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Guster is the slash ship between Gus Porter and Hunter from the The Owl House fandom.


Any Sport in a Storm

Hunter's mission to prove his worth to the Abomination Coven head, Darius, leads to him looking for more Emperor's Coven recruits at Hexside. Where Gus was helping Willow with recruiting for people to join her Flyer Derby team. The Young Golden Guard crossed paths with Gus when Hunter had accidentally bumped into Viney's pet griffin, Puddles, causing him to evade him by flying on his staff. Gus and Willow witness it and both get impressed by Hunter's flying skills, despite knowing that Hunter could help Gus and Willow and on their Flyer Derby team, Gus was a little suspicious of the young blond since it was the first time he or Willow have sees him. When Gus asked Hunter for his name and where he came from, Hunter introduces himself as "Caleb" and makes up a fake backstory, before saying he has his own mission to do. The pamphlet Willow gives Hunter and it says "best and brightest," is what gets Hunter to agree to help Gus and Willow gain teammates for their Flyer Derby team. So he can gain the coven recruits he came searching for. Even though Hunter displaying his flying skills as a way to help attract more members to their team, Gus was still getting some bad vibes from him, but Hunter's great flying skills has him admitting that he and Willow needed someone like "Caleb" on their team. After Willow introduces Hunter to the rest of the team, along with seeing Gus having trouble flying on his own staff, he gets put off by his and the others seeming laziness or lack of skill and begins to walk away. Only to be stopped and asked to give them a chance. Seeing Gus displaying the way he flies and later learns that he only has trouble flying the way that everyone else does, Hunter sticks around to give him and the others a chance, before they began to play. After winning the game, the professor asks for their team name to register them as a club. Hunter suggest the "Emerald Entrails" because they're wearing green and there's more to them than people think. Gus alongside the other members enthusiastically agree, and everyone take a selfie.

Hunter then reveals his identity as the Golden Guard. Multiple coven members appear to collect the recruits, and they end up in a jail cell for punching one of the guards. Gus felt betrayed and knew that he should have listened to the feeling that told him that "Cable" was bad news, Hunter on the other hand was having trouble to understand why Gus and the other team members don't want to be part of the Emperor's Coven and why they feel betrayed by him. Right then, they are taken by Darius. Hunter has a conversation with Steve where he reminds him of the gruelling training they had to go through as new recruits to the coven, plus having to give up their palismen. Hunter starts to regret forcing them into this and chases after Darius's ship on his staff.

Before Hunter arrivals to save him, Gus and the others were trying to get their palismen back from Darius, and Hunter's appearance on the ship surprising Darius is what gives the team an opportunity to make their escape. At first Hunter believed that Gus's illusions of the team jumping off the ship was really, until it was reviled to be an illusion before the real Emerald Entrails crash the ship. Darius angrily approaches the team members with a scythe hand. Right as he was about to attack them, Hunter steps in front of them to shield them. He says that they are insolent agitators who are unfit to be part of the Emperor's Coven, in hopes that it will take the Emperor's Coven from going after them again, before removing his cloak saying that he's not fit for the role of Golden Guard either. As he places the young witches he briefly befriended over the title he was given by the Emperor. He turns around, pleading them to leave. Gus was sadly leaving as Willow tells the team that they should go and that they need find a replacement. At the end of the episode, Gus and the other team members are looking at Willow's scroll, seeing that Hunter made a new Penstagram account since Darius gave him a scroll in the previous scene. Gus and Willow laugh at his slow typing.

Labyrinth Runners

When Gus sees Flapjack getting out of the trash can, he states that he remembers him before he begins to chase the palisman and find himself coming face to face with Hunter again. Due to what happened the time their paths crossed, Gus angrily asks him what is he doing at the school, calling him "Golden Guard". Hunter tries to look himself evil in hopes of scaring Gus away, but as he walks closer to Gus, a mess behind him is made, revealing to Gus that Hunter has been living in Hexside, much to Gus confusion. Hunter blushes as he tries to cover all his stuff, but Gus asks him again what is he doing at Hexside, in a friendlier way, calling him this time by his name. Hunter angrily explains him he's "temporarily" living there due to some problems he had, as he says that the only place he could think was Hexside. Before Gus feels to see what the Headmaster has called all the students for, he gives Hunter his lunch knowing that he must be hungry and has probably been eating other people's left overs.

