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Hannibal“See. This is all I ever wanted for you, Will. For both of us.”
Will“It's beautiful.”
— The Wrath of the Lamb

Hannigram is the slash ship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter from the Hannibal fandom.


Season 1[]

Will Graham, an adjunct professor at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, teaches classes on understanding and profiling serial killers, and how such an understanding can be used to apprehend perpetrators. One day, while teaching, Will is approached by Special Agent Jack Crawford. Jack requests Will's assistance in profiling a recent string of murders committed by a killer known in the media as the Minnesota Shrike. It is noted that Will is on the autism spectrum, which he himself claims prevented him from passing the necessary checks and evaluations and becoming an FBI agent of his own, leaving him to teaching. Despite not technically fitting the legal criteria to assist him on profiling and tracking a serial killer, Jack insists that he wants Will to shadow him and help him, as Will has an interestingly unique way of profiling killers. Will, as he looks at evidence, uses his increased empathy to physically put himself in the shoes of the killers, seeing himself brutally murdering each victim in his own mind to plot the exact thought process of each killer. However, as Will gets up close and personal with each new crime scene cropping up from the Minnesota Shrike, he begins to have vivid nightmares about the crime scenes and seeing himself connected with them. Because of this, Jack notices that Will quickly becomes distant and unsure of his thoughts. After speaking to a colleague of Will's, Alana Bloom, Jack approaches psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter (at Alana's recommendation) to help Will and the rest of the FBI with profiling the Minnesota Shrike.

The next day, Hannibal and Will work together with Jack for the first time. Hannibal is immediately interested in Will, while Will seems immensely uneasy around Hannibal because of his background in psychiatry and Hannibal's interest in psychoanalyzing Will instead of the Shrike. Because of the Shrike's killing style of impaling girls on stag heads, Will's nightmares and haunting visions begin to involve a "ravenstag," or an American elk that appears with raven's feathers rather than a typical coat. Soon, the stag becomes associated with Hannibal in Will's mind, as he spends more time with Hannibal to solve the case. With Hannibal's help, Will and the FBI soon understand the Minnesota Shrike to be a man named Garrett Jacob Hobbs. At the end of the first episode, Will and Hannibal successfully apprehend Hobbs, although Will is unaware that Hannibal knew Hobbs was the Shrike and warned him that they would be arriving to his house to arrest him before they got there. When Will and Hannibal approach the Hobbs residence, they watch as Hobbs kills his wife and attempts to kill his daughter. Will shoots Hobbs nine times after he attempts to slit his daughter's throat, killing him. However, before he dies and as Will tries to save his daughter, Hobbs cryptically whispers "See? See?" to Will. Having never been faced with having to kill someone before, Will shakes and dissociates at the scene, until Hannibal follows in behind him and successfully saves Hobbs' daughter, Abigail, from bleeding out.

After Garrett Jacob Hobbs, Jack tasks Hannibal with becoming something of an unofficial psychiatrist to Will. From there, the two work together on the field finding other killers, as well as starting a psychiatrist-patient relationship. The two find a new and elusive serial killer, known as the Chesapeake Ripper, who clearly kills and then cannibalizes parts of his victims, most commonly their organs. After Abigail Hobbs recovers from her father's attack, Will and Hannibal also act as adoptive fathers for her, as she has been orphaned with both of her parents dying. Will, Hannibal and Jack also begin crossing paths with Freddie Lounds, a less-than-reputable online tabloid journalist that insists on writing negatively about Will Graham's joining the FBI hunt for the Chesapeake Ripper and other related serial killers in the area.

While protecting Abigail and parenting her, Will finds what he describes as a "copycat" that kills one of Abigail's old friends in the same way as GJH after his death. Along with this, a brother of one of the girls murdered by GJH tries to attack Abigail and she kills him in self-defense. However, when Hannibal finds Abigail with the body, he convinces her that she can't plead self-defense and manipulates her to hide the body with him and the two will keep the secret that she killed anyone. As the FBI continues to chase the Ripper, a man named Abel Gideon, already in prison, claims that he is the Ripper. This, however, is discovered to be manipulation by Dr. Frederick Chilton, a psychiatrist at the Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane, where Gideon is imprisoned. This doesn't stop Gideon from escaping the hospital and believing that he truly is the Ripper, attempting to kill Chilton by operating on him and removing several of his organs with Freddie Lounds present as a witness for his crimes to be reported on. It is cited in the show that Gideon has narcissistic personality disorder, which causes him to continue to pretend that he is the Ripper even when he knows that he is not, and why he wants Freddie to report on his murders after escaping.

