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Hansoffanna is the poly ship between Anna, Hans and Kristoff from the Frozen and Once Upon A Time fandoms.



On the way to Elsa, Anna tells Kristoff about Hans and that she only knew him for a day when she agreed to marry him. Hearing this Kristoff asks Anna questions about Hans to see what she knows about the man in question, since he thinks that the princess is crazy about marrying a stranger on the spot. When Anna was struck by her sister's magic Kristoff takes her to his Troll family to be healed, and on the way to them Kristoff began to develop feelings for Anna but didn't act upon them because of her engagement to Hans. He tells his Troll family so when they try to get him and Anna together, but after they learn that Grand Pabbie's magic isn't able to save her, while an act of true love can, Kristoff takes Anna back to Hans in Arendelle.

Believing that Hans is Anna's true love Kristoff leaves the kingdom after dropping Anna off at the castle. Hans, however, never loved Anna and only wanted to use her to gain her sister's throne and informs Anna of this when he leaves her to die before leaving to finish off Elsa as well. Anna then realizes that Kristoff is the man who truly loves her as he was willing to let her be with Hans instead, and makes her way to him. After Elsa brings summer back to Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff see Hans getting back up and because of what he tried to harm Anna, Kristoff wanted to beat the prince to a pulp for it, but Anna stops him from doing so and before she punches Hans.

Once Upon A Time

As Anna and Kristoff prepare to have their wedding, Hans rallies his brothers in a plot to take over Arendelle. Hans manages to hold Kristoff hostage and mocks him as he asks him what a princess like Anna sees in him. Many years later, the three and the rest of Arendelle were thawed from their frozen state. Now freed from the ice, Hans sets out to finish what he came to due and tried to capture Kristoff and Anna, but they managed to escape. To make sure that they didn't get away again or try to stop him from becoming Arendelle's new king, he set up events that would have the two turn to a pirate captain for help, before springing his trap as he makes himself known to them when he did. As he shoves them into a truck he informs when of the years they were all frozen for before shutting it and leaving their demise to the pirates, while he claims Arendelle as its now ruler.


The ship is mostly due to the fact that Anna was courted by both men in Frozen, along with fans who enjoy a good love triangle. Since they commonly have Kristanna and Hanna rival with each other, while Hansoffanna forms a peaceful companies. Even though the three appeared in the Once Upon A Time series and share a scene together, the ship isn't supported in the OUAT fanbase, the same with the Kingdom Hearts fandom that doesn't have Anna and Kristoff running into Hans. On AO3, the ship only has 10 fanfics in its Frozen/Disney tag, while has 1k with only 4 placed under pairing in its Frozen category.



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  • They are limited time characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • All three of them appear in Kingdom Hearts III.


Hanna refers to the ship between Hans and Anna
Hansoff refers to the ship between Hans and Kristoff
Kristanna refers to the ship between Kristoff and Anna


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