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Artemis“So, are we even?”
Holly“Yes. We're even. But your elf-kissing days are over.”
Artemis“I see.”
Holly“It's not a challenge, Artemis. Over is over.”
Artemis“I know.”
— The Time Paradox

Hartemis is the het ship between Artemis Fowl II and Holly Short from the Artemis Fowl fandom.


Artemis Fowl

Artemis II, along with his bodyguard, Butler, end up kidnapping Captain Holly Short, an Elf in LEPRecon, while she is performing The Ritual (something Fairies have to do to replenish their magic). They keep her in a cell at Fowl Manor, telling her Commander, Julius Root, that in order to get her back, the Fairies will have to pay him one ton of 24 carat gold. Root declines, and initiates a Time Stop to rescue Holly.

Artemis tortures Holly psychologically to sap the spirit so that she doesn't run away: Holly is baffled by his apparent cruelty, while Artemis feels guilty about what he's doing, but the ransom gold he needs to search for his missing father. Holly finally manages to break free and also to hit Artemis feeling great joy in doing so. However, she cannot leave the house, because Artemis forbade it and the laws of magic force her to submit to his will as long as she is in his house. After a series of daring events, Artemis manages to get the ransom, and Holly tries to convince his collaborators to abandon him, as her superiors have decided to eliminate all her captors. However Butler and his sister Juliet remain at the side of the young Fowl, who, however, agrees to give Holly half the ransom; in return she uses magic to heal Artemis's mother from the depression her husband disappeared into. When it seems that all the humans who learned of the existence of the People died Holly feels strangely saddened by the death of Artemis; when, on the other hand, she discovers that he has been saved, she is not saddened by it, but is furious at having been cheated by a human boy.

The Artic Incident

A year after the abduction, Holly still has a rather strong grudge against Artemis. As soon as he discovers that the Goblins use human-made batteries, to make illegal weapons work, Holly immediately thinks that Artemis is the human that supplies the goblins. Holly then picks up Artemis and his bodyguard Butler and takes them to the police station for questioning. When it emerges that the two have nothing to do with the battery trade, Commander Root decides to get help from the two in the investigation, Holly reluctantly agrees. However, the fact that Artemis is trying to save his father, moves Holly who lost her own father years before, and during the venture the two begin to tie up. In particular, when Holly loses a finger, Artemis finds a way to give it back to her, and when the group is forced to temporarily abandon Artemis Senior's rescue operation, Holly tries to console the boy.

When it is necessary to draw up a plan to stop the Goblin uprising, Holly relies on Artemis to recognize his skills and when she returns to emergency she helps him to save his father. Holly comes to jump into the Arctic waters to save Artemis Senior and to heal his wounds with magic.

When Artemis thanks her for all the help she has given him during their adventure, Holly seems embarrassed and happy and since it was thanks to Artemis if she got her finger back, allowing her to continue being a policewoman she gives him a coin he punches with a gunshot, telling him to keep it as a reminder that he is a good person after all.

The Eternity Code

When Butler the bodyguard of Artemis (the person who is dearest to him in the world, after his parents), is mortally wounded during a shootout Artemis immediately thinks that if he could he would call Holly to come and save him, but having neither time nor certainty that Holly would work, he decides to attract a LEP agent to the surface, for help. Fortunately, is Holly who is assigned the task, but she claims to know why Artemis did not call her on the personal line, and in the end admits that perhaps she would not have come.

Holly initially does not believe it is possible to help Butler, but then Artemis manages to convince her. After the healing, the bodyguard is unconscious, and when Holly says that she must investigate another strange fact, Artemis declares that she can help her and despite being dangerous and against the rules, Holly brings him and Butler home in flight.

Holly: Did you supply People's technology to a thug like Jon Spiro?

Artemis: I didn't give it to him ! He took it.

Holly: Don't act like a victim, Artemis. It doesn't suit you.

Once Artemis revealed that the criminal billionaire Jon Spiro had stolen a supercomputer created thanks to technology stolen from the LEP and that this computer detects the technology of the people, Holly gets angry with him refusing to recognize that Artemis was also the victim of the situation.

Artemis: I'm not like Jon Spiro. He is a cold-blooded killer!

Holly: Wait till you grow up. You will get there too.

When Artemis declares that he is not a cold-blooded murderer like Spiro, Holly declares that growing up he will reach that level of cruelty too. Eventually Holly agrees to help Artemis to recover the Cube, but the commander Root who unofficially authorizes the mission in exchange for Holly's help in the recovery mission, claims to erase the memory of the people from the mind of Artemis and his associates .

While organizing the plan Artemis and Holly prick each other as usual. When her friend Foaly asks her if she will miss Artemis Holly she says no, but she is lying, as her gaze says. For the success of the plan, Artemis allows himself to be imprisoned by Spiro, and when Holly goes to free him, she perfectly foresees what Artemis will do in order not to make her discover, just as he perfectly predicts what she will do to free him.

For the success of the plan, Artemis allows himself to be imprisoned by Spiro, and when Holly goes to free him, she perfectly foresees what Artemis will do in order not to make her discover, just as he perfectly predicts what she will do to free him. As they say, this is proof that they know each other well by now.

It seems to Holly that Artemis feels guilty and suspects that he is hiding something from her. The elf's suspicion turns out to be right, when Artemis admits that the only way to recover the Cube is to cut Spiro's thumb, and then have Holly hang up on him with magic. Holly is furious and disappointed that Artemis deceived her during an operation, but in the end the boy and the centaur manage to convince her.

In the end Artemis is forced to attract Spiro to the building of a competitor company. Holly follows Artemis' plan, and saves him from Spiro at the last moment just like he had planned. The cube is recovered, and Spiro thrown on the pavement and arrest. According to the agreements, the memory of Artemis, Butler and Juliet is canceled.

Artemis at that point points out that by erasing the memories and the influence of the People he could go back to being what he was before knowing them. Holly is worried about the possibility and almost quarrels with the commander. He then uses his powers to find out from Artemis if he has done anything to preserve his memories, (thanks to a stratagem the boy manages to get away with it), and he feels guilty in questioning him in that way.

It doesn't seem right to Holly to erase young Fowl's memory and she is very sad about what she did.

The Opal Deception

When one of the goblin generals escapes Holly, she also puts Artemis among the suspects of those who might have helped him to escape, and the idea worries her to the point of draining the blood from her face.

Shortly after Opal Koboi a pixie who had contributed to the goblin revolt, trapped Holly and Julius by announcing that she intends to eliminate Artemis and Butler, and that she has prepared a trap for them too. Opal kills Julius by making Holly blame. Before he dies, Julius orders the elf to save Artemis, but she makes a futile attempt to save the commander first.

Holly finds Artemis and Butler injured after escaping Opal's trap and takes away the first one, being able to hide only him, very sure that the boy is the only one able to stop Opal's plans. Artemis when he wakes up is informed by Holly of the circumstances of their first meeting, and he fears that she wants to take revenge on him, but the elf shortly summarizes the events of the last two, and although he doesn't remember anything, the boy believes her. However, after a few exchanges of jokes, Holly begins to feel irritated, telling herself that Artemis manages to make her nervous like no other. Artemis declares himself ready to help Holly, but claims to be paid for it; it hurts the elf but eventually agrees. Shortly after the two are joined by Opal; Artemis pretends to want to work with her, and Holly gives him the benefit of the doubt, but Opal still stuns them and then takes them to a Troll's lair, to make them devour them.

Despite the desperate situation, Holly does her best to cheer up Artemis, who begins to feel attached to her. When