During this, Will somehow contracts viral encephalitis, a virus that causes the brain to swell in the skull. This causes Will to have increasingly severe symptoms, like seizures, blackouts, visual hallucinations and general increasing cognitive dysfunction. Hannibal is aware of Will's encephalitis but refuses to treat him for it, even going so far as to gaslight Will into telling him that he is not sick, as well as making his symptoms worse by purposefully inducing seizures to cause Will to black out and believe that he has been committing crimes while unconscious. The season ends with Hannibal manipulating Will into believing that he abducted and killed Abigail, eating parts of her, as Will wakes up one morning and chokes up Abigail's left ear. He is arrested and placed in the Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane, being charged with the crimes of the copycat of the Shrike as well as the presumed murder of Abigail Hobbs. However, Will begins to earnestly tell people that he believes Hannibal to be not only the copycat killer, but the Chesapeake Ripper. Luckily for Hannibal, the FBI are not convinced of his claim because of his encephalitis.

Season 2[]

Will tells everyone willing to listen that he's sure Hannibal murdered all the people that he was convicted of killing. At first, the FBI entertains the idea, and investigate Hannibal, but find no evidence against him, only finding more against Will. Only a few people in Will's life still care about him and visit him in the hospital - Alana (who feels guilty for allowing Jack to bring Will into the FBI search in the first place), Beverly Katz, Hannibal and Frederick Chilton (who is more interested in having Will in his hospital as a point of fame). In the hospital, Will is also officially diagnosed with viral encephalitis and given medication to cure him in preparation for his trial.

With his mind clearing, Will only doubles down in his belief that Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper. He begins having flashbacks of the times in which Hannibal would induce seizures to frame him, as well as realizing when Hannibal was manipulating him while investigating a case or during their sessions. Since Hannibal keeps visiting Will, the latter decides to manipulate Hannibal himself. During one visit, Will starts crying in front of Hannibal and Alana, begging for Hannibal's help, which he readily offers. Will starts recalling more lost memories, specifically a time in which Will captured Gideon and tried to bring him to Hannibal, and asks Chilton to bring back Gideon. He hopes that he can make Gideon testify in his trial about the memory. Unfortunately, Gideon pretends he had never met Hannibal before, presumably also being coached or manipulated by Hannibal.

During Will's trial it appears that he will be found guilty due to the insurmountable evidence collected against him that only he knows Hannibal planted. Interestingly, during the trial, an unknown party sends Will's attorney an envelope with a human ear inside, referencing the evidence against Will where he choked up Abigail's ear. The mailed ear is revealed to have been removed with the same knife Will supposedly used for his murders, taken somehow from the evidence lockers. This occurs along with the mysterious murder of a bailiff for the trial, and the murder is ruled by Hannibal to be a copycat of Will's alleged crimes. Will believes that Hannibal arranged the gestures, but Hannibal says he never would have thought to send someone an ear or to kill a bailiff. Hannibal then testifies for the defense, telling the courtroom that Will will always be his friend, in contradiction to Will's belief that they will never be friends again. Unfortunately, Hannibal's testimony is struck from the record for being too ambiguous. That evening, a janitor finds the judge murdered and splayed in a manner associated with the Chesapeake Ripper, and the judge's death is grounds for a mistrial, giving Will another chance in court. When speaking to Jack about a motive for the killing, Hannibal says that psychopathic violence is goal-oriented, and that the killer of the judge wanted a mistrial for Will's sake.

As killing starts again while he is in the hospital, Will is hopeful that the new deaths will prove his innocence. He makes a deal with Chilton to allow him to be injected with sodium amytal, or "truth serum," to see if the drug will allow any more repressed memories about Hannibal framing Will for Abigail's murder to resurface, as well as doubling as a plan to further manipulate Hannibal. As this plan plays out, Beverly Katz secretly visits Will in the hospital to ask for consults on the killings happening in his absence. While speaking about these killings, Beverly reveals that she always believed Will about suspecting Hannibal. Will appreciates her belief in him, and this support causes Beverly to choose to investigate Hannibal on her own. This results in Hannibal finding Beverly breaking into and looking around his home, and he kills her, displaying her gruesomely by dividing her into vertical slabs pressed in glass.

