stopping the rest from getting through, and Cumulous explains that the transports are damaged and even him coming here was a risk. Theo asks if they're all on another plane of existence, but Cumulous says that they're on this plane. They haven't been able to do much since Lazuli's death, and isn't sure how much Theo wants to know. Theo wants to know everything, and Cumulous explains that Candia going to war, releasing them from vows and allowed them to participate. Cumulous then starts to admire Theo's sword, and recognizes the magic in it. Theo says that Lazuli gave it to him, and Cumulous says it's a fine gift. They both agree that she was smart and their favorite. That they wanted to their best to help her, and try and keep it professional. They start to lose coherency and Theo hugs Cumulous before bursting into tears. Cumulous double checks on what Theo's name is, and Theo confirms so.


Escape from the Bulb Creep

  • Theobald thinks back to the first time he saw Cumulous.

Deep Bleu Sea

  • Theobald and Cumulous realize that they've met before.
  • Theobald ask the Amethat if it's okay for Cumulous to kill the surrendered enemies.
  • Ruby messages what she knows about Cumulous to Jet and Theo.
  • Jet pokes Cumulous and Theo with her sword.
  • Cumulous asks if they're meant to kill everyone in the church, and Theo quickly tells him no.
  • Cumulous tells Theo to squeeze into the room and he does.
  • Theo asks if Cumulous can still talk to Lazuli.

Blood & Bread

  • Theo says that Cumulous knows what he's doing.
  • Theo suddenly realizes that Cumulous is right next to them.

At the Mountains of Sweetness

  • Theo asks if Cumulous is jealous of the puppets, and Cumulous insists that he's not.
  • Cumulous tries to stop Theo from rushing forward.
  • Theobald tells Saccharina about Cumulous.
  • Theobald tells Cumulous to go to sleep, and not focus on the artifacts.
  • Theobald tries to hold back Cumulous.
  • Theobald tells Cumulous to get away from Liam.

Rescue at Buzzybrook

  • Theobald asks if Cumulous is alright.

Family Ties

  • Theo says that Cumulous is just a person.
  • Theo tells Cumulous that the monks are in danger.
  • Amethar tells Cumulous to let Theo go with Gooey.
  • Theobald ties a rope to Cumulous.
  • Theobald yanks back Cumulous.
  • Theobald yells to be careful with Cumulous.
  • Theobald tells Cumulous they're moving.
  • Theobald follows Cumulous.

For Candia (Part 2)

  • Theo wonders where Cumulous is.


Cumulous“I like you sword.”
Cumulous“Thanks, I like your whole vibe.”
— Deep Blue Sea
Theobald“Are you jealous?”
Cumulous“Of course not.”
Theobald“You know this is bad, right?”
Cumulous“I know it is bad.”
Cumulous“But I said I was not jealous.”
— At the Mountains of Sweetness


This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it.

The ship is considered more minor in the Crown of Candy fandom. While their interactions are well liked by fans, most shippers ship Theo with Zac's previous character Lapin, or with his current love interest Gooey.



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