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Gwuncan is the het ship between Gwen and Duncan from the Total Drama fandom.


During the later half of Total Drama Island, Duncan and Gwen become friends after discovering their similar interests. At the start of Total Drama Action, Gwen picks Duncan to be on the Killer Grips with her, causing them to become closer during the season, but this causes their respective partners Trent and Courtney to think that they have feelings for each other, with the latter of accusing them of hooking up.

In Total Drama World Tour, Gwen, who broke up with Trent in the previous season had fallen in love with Duncan but feels guilty about it since he is still dating Courtney. Even after Duncan quits the show, Gwen still shows obvious signs of attraction. When Duncan returns in I See London..., Duncan and Gwen share a kiss, unbeknownst to Courtney. However in the very next episode, their kiss is leaked and Courtney angrily breaks up with Duncan and vows revenge against Gwen. In The Ex-Files, the two share their second kiss and officially become a couple. But this relationship is put on hold when Gwen is eliminated the next episode. When Duncan is eliminated(again), they continue their relationship.

However in Total Drama All-Stars, their relationship is one the rocks from the start, as Gwen seems to have lost interest in Duncan. In Moon Madness, she officially breaks up with him after his constant desire to grab Courtney's attention makes Gwen realize that he still has feelings for her. Interestingly, her decision to break up with him allows her to rekindle her friendship with Courtney (her goal since the start of the season). The two friends mock Duncan and even ignore him when he tries to warn them about Mike not being who he seems. They end on bad terms, as Gwen sarcastically mocks Duncan after he is arrested for blowing up Chris's cottage.


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Their relationship marked a divide in the fanbase, as loyal Duncney supporters detested their relationship, as it resulted in Duncney's relationship falling apart and both Duncan and Gwen hurting Courtney, while Gwuncan shippers were happy to see the two finally get together. However, both fanbases agree that Gwuncan's breakup was rushed and poorly written, with the Gwuncan fans also being sad that the relationship ended.

Gwuncan is the 7th most written ship in the Total Drama tag on AO3; as well as the 2nd most written for both, Gwen and Duncan. Its main rival ship is Duncney.



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