Jack finds that the ear sent during Will's trial was sent by someone unknown, Will's own copycat, who wants to help him. Will suggests that Freddie Lounds conduct an interview where Will asks the killer to contact him. This plan works, and Will finds that the person who sent the ear and killed the bailiff is a nurse at the hospital who wants someone to kill with. Instead of telling Jack that the plan worked, Will decides to secretly send the man to murder Hannibal for manipulating him as well as killing Beverly and presumably killing Abigail. Unfortunately for Will, Gideon overhears their conversation and warns Jack about Will's plan, ultimately saving Hannibal moments before he was to be murdered. Upset that Will would try to have Hannibal murdered, Jack visits Will and Will begins to convince him that Hannibal is not only a murderer, but a cannibal as well, and that he will find proof based on the pattern of the Ripper's killings and Hannibal's following dinner parties. This, unfortunately, does not pan out, as Jack sends for Hannibal's snacks to be tested and they contain no human meat.

Will's charges are dropped and he is released from prison as killings continue without Will being involved, showing his innocence. Chilton, unhappy, asks why would Hannibal be helping him to be free, supposing Hannibal was the Ripper and killing to prove Will's innocence. Will simply explains that Hannibal wants a friend. Jack immediately puts Will back to work, because a cabin potentially belonging to the Ripper was found. After analyzing the evidence, there is nearly equal evidence that the Ripper could either be Chilton or Hannibal. However, because Hannibal is close to the evidence and knows that Jack suspects him, he frames Chilton, massacring several FBI agents in Chilton's home and inducing a blackout in Chilton to make him believe that he unknowingly committed the murders. Will is able to see through the framing and convinces Jack that Hannibal is definitively the Chesapeake Ripper. To catch him, they decide that Will must return to therapy with Hannibal and gain his confidence to catch him in the act.

During this long set-up, Will finds that he is steadily growing more violent. After investigating a case of a man being manipulated to kill by his social worker, Will attempts to shoot the social worker for his manipulation of an innocent man. Hannibal is there to stop him from pulling the trigger. He holds Will's head and tells him how impressed he is that Will is accepting the violent side in him. This is echoed later, when Will has a dream that he is going to kill Hannibal by strangling him with ropes tying him to a tree and his stag to tighten the ropes around his neck. In the dream, Hannibal tells Will that Will only knows that Hannibal is the Ripper because he sees Hannibal as his "beloved." Meanwhile, they investigate a man brutally murdering people as he pretends to be an animal, and Hannibal reveals to Will that the man responsible for the murders used to be one of his patients. In some twisted act of courtship, Hannibal sends the man, Randall Tier, to try to murder Will in return for Will trying to have Hannibal killed while at the hospital. Will survives the attack with minimal injuries, killing Randall with his hands and imagining that he was killing Hannibal instead. Knowing that Hannibal sent Randall, Will brings the body with him to Hannibal's home, where he lays Randall's body on the table and tells him that they are even. Hannibal gingerly tends to Will's wounds after the attack and the two display the body the way the Ripper would.

Freddie Lounds, working with Will and Jack to frame Hannibal, stages a scene with Will in which she tries to investigate his farm and he kills her. He goes so far as to bring Hannibal a supposed section of her muscle for them to cook and eat together. Hannibal falls for this trap, believing that he is changing Will more than he is. Jack and Will also fake Freddie Lounds' dead body, and Will and Hannibal set it ablaze and display it, similar to what they already did with Randall. Meanwhile, Hannibal takes on therapy of two siblings, Mason and Margot Verger. Mason routinely physically and sexually assaults his sister, leading to Margot wanting to kill him and have a male child so that he can take over for their family's impressive farming estate. Hannibal is aware of both sides and plans to kill and mutilate Mason, with Will's help, as Will slept with Margot to attempt to give her the child she wanted. Mason hears of the potential child and forcefully gives Margot a hysterectomy to stop it, angering Margot, Will and Hannibal. Hannibal and Will successfully mutilate Mason, or rather drug Mason so that he mutilates himself, tearing off the entire bottom half of the skin on his face. He survives the encounter and attempts to get a facial reconstruction. In his anger towards the two, Mason now wants to kill the both of them for mutilating him.

Hannibal finds that Freddie is still alive by smelling her on Will while they start to destroy evidence in Hannibal's office, as Hannibal and Will have planned to flee the area together and escape potential prosecution as Jack gets closer to finding that Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper. Will and Hannibal, and Will and Jack behind Hannibal's back, prepare a dinner with the three of them. Will, as a double agent, is stuck between pleasing both Hannibal and Jack. Jack wants the dinner to happen so that him and Will and double-team Hannibal and arrest him with evidence of him cannibalizing his victims through their dinner. Hannibal wants the dinner to happen so that he and Will can double-team Jack and kill him so that no one will immediately go after them as they leave the area together.

