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Harperwong is the femslash ship between Helena Harper and Ada Wong from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 6

In 2013, Helena and Leon Kennedy are partners working together to solve what cause the Tall Oaks outbreak. While down underground in a massive facility they find Deborah Harper, Helena’s sister. After having reached an open area, Deborah starts to mutate. As Deborah slowly emerges for her encasement, she reaches her hand out, as if to touch Helena. Helena, not realizing the danger, reaches too. Just as their hands are about to touch, Ada Wong shoots an arrow from her crossbow straight into Deborah’s head. Helena is devastated and runs for Deborah. Ada moves toward them and Helena turns back; raising her gun to Ada’s head, full of rage and sorrow. After a minute of this standoff, Leon gently lowers Helena’s gun away from Ada. Moments later, Deborah mutates fully, spouting new appendages. With the last of Deborah’s humanity, she shoves Helena away from her. A battle ensues against Deborah with Helena pleading for her. With Leon and Ada’s help, Deborah is defeated enough that she’s too weak and falls over a decrepit ledge going after Helena one last time. With Deborah having fallen to her death, Helena explains why she helped Derek C. Simmons, the man who kidnapped her and Deborah, using Helena to kill the U.S. President. Ada is quick to comment “that sounds like Simmons,” backing Helena’s claim to Leon.

Helena and Ada see each other again, when Helena and Leon are cornered by infected roaming the city of Tatchi following a missile attacking, releasing infected gas into the air. Ada spots the two while piloting a helicopter. Seeing them in trouble, she shoots any closing-in zombies, allowing Helena and him a chance to run.

A short time later, Helena and Leon come to a door, opening into a large area. Jumping over the ledge, they’re soon met with Simmons. Ada flies over them in her helicopter, assisting in the fight that begins as Simmons mutates further from being deliberately infected with the C-Virus prior in the night. With Simmons down, Ada flies up. Leon concludes she’s heading for the roof of the tower.

After battling Simmons on the way up, Leon and Helena make it to the roof where they find Ada’s “parting gift” she had texted Leon of. They are able to run for the helicopter Ada was using earlier. There they find a rocket launcher leaning against the helicopter, using it to defeat Simmons for good. Inside the helicopter, Ada had left a compact with a chip of evidence proving Leon and Helena’s innocence as Simmons had tried to have them take the fall for the U.S. President’s death.


Harperwong is a small ship within the Resident Evil fandom, though it has a dedicated fan base. Due to Helena’s only appearance having been in Resident Evil 6, shippers often like to include her in Leon’s spot of during Aeon moments, or even other character scenes; like Jake and Sherry’s campaign.

Some of the fandom has been quick to “accept” Helena as a lesbian, that despite the ships low numbers, it’s still one of the series’ most popular femslash ships, as femslash ships are not as prevalent as the het and slash ships are. On AO3, Harperwong has 19 works in its tag.



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