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Harper Sisters is the family ship between Helena Harper and Deborah Harper from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 6

Helena and Deborah are four years apart in age, Helena being the oldest. Their parents having died sometime before Deborah’s 20th birthday, resulted in the sisters becoming very close. At one point, Deborah entered into an abusive relationship with a man who beat her to the point of hospitalization. In retaliation, Helena shot and severely injured the man, using her CIA training. Following a few more write ups for Helena’s rash behavior, she piqued the interest of Derek C. Simmons, the National Security Adviser and head of The Family. Derek began to manipulate Helena’s career progress for his own devices.

Helena soon became involved in the plot of the National Security Adviser and head of The Family. In order to manipulate her, she and Deborah were abducted by Derek three days before the events of Tall Oaks, being held hostage in the laboratory beneath the Tall Oaks Church. Willing to do anything to protect her younger sister, Helena agreed to Derek’s demands. Helena tried her best to keep a terrified Deborah calm. Under Derek’s command, men came to take Deborah away, leaving Helena to futilely beg and plead for them to let her go. Helena offered herself to Derek in exchange for her sister. Her pleas go unheard as they did nothing and Deborah was dragged away to a then-unknown fate.

Derek used Deborah as a bargaining tool to get Helena’s help carrying out the bioterrorism attacks on Tall Oaks and assassination of the U.S. President. Despite Helena obeying Derek in causing the death of the President, Deborah was ordered to be terminated. Instead, the members of The Family decided to intervene. Rather than kill her and dispose of the body, The Family wanted to see what the C-Virus would do to her youthful and healthy body. Deborah was injected with the virus soon after and kept under observation. Despite high hopes and excitement regarding her mutation her body showed no visible signs or effects of transforming. After an hour of waiting, The Family had to abandon their plans and evacuate Tall Oaks before the area was quarantined. Disappointed, they left Deborah in the lower levels.

After Leon Kennedy is forced to shoot and kill the zombiefied U.S. President, saving Helena’s life, he and Helena become partners in the effort to stop *whatever* is happening to cause the outbreak at Tall Oaks. Helena is cryptic when Leon mentions what’s going on; every time Helena tells him she’ll explain everything to him at the Tall Oaks Cathedral.

Upon arriving to the cathedral and heading down for the underground facility, Leon and Helena enter a room that Helena recognizes, crouching down in front of a chair she sat in while watching Deborah get forcibly dragged away. She comments to herself, “Wait… I remember this place! Deborah must to close!” As she and Leon continue to make their way through the facility, Helena finds a dead woman in the distance, pleading “God no!” before realizing it’s not her sister. She runs up head of Leon, slamming doors open and knocking off piles off papers in her search.

Deeper underground, Helena finally finds Deborah lying on a short wooden table. Helena runs for her, screaming her name and begins to gently shake her. When Deborah turns her head at the sound of her sister’s voice, does Helena lift Deborah into a tight embrace and Deborah herself dissolves into. Helena picks Deborah up piggyback style and Leon tells her to take care of Deborah while he handles the surrounding hostiles.

Leon, Helena and Deborah enter into an open area. Still holding Deborah, Deborah starts to scream in pain and Helena gently drops her to the ground, pleading with her to hold on. Helena inches closer to her sister, only for Deborah to burst into flames, a sign of her on-coming mutation. As Leon pulls her back, Helana screams no. Helena wrestles herself out of Leon’s hold and runs for Deborah, saying how “this can’t be happening” as she lightly touches her sister’s encased body. Deborah slowly emerges for her encasement, she reaches her hand out, as if to touch Helena. Helena, not realizing the danger, reaches too. Just as their hands are about to touch, Ada Wong shoots an arrow from her crossbow straight into Deborah’s head.

Helena is devastated and runs for Deborah. Ada moves toward them and Helena turns back; raising her gun to Ada’s head, full of rage and sorrow. After a minute of this standoff, Leon gently lowers Helena’s gun away from Ada. The area they’re in starts to shake to which Ada tells them they need to get to another level. Helana runs for Deborah, before clinging to her, screaming, “I’m so sorry, Deborah! This is all my fault!” Moments later, Leon yells for her to get away from Deborah as she mutates fully, spouting new appendages. With the last of Deborah’s humanity, she shoves Helena away from her. A battle ensues against Deborah with Helena pleading to her.

After riding a mine cart and crashing, Helena falls next to a decrepit ledge. Injured and in pain, Deborah stumbles for her, falling over the edge with Helena catching her. As Helena grips her sister, she tells Deborah, “No more tears. Not until I avenge your death. Please… forgive me.” Helena lets go and Deborah falls to her death. Once Deborah is out of sight, Helena picks herself up, through gritted teeth; she says she’s “going to make [Derek] pay for this.”


Resident Evil 6

  • Upon finding Deborah, Helena lifts Deborah into a tight embrace and Deborah herself dissolves into.
  • Helena carries Deborah piggyback style.
  • Helena threatens to shoot Ada for shooting Deborah.
  • With the last of Deborah’s humanity, she shoves Helena away from her.
  • Helena vows to avenge Deborah’s death.


Resident Evil 6

“Wait… I remember this place! Deborah must to close!”
— Helena, Resident Evil 6.
“Please be okay…”
— Helena, about Deborah, Resident Evil 6.
“Deborah, if you’re here, give me a sign!”
— Helena, Resident Evil 6.
Helena“Deborah! Deborah! Can you hear me!”
Helena“Oh thank goodness!”
Resident Evil 6.
“Hang in there, sis!”
— Helena, to Deborah, Resident Evil 6.
“Deborah, can you hear me? I’m gonna get you home.”
— Helena, Resident Evil 6.
“Deborah, just hold on, we’re almost there! Deborah, stay with me, all right?”
— Helena, Resident Evil 6.
“No!! Deborah, no! [Deborah mutates] No! No, this can’t be happening…!”
— Helena as she gently touches Deborah’s encased body, Resident Evil 6.
“I’m so sorry, Deborah! This is all my fault! [clinging to Deborah]”
— Helena, Resident Evil 6.
“No more tears. Not until I avenge your death. Please… forgive me.”
— Helena to Deborah, Resident Evil 6.
Helena“Look at me! It’s gonna be okay. Look at me! Look at me! It’s gonna be okay! Just keep your eyes on me.”
Deborah“Help me…”
Helena“I’m gonna get you out of here, Deborah! Deborah, look at me. We’re gonna get through this!”
— During the flashback, Resident Evil 6.
“No, let her go!! Not her! Not my sister!! Take me! Please! I’ll do anything! Please! Please! Please, don’t hurt her! DEBORAH!!!”
— Helena to Derek, during the flashback, Resident Evil 6.


A smaller relationship; Helena and Deborah have only appeared in Resident Evil 6, with Deborah dying part away through. Despite this, a few fans do enjoy their sisterly love as shown throughout the game how much they do love each other and how far Helena was willing to go for Deborah to keep her safe and rescue/protect her.



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  • During chapter 2 of Ada Wong’s Resident Evil 6 campaign, a note can be found. A section of the note being written by Deborah for Helena.[1]





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