Unfortunately, neither plan works as expected, as the FBI plans to arrest Will and Jack for conspiring the attack on Hannibal with no evidence that he is the Ripper. Because of this, Jack decides to try to attack Hannibal on his own, early. Alana calls Will to tell him about the arrest warrants, so Will calls Hannibal to warn him of Jack's early arrival before leaving to also protect Jack. Alana decides to show up too, and both she and Jack are heavily injured trying to fight off Hannibal. Alana is pushed out of a window by Abigail, who is revealed to be alive and still manipulated by Hannibal to fake her death and push Alana. Will arrives last, stopping to call the ambulance for the injured Alana at the front of the home before running in to stop Hannibal.

Will is approached first by Abigail, who he is shocked to see alive. She mentally disarms him completely, and he puts away his gun. As they talk, Hannibal comes up behind Will. Hannibal accuses Will of framing him to be killed by Jack. He laments that him, Will and Abigail could have all fled together peacefully and made a life together if Will hadn't ruined it. Will claims that he wanted Hannibal to leave anyway, explaining why he warned Hannibal that Jack was on his way to kill him. Hannibal tells him that they couldn't have left without him. As they stare at each other, Hannibal holds Will's cheek in his hand as he pulls out a small, curved hunting knife and stabs him in the stomach, cutting horizontally along his abdomen. He holds the back of his head as Will desperately grabs onto his shoulders. As he begins to bleed profusely, Hannibal pulls him into an embrace, stroking his hair as Will groans in pain and Abigail watches, horrified. Hannibal cryptically mentions that "a place was made for Abigail in [Will's] world" as he lifts Will off of his shoulder in an embrace to hold his head and look into his eyes. He said that he wanted to surprise him, presumably with Abigail, and that Will also wanted to surprise him, presumably with the arrest with Jack. With that, he lets Will fall to the floor, shivering with blood loss and gasping for air. Hannibal, frustrated, tells Will that he is upset that he allowed himself to be vulnerable with Will, only for Will to backstab him by working with Jack to apprehend him. Hannibal claims that Will planned to deny him his life, but Will disagrees, saying just that he would deny him his freedom by putting him in prison. Hannibal asks Will if he thinks that he could have changed him the way he changed Will, and Will claims that he already was successful in changing Hannibal. Hannibal forgives Will then, likely for trying to have him imprisoned, and asks if Will will forgive him as well. Hannibal then spots Abigail, still scared, in the corner of his eye and asks her to approach him. Will knows what Hannibal is planning, and begs him not to do it, but does not have the strength to overpower him as Hannibal wraps an arm around Abigail and slits her throat the way her father did. Hannibal lets Abigail fall to the ground, leaning down to tell Will that he can "make it all go away" by closing his eyes and letting himself die. Will tries to use his energy to save Abigail as Hannibal walks out of the house, letting the rain wash the blood from his face and walking down the street with Will's coat, that he left draped on Alana outside.

Hannibal attempts to leave his old life behind, fleeing to Europe from the US, taking his psychiatrist and enabler Bedelia with him to act as his wife.

Season 3[]

Hannibal and Bedelia end up in Florence, taking on the identities of Mr. and Mrs. Fell. They meet and kill several people there openly, but as Bedelia points out, Hannibal is killing much less than he had been before in America. One of his last victims is a young man who finds out about him pretending to be Dr. Fell, a man that he used to study under. He even suggests that he is not troubled with what Hannibal is doing, and would love to help him and start a relationship with him and Bedelia. However, Hannibal is not interested and kills him as Bedelia watches.

Meanwhile, Will wakes up in a hospital, alive after Hannibal's attack. He dreams of Abigail visiting him and they talk about Hannibal, who Abigail claims knew how to hurt them so they would purposefully survive and about alternative universes where they could have run away together peacefully. After being released from the hospital, Will begins working on repairing a boat. Jack appears at his farm one day to talk. He asks why Will warned Hannibal that he was coming instead of letting Jack surprise him. Will claims that he didn't know, that he just wanted to call Hannibal and decided to try to save him once he heard his voice on the other end of the line.

