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Gwiles is the het ship between Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales from the Marvel fandom.



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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Miles and Gwen in class.

Because the Collider had transported Gwen a week before Miles got bitten by a radioactive spider and witnessed the event that brought Gwen and the other Spider people to Miles' home dimension, it gave them the chance to meet at Vision's Academy before Miles' whole life turns upside down. At first Gwen didn't know why her spider senses would want her to go undercover at the academy until she met Miles. Since "Wanda" laughed at Miles' joke when he arrived late to class, he got the impression that she might like him just has he is beginning develop a crush on her. When he told his uncle about the girl he met in class, he is given advice on how he could approach the said girl the next time he sees her, by placing his hand on her shoulder while saying "hey". Miles' new spider abilities, however, had caused his to make a foul of himself when his sticky hand wouldn't let go of her hair. Miles felt terrible for knowing that he is the reason for "Wanda's" new buzz hair cut. Making it one of the reasons why he doesn't want his new given powers, until his dimension's original Spider-Man tells Miles that he doesn't have a choice on the matter before his death.

As Miles helps Peter B. Parker create a new over ride key for the Collider, he runs into a disguised Gwen while making his escape with Peter. Gwen follows behind them in her spidery suit as she swings to their aid, before telling a surprised Miles her true name and how she is also a Spider person from another dimension, which gets Miles to wonder how many spider people there are besides them. On the bus ride to May Parker for help that the late Peter Parker left behind, Miles informs Gwen of how it was the Collider that brought her to his dimension, what will happen if she stays and that he is going to destroy the Collider, once he gets both her and Peter back to their dimensions. Even though Gwen's tragic past of what happened to her Peter Parker, which is why she no longer does friends, and didn't want Miles to like her new punk style hair cut, that he is responsible for, they did made time to take a quick selfie. Along with Gwen agreeing to help Miles with the promise of getting her back home.

Once they met the other trapped Spider people, who aren't very sure about Miles, Gwen tells them that he deserves a chance to prove himself, as she believes that Miles can help all of them get back home. Gwen then joins the other Spider people in their many questions of how much of a Spider-Man Miles is in the face of danger. Miles still being new to what Gwen has went through as Spider-Woman/Gwen for two years had caused him to fail their final, biggest question, which gets him to run out of the Spider lair. He returns back to May's house to inform Gwen and the others that his uncle is a masked villain working for the Kingpin, while failing to notice the other villains following Miles to the house.

After Miles' uncle was killed by the Kingpin and had retreated to his dorm room, Gwen goes to see the grieving Miles as she tells him that she too knows the pain of loss when she failed to save her best friend, as their superhero job prevents them from saving the people they love. The fight at the Parker house had also told Gwen and the others that Miles isn't ready to be Spider-Man, yet, and didn't want to throw him into many more danger, which is why Gwen says goodbye to Miles before Peter informs him that they had decided to leave him out of their battle for the Collider. Not wanting to be left behind while the Kingpin oversees the deaths of other spider people, Miles returns to the Spider lair to design a proper spidery suit, that he takes a leap of faith in, before joining Gwen and the others.

Saying goodbye

Seeing Miles full of confidence in himself impressed Gwen as he displayed skilled that either her or Peter taught him. Along with her liking Miles' new suit. After defeating a hand full of villains and getting the first three spider people home, Miles and Gwen say a heart filled goodbye to one another, and because Gwen knows that Miles likes her she reminds him of the age gap between them, but Miles didn't care about it as he reminds her of what Einstein said about time to reference the joke he made on the day they met. Gwen returns home with a smile.

Now whenever Miles feels alone for what his powers and superhero duties make him, he thinks about Gwen, the other Spider people they had befriended and what he learned from her. As while they are apart in their own separate dimensions, Miles and Gwen will always remember that they aren't alone. Sometime after Gwen took a look at the selfie they took on the bus, she found a small dimensional tear that allows her to speak with Miles from her dimension. Implying that they have kept in touch each other since then, as well as Gwen's time with Miles hinting that it has filled in the void that was left by her Peter's death and now has friends again.

TV Shows

Ultimate Spider-Man

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Sometime after their dimension's Peter Parker died from his fight with the Green Goblin and a new Spider-Man appears in his place, Gwen's investigation allows her to learn that the new Spider-Man is Miles. As he felt guilty for not being able to help Peter, with his just received his powers, and took it upon himself to become his successor. When Miles disappeared from their dimension and many masked criminals took advantage of it, as well as the fact that the original Spider-Man was Gwen's friend and didn't want to be left on the sidelines, Gwen decides to become a web swinging hero by using a program from her Dad's Robot police to build technology that mimic Spider-Man's superhuman abilities. So she could fill in for Miles.

Once Miles and the Peter Parker of Earth-12041 returned to Earth-TRN457, he meets Spider-Woman. Gwen fills Miles in on what has happened in his absence and how she had known that he is the new Spider-Man. Miles was shocked by the changes that happened when he was away, but was glad to know that Gwen is on his side. As she helps him and Peter get the Siege Perilous shard that is located in her father's police station. After Gwen helps Miles get all the shards from the Wolf Spider, he takes her to his house where she learns that his mother knows about his hero life. Which is the kind of honest bond and life that Gwen would like to have with her vigilante hating father. Miles's mum helps Gwen to get it when she helped Mr. Stacy to understand what his daughter is doing. When it was time for Peter to return home, Miles' brief time with Gwen allows to see that their dimension is safe in Spider-Woman's hands, as well as her now understanding father, and decides that he and his mother should go back with Peter. As he trusts Spider-Woman to keep up the good work of protecting their city.

Spider-Man (2017)

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Both Miles and Gwen are students at Horizon High.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Gwen“I like your suit”
Miles“Thanks! I made it myself”


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Gwiles is one of the popular het ships between Miles and Gwen, with the 2018 film inspiring fans to give the ship a lot more support than it first started with in the comics.

The ship has a reasonable size fanbase on Tumblr and the two fanfiction websites, AO3, with 96/81 fanfics on tag, and, with 5 in its Spider-Man category and 27 in its Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse category.



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  • Both of their fathers have police related jobs.



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SpideyGhostKid refers to the ship between Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales


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