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HalBarry is the slash ship between Hal Jordan and Barry Allen from the DC Comics fandom.


Justice League: War

Hal is about to be attacked by a parademon when Barry arrives and takes it out. Hal is happy to see him, and reluctantly mentions that Batman is also there. Barry is amazed that Batman is real and races over to introduce himself. Hal says that he shouldn't bother, since he's a total tool, but Batman compliments Barry instead. Hal is annoyed and says that Barry has something on his nose, much to Barry's annoyance.

Hal tell the others that he has a whole universe to protect so a team is off, but Barry says that they can do it together. Hal asks if Barry can fly into space and that they're not friends or a team. Barry doesn't agree, and like being a part of something. Hal points out that Barry would, and decides that this was a one time thing.

DC vs Vampires

Hal asks to meet Barry on a beach and while Barry waits he cleans it up. Hal arrives and asks if he was late, and Barry just says he got here early and decided to do some good while he waited. Hal says the beach looks nice, and offers a seat construct to Barry. Barry decides to show off as well and quickly builds Hal his own chair. Hal tells Barry that he needed to talk to him somewhere he knows that nobody is listening and says that something bad is coming. He says a lot of people they love are going to die, and Barry says that's not a guarantee. Hal says that it is this time, and asks if anyone has talked to Barry about this. Barry says that he doesn't even know what Hal is talking about and Hal apologizes. He says that they've been friends a long time and asks if Barry trusts him. Barry says that he does, and Hal says that he trusts Barry as well. He knows that if something bad happened to him, Barry would be the first by his side, and Barry feels the same. He also wants Barry there when something good happens to him, and something did.

Hal then reveals his fangs and starts to wrap Barry in the ring's construct. He explains that he wanted Barry to become a vampire like him and argued to his Dark Lord to let him turn him. But he was told that Barry's powers would be too much and he'd drink the planet to death. Hal knew they were right, but still argued for him. Barry tries to escape, but Hal wills the ring to stop him. Barry says that this isn't Hal, but Hal says that is. Barry tells him to wait, but Hal then kills Barry. Hal says that he's sorry, and that he wanted to conquer the world with him.


Justice League: War

  • Barry and Hal are both amazed by Diana.
  • Hal tells Barry that he has "dibs" on Diana.
  • Barry fights off the parademons attacking Hal.
  • Barry makes fun of Hal's victory cry and Hal calls Barry a smartass.
  • Hal tells Diana to get Barry away from Darkseid.
  • Hal creates a bed construct for Barry to fall on.
  • Hal jokingly asks Barry what his hurry is.


“I'm so sorry, Barry. I wanted to conquer the world with you.”
— Hal; DC vs Vampires #2


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HalBarry has a decent following in the DC Comics fandom. Being one of the most popular ships specifically for their comic book counterparts. Many fans hopped onto the ship starting with the New 52 Justice League run, but there were still fans before. Most like the ship due to Hal and Barry's close friendship, and how much they mean to each other. Other's just like how genuine their friendship is.

Many HalBarry fans are often searching for "crumbs" in recent years. There was previously many comic issues that depicted the two's relationship, but that started to die down after Rebirth. Many joke that the bar for HalBarry content, is just acknowledging that they're friends. When DC vs Vampires came out, many shippers were both ecstatic and heartbroken. While the HalBarry content was short and resulted in Barry dying, many though it was well written and did a good job showing how important the two are to each other.

Fan fic of the two will either depict them as Friends with Benefits, or explore the beginnings of the two's relationship. Soulmates are also a common trope in HalBarry fan fiction. Art will sometimes depict Barry as a Lantern alongside Hal. Most commonly a Blue Lantern, the color for hope. HalBarry is often also shipped by Superbat shippers.

On AO3, HalBarry is the most written ship for Hal and third most written for Barry. It is also the fifth most written ship in the Justice League of America (Comics) and Justice League - All Media Types tags and the most written in the Green Lantern (Comics), The Flash (Comics) and Green Lantern - All Media Types tags.


Hal/Barry tag on AO3


HalBarryOllie refers to the ship between Oliver Queen, Hal and Barry


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