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Harlivy is the femslash ship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from the DC Comics and DC Animated Universe fandom.


Harley and Poison Ivy — real names being Harleen Quinzel and Pamela Lillian Isley — are super villains who commonly work together against Batman in both the Batman series and multiple DC Comic spin-offs. The two women officially met in Batman: The Animated Series episode, Harley and Ivy. While Harley was attempting to steal a diamond from a local Gotham museum, Ivy accidentally set off one of the alarms whilst looting multiple plant toxins. The duo end up introducing themselves to each other, cooperating, and escaping from the police. As they drive off in Poison Ivy's car, Ivy exclaims that "this could be the beginning of a friendship."

When the duo arrive in Pamela's hideout, Pamela gives Harleen antidote shots in order to protect her from the toxins around the area. As she does so, she questions Harleen on her relationship with Joker and why she decides to stay in a toxic relationship. Harleen tries to justify the abuse she goes through, causing Pamela to decide she needs some "female self-esteem." Thus, the duo officially become accomplices. Their multiple capers cause them to be referred to as the "New Queens of Crime" in the news. When Joker tracks the duo down, he attempts to gas Poison Ivy, causing Harley to freak out. However, this goes as well one would expect (Ivy is immune).

In Gotham City Sirens, Poison Ivy and Harley team up with Catwoman to become the spin-off's titular team. Throughout the series, the trio will constantly save each other and cooperate together in multiple missions. However, Harley ends up betraying her friends in order to kill the Joker for his constant abuse. As Harley and Ivy fight over this, it is revealed that Poison Ivy had a romantic crush on Harley. During an interview with the writers of Harley Quinn, it was revealed that both Harley and Ivy are WLW in the series and are in a romantic relationship. This was confirmed in issue 25 of the series, with Harley kissing Ivy for an early-surprise birthday party. DC Comics Bombshells and Injustice: Gods among Us not only also has the duo kiss in multiple instances, but they would later get married in Las Vegas.


Batman and Harley Quinn

  • As her last resort to convince Ivy to not unleash an untested concoction that would turn people and animals into plant hybrids, despite knowing the risk of destroying the Earth itself if anything goes wrong, Harley uses "the nuclear option"; looking at Ivy with sad puppy eyes, which Ivy tried to resist until tears welled down from Harley's eyes, causing Ivy to cry as well, embrace Harley with a hug and give up on the entire plan.

Harley Quinn (TV series)

  • Before they kissed in Season 2, there were some subtle moments throughout both seasons that implied a romantic attraction starting to bloom between them:
    • During a 2-on-1 fight against Batman on a live talk show, Ivy accidentally fell on top of Harley and landed in an intimate position (to which the audience and the talk show host, Tawny Young, reacted with delight), while Harley just stared at Ivy with a sheepish smile until Ivy got up and they resumed the fight.
    • After Ivy's death by the hands of the Joker, Harley tearfully told Ivy while visiting her grave that what she had planned next may be suicidal and that if she doesn't visit Ivy's grave again, she'll see her in the next world. This is proven to be true during her final showdown with the Joker as she unveiled a set of explosives she hid under her uniform with the intention of blowing herself up, taking Joker with her, and reuniting with Ivy.
    • When Harley finds Ivy killing the ACE Chemicals Board of Directors for illegally dumping toxic waste into the ocean, Ivy laments on having to give up her "past self" to stay connected to the people who love her, but Harley reassures her she won't need to, holding Ivy's hand and resting her head on her shoulder.
    • Every time Harley saw Ivy and Kiteman kiss, she grew increasingly jealous of them, and even expressed her belief that Ivy could do better than him.
    • When Bane was preventing them from escaping his now burning prison pit, Harley sacrificed herself so the vine they were holding onto could lift Ivy to safety and freedom. Ivy, refusing to let her best friend die, dove back in and used the vine to grab Harley by the ankle, arresting her fall, and lift them both to the surface. Overjoyed with being alive and free, they embrace with a kiss before withdrawing and staring at each other in shock.


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It's one of the most popular femslash ships in the DC Comics. A huge part of the DC fandom loves the relationship between these girls - some people adore their romantic relationship, some are more of the fans of their friendship. Nevertheless, Harley and Ivy are seen as one of the most iconic, badass DC duos.

The main rival ship for Harlivy is Jarley. There's a lot of fights between the shippers of both pairings in the fandom. Harlivy shippers usually dislike the Joker and Harley couple, because of Joker being abusive to Harley in most of the universes. Some of the Jarley shippers also base their DC knowledge mainly on movies and Batman TAS and don't know that Harley and Ivy got together in the comics, which often only goads the quarrels. However, despite most of the Jarley and Harlivy shippers, not agreeing with each other, there are also some people who enjoy both pairings or prefer one of these more, yet still respect/like the other one.

The latest rival ship for Harlivy is also Kite Man x Ivy pairing from the Harley Quinn (2019) cartoon. A lot of the people watching the cartoon doesn't also know that Harley and Ivy are a couple in the comics, so when the two had their first on-screen kiss, there was a big outrage amongst fans - a lot of people also started saying that the kiss was forced. It was even bigger outrage on the Kite Man x Ivy shippers side, because of Ivy cheating on her fiancé then and later on, on her bachelorette party. Even some of the Harlivy shippers actually started liking the couple and a part of them wanted Kite Man and Ivy to stay a couple, a part of them still wanted Harley and Ivy to be an on-screen canon, but felt sorry for Kite Man and a part of them is torn between ships.



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  • Harley and Ivy met on Batman: The Animated Series.
  • They are the part of Gotham City Sirens.
  • Ivy made Harley immune to toxins.
  • They got married in Las Vegas.
  • Their first comic together was Batman Adventures #12.





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