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Gustholomule is the slash ship between Gus Porter and Mattholomule from The Owl House fandom.


At first both Gus and Mattholomule were featured as fellow young students at Hexside, where Gus learns Illusion magic while Mattholomule studies Construction magic. Mattholomule mistreated Gus in order to gain the position “President of the HAS” which Gus currently had. Gus only breaks rules when his friends are in trouble or are in need of help, showing that he has a good heart. Gus often feels overlooked by others and wants everyone to feel included. Mattholomule presents a power hungry and overconfident persona, when in reality, he is only defending himself from mistreatment, When Mattholomule steals the presidency from Gus, Gus is somewhat kind to Mattholomule, and even saves him from the schools detention pit. After the trouble at Hexide, Mattholomule starts to hang out more with his old friends from Glandus who had mistreated him for years, causing his behavior before. In “Through The Looking Glass Ruins” Gus meets up with Mattholomule’s Glandus group and goes on an adventure with them. The group initially accepts Gus and is extremely kind to him, which makes Mattholomule upset because he was never treated this way. But when The Glandus group (minus Mattholomule) reveals their true intentions, Mattholomule feels bad for Gus, seeing he’s in a similar position as him, and saves Gus. Gus and Mattholomule then scare away the Glandus kids, and when Gus asks if they are friends, Mattholomule replies “I don’t know”. Shortly after however, they both walk away teasing eachother and laughing, confirming they are close to being friends.

Something Ventured, Someone Framed

In the episode "Something Ventured, Someone Framed" Mattholomule joins the Human Apreciation Society (H.A.S), a Hexside school club leaded and founded by Gus. Mattholomule challenges Gus's leadership showing fake human treasures that trick the other members. Gus ends up calling Luz Noceda, a human that was banned from the Hexcide School. Luz ends up in detention (detention in the boiling isles is very 'torturous'), so Gus then sends himself and Mattholomule to detention, Mattholomule having to be saved by Luz and Gus. At the end of the day, Mattholomule becomes the new H.A.S president, but doesn't last long in Hexside.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins

Gus is feeling down after an attempt to help his friend Willow resulted in her getting injured. Luz asks Gus to accompany her to the library, but gets distracted by a gang of students from Glandus High, a rival school. Impressed with them, Luz convinces him to join them on an outing. The students include Mattholomule wich still harbors a grudge against Gus. At the end of the adventure, Gus finds out the Glandus students were stealing artifacts from an Ilusioner graveyard and end up trapping both him and the guardian of the graveyard. Later, seeing how mistreated Mattholomule is by his school mates, he helps Gus escape and scare the others away, seemingly becoming friends.


Labyrinth Runners

  • In the illusion of Gus's bedroom, there is a photo of Gus with Mattholomule wearing a party hat. The photo is seen among the other pictures that Gus has of his friends.


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Ever since Mattholomule's first appearance, the fandom knew he was going to come back in an enemies to friends style. That is why some view Mattholomule as Gus's Amity, and has inspired fans to draw the two boys in Lumity moments and scenes from the fandom. After Steve was revealed to be Mattholomule's half brother it had inspired a few fans to feature Steve playfully teasing his brother having a crush on Gus, similar to how the Blight Twins use their sister's crush on Luz as a means to tease her.

In Through the Looking Glass Ruins, Mattholomule got his redemption, therefore he and Gus became good friends, making fans also believe it was an "Enemies to Lovers" situation. Although, unlike Amity or Luz, they do not have their sexualities confirmed. We can still believe it's possible since there hasn't been any kind of homophobia shown in the Boiling Isles. When "Labyrinth Runners" showed Mattholomule taking up illusion magic beside Construction magic, some fans like to think that Gus might have had something to do with it. As the episode did briefly show a photo of Gus with Mattholomule, along with how Mattholomule helped his teachers and fellow students save Gus from Adrien. Indicating that the two may have started to hang out as friends, and that Mattholomule has started to consider Gus a friend but won't admitted it.



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