To pay Gus for his kindness, Hunter spirits Gus away from Adrian when he tried to take Gus's abilities, which lead to Gus creating a massive illusion that the two find themselves lost in. Because Gus had never made an illusion that big before and wasn't sure how to undo it, Hunter subjects that they should look for a teacher for help. Gus asks Hunter why saved him from getting a sigil against his will, from how he had tried to Gus and one of his friends to join a coven, Hunter tells him that he wanted to thank Gus the sand wig, much to Gus's confusion and had found it hard to believe Hunter's answer. Not long after that the two run into Coven Scouts that were sent to find Gus on Adrian's orders, Gus saw the Hunter was sweating when the scouts told him that Belos has been looking for him and decides help him get away from the scouts, by creating a fire glyph while Hunter's palisman was freeing him from the vines. When the two later ended up in an illusion of Gus's room, Hunter begins to have a panic attack over the news of Belos looking for him before Hunter sits down in sadness. This gets Gus to sit with him before sharing a calming trick Willow had taught him of counting down while breath deeply; Hunter tries the trick and helps him to calm down. Gus then kindly asks Hunter if he escaped from the Emperor's Coven, so Hunter sadly nods. Gus asks why, Hunter was about to answer it but he angrily crossed his arms, so Gus tells him a little bit about him, and he promises Hunter he won't mess with him, to later tell him to keep moving, as Hunter follows him.

As the two finally reached the end of the illusion and began to continue their search for help, they run into Willow as Gus tells her that Hunter has been helping him, and probably hasn't showered in a while. Gus being so happy to see a friendly face again is what kept from from understanding why Hunter tried to attack Willow, until Hunter explains that the Willow they just encountered is another illusion as the way that the two have seen the real Willow play Flyer Derby wants it unlikely that she would be scared of him. Realising that the fake Willow is a Coven Scout and the Adrien has found them, Hunter tries to spirit Gus away from him again, but an illusion of Belos causes him to freeze in fear. Allowing Adrien to capture Gus before taking the scouts to ensure that Hunter doesn't try to get in his way again. Hunter kept his eyes glugged on Gus in Adrien's grasps as the scouts put him to sleep. Luckily Hunter is saved by Gus's Flyer Derby teammates, but when he wakes up with the other Hexside students he thinks it's an illusion and tries to escape, shouting Gus's name trying to know if he's okay. Because of Hunter's time serving the Emperor's Coven as the Golden Guard everyone assumes that he is with Adrien, before demanding Hunter to tell them where Gus is. Thanks to the "breathing thing" Gus had shared with him, Willow states that Hunter is telling the truth and that he can help them save Gus from Adrien.

While the school's teachers and students fight the Emperor's Coven, Hunter goes to save Gus, who is trapped in his own negative thoughts. The first time Hunter tried to reach out to him, Gus's illusion magic forces Hunter to remember the horribly things that have happened to him or he himself had done to others, but knowing tat Gus needs him Hunter manged to get through the illusion barrier. There he sees Gus blaming himself for the struggles and hardships that still haunt him, and how he believes that he can't trust himself. Hunter knows where Gus is coming from as he sits with Gus him in the illusion of his room, before he shares with Gus his own struggles and the things he has went through lately, along with him wanting to keep believing in the lies. To help Gus to calm down Hunter uses the breathing technique that Gus taught, even though he can only whistle during the breathing out part. This brings a laugh to Gus as he calms down, ending up the massive illusion. At the end of the episode, Willow hugs Gus, relieved that he was okay. Upon seeing Hunter, she pulls him into the group hug, and Hunter blushes. Unsure what a hug is Gus tells him to go with it. Not long after the Emperor's Coven left the school, Gus helps Hunter to answer the many question that the other students have for him, along with Hunter revealing the dark truths of Belos and the Day of Unity.

Clouds on The Horizon

When Gus learns that Hunter was sent to keep Luz safe, he and Willow convince Hunter to take them with him so they can see their friend again. Gus and Hunter were also shown to have become close friends. Because Hunter was unsure what he is after discovering that he is a Grimwalker, he doesn't want Gus or Willow to know that he is one. After Kikimora stated that she is taking Hunter back to Belos, Luz asks Gus to help her prevent this by having him cast an illusion spell that would allow Luz and Hunter to switch places. Gus agrees to do so, as he too wants to keep Hunter safe. At the end of the episode, they show us that Gus was tired from maintaining the illusion for so long, but it was all a plan to keep Hunter safe and to help Luz confront Belos again.


Guster is somewhat of a rarepair, being overshadowed by ships such as Goldric and Huntlow. It gained more shippers after the episode "Labyrinth Runners." So far, there isn't much fan content. Some people think they shouldn't be shipped romantically given their 4 year gap, as Hunter is 16 and Gus is 12 years old. The same with Huntlow and Lunter. Despite that, some people still think it's a cute pairing, as both supported and helped each other when they were having trouble trying to control themselves. Due to how Hunter has had life-changing episodes with three of Gus's friends, some see "Labyrinth Runners" has Gus and Hunter's episode. While Gus being the one to discover Hunter's current living situation, it has inspired a few fans to either write or draw Gus inviting Hunter to come and live with him. Similar to how the aftermath of "Hollow Mind" had inspired fans to write about Hunter being taken in by Darius or the Owl House Family.

Before the events of "Labyrinth Runners," there have been a few fans who like the idea of Hunter becoming part of Gus and Luz's circle of friends. As they believe that Hunter deserves a chance to be a kid, and Hunter showing interests in the human world would have him and Gus get along.



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