When the boat is fixed, Will sails to Europe to try to find Hannibal. He finds himself in Palermo, at Hannibal's favorite chapel, to try to get into Hannibal's mindset. Somehow, Hannibal knows that Will is in Palermo, and a human body shaped into an anatomically correct heart is found in the middle of the chapel days later. Will and Abigail go there to look around and talk about the fact that the murder was a representation of Hannibal's broken heart given to Will for him to find, as well as Will's desire to still join Hannibal. Will somehow knows Hannibal is somehow watching him. While at the crime scene, Will finally accepts that Abigail is not really there with him, and that she died when Hannibal cut her throat in his kitchen.

The next few episodes follow a cat-and-mouse chase between Will and Hannibal, as Will visits every place he can imagine that Hannibal would be hiding, including the chapel in Palermo and his childhood family estate in Lithuania, now abandoned and watched over by a Japanese woman named Chiyoh. Will speaks to Chiyoh and gains her confidence to look for clues to find Hannibal, although she is of little help because Hannibal has not returned to the estate since his sister Mischa was murdered and he had to cannibalize her. After leaving Lithuania with Chiyoh, Will returns to Florence, where he finds Hannibal in the Uffizi art gallery, sketching the Primavera. They have a conversation about how they missed each other, and that they never thought they would see each other in such circumstances. As they leave the gallery, Chiyoh is atop a building with a sniper rifle, intent on protecting Hannibal. As she sees that Will plans to stab him as they walk out on the street, Chiyoh shoots Will in the shoulder. Hannibal picks him up and takes him back to his apartment to clean him up.

He not only cleans him up, but straps him to a chair at a dining table. Hannibal has been tempting Jack, who is also in Europe to find them both, and he knows that Jack is planning on finding them. After using a drugged Will to lure Jack in, Hannibal attacks him and drugs and seats him across Will at the table. As Hannibal starts to drill into Will's skull to open his head and eat his brain, Italian police officers bribed by the Verger estate storm in and take Will and Hannibal captive, as Mason wants to kill them both and eat Hannibal in an act of revenge for mutilating him.

Mason's plans for the two are gruesome and horrific, such as slowly eating parts of Hannibal while he is alive and Mason getting a face transplant from Will so that he can eat Hannibal with Will's face instead of his own. Unfortunately, none of these plans work, as Alana and Margot help free Hannibal so that he can help them take Mason's sperm and kill him, as well as save Will and take him away. This plan works, and Hannibal carries an unconscious Will bridal-style back to his farm in Virginia after he was planned to have his face transplant surgery. When Will wakes, Hannibal is sitting at his bedside. Will is cleaned up and changed. Will then tells Hannibal to leave, that he doesn't ever want to see him again and he's tired of the chase and he doesn't want to know or find where Hannibal is ever again. Hannibal understands and leaves, pretending to go home. However, when Jack arrives to Will's home to ask where Hannibal is, Hannibal reveals himself. He surrenders himself to the FBI, echoing the words that Will said to him, that he is okay with being caught because he wants everyone to know where to find him. He looks to Will then, who doesn't respond and walks back into his home.

The series then jumps forwards in time, to when Hannibal has been in the Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane for three years, and Will has left the FBI and found a wife and son that he lives with away from Virginia. Jack approaches Will after these years of inactivity with a new serial killer that he wants Will to profile, because no one else at the FBI has been able to with Will gone and Hannibal locked away. Reluctantly, and with the blessing of his wife, Will returns to Virginia with Jack to investigate the new murderer. Will finds that he is out of his element and asks Jack if he can speak to Hannibal to return to the mindset that he had years prior. Along with this, Will begins therapy with Bedelia as his new psychiatrist, as she was also close to Hannibal prior to his arrest. In these therapy sessions, Bedelia explains to Will that she believes that Hannibal was in love with Will, and that Will is also still in love with Hannibal for wanting to return to him.

When Will meets with Hannibal for the first time after the latter's arrest, asking for his help in profiling the new murderer. Hannibal is unhappy that Will has a wife and child. He does not help much in the case, but secretly communicates with the murder in this cell by the murderer calling him pretending to be his lawyer. The killer is Francis Dolarhyde, wanting to be known in the press as The Great Red Dragon. Because Hannibal is upset that Will has a new family, he asks the Dragon to kill Will's family while Will is away helping with the case. Luckily, Will's wife and son are not killed, but his wife is shot and is hospitalized after the attack. When Will asks about it, Hannibal admits both that he was in contact with the Dragon, and that he was the person to give the Dragon Will's address to kill his family. Will is upset with Hannibal about it, but consults with Jack and Alana and realizes that Hannibal's connection with the Dragon could be used to their advantage in catching him. Will offers up the idea to Jack that they should fake Hannibal being transferred somewhere else to catch the Dragon in the open. Jack agrees, and besides their official plan, he makes a secret plan with Will - that neither the Dragon or Hannibal will survive.

The fake transfer becomes a real escape when the Dragon murders everyone in the transfer caravan but Will and Hannibal, driving away without speaking to them. The two of them then go to Hannibal's secret house, which the Dragon somehow knows about, as when night falls, he shoots Hannibal through a large window and warns Will that he should not try to run away. Will doesn't, and rather watches in silence as the Dragon begins setting up a camera to film Hannibal's death. However, while the Dragon is occupied with the camera, Hannibal and Will make eye contact and Will reaches for his gun, but Dolarhyde notices in time and stabs Will to stop him. The three men fight, as they take turns all being stabbed with Dolarhyde's knife. Eventually, through Will and Hannibal working together, they successfully kill the Dragon. Both of them heavily injured, Will and Hannibal stand on the cliffside outside of the house and hold onto each other for stability. Hannibal tells Will that this experience was all Hannibal ever wanted for the both of them, to kill together. Holding onto him and resting his head on his shoulder, Will tells Hannibal that it's beautiful. The two embrace for a moment before Will pulls them both off of the cliffside down into the water below, and it is left ambiguous if they survived the fall or not.

In the post-credits scene, we see Bedelia sitting in her home office. She is missing one leg and the leg in question is beautifully prepared and served on the table before her. Bedelia is visibly scared, waiting for at least 2 more people as there are other 2 empty chairs and 3 empty plates on the table. Bryan Fuller later confirmed that Hannibal did it and that Hannibal and Will both survived the finale.


Will“I don't find you that interesting.”
Hannibal“You will.”
Will“How do you see me?”
Hannibal“The mongoose I want under the house when the snakes slither by.”
Hannibal“Stay with me.”
Will“Where else would I go?”
Hannibal“Do you believe you could change me? The way I've changed you?”
Will“I already did.”
Jack“Will you slip away with him?”
Will“Part of me will always want to.”
Will“You called us 'murder husbands.'”
Freddie“You did run off to Europe together.”
Will“Is Hannibal in love with me?”
Bedelia“Could he, daily, feel a stab of hunger for you and find nourishment at the very sight of you? Yes. But do you ache for him?”


Love Crime | Siouxsie Sioux
The song that plays in the series finale as Hannibal and Will kill Dolarhyde and fall off the cliff together.
Animal | The Living Tombstone
A song directly inspired by the series, seen through Will's perspective as he loses his mind under Hannibal's influence.
Ultraviolence | Lana Del Rey
A song popular with Hannigram edits, mostly because of lines referencing frequent domestic abuse from the narrator's perspective, and the narrator's romanticization of their partner's actions.
My Love Mine All Mine | Mitski
Another song popular with Hannigram edits, particularly on TikTok. This song is popular mostly because of lines referencing the narrator having nothing tangible in the world but their love, someone that they would be willing to die with.


Fans shipped the two as early as the first episode. Although people shipped it, many believed it would never be canon since the series was based on a book, and the two do not end up together in the literature. But as the series went on, it became clear that the series was more of a loose adaptation of the Red Dragon novel. This gave shippers hope for their ship, which eventually did became canon through confirmation from show-runner Bryan Fuller. Many fans believe that Hannibal and Will survived the finale plunge and ran away, now situated somewhere in Cuba after the season 3 finale. This was due to potential season 4 episodes originally being named after Cuban dishes, in the same way that the first half of season 3 named the episodes after Italian dishes because Hannibal was in Italy.

On AO3, Hannigram is the most written ship for both characters and the most written ship in the Hannibal (TV), Hannibal Lecter Series - All Media Types, and Hannibal Lecter Tetralogy - Thomas Harris tags, the second most written in the Charlie Countryman (2013) and Adam (2009) tags, the third most written in the King Arthur (2004) tag and the fourth most written in the Killing Eve (TV 2018) tag. These other franchises are unrelated to the Hannibal Lecter mythos, but most are featured here because of how often writers combine Hannigram with different projects that Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy have been involved in before and after starring in the series. The exception to this is Killing Eve, which is included because of the perceived parallels between the protagonists of Killing Eve to Will and Hannibal in Hannibal, mostly their complicated love-hate-homoerotic relationship.


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Murder Family refers to the ship between Hannibal and Will with Abigail Hobbs as their daughter
Wilanabal refers to the ship between Will, Alana Bloom, and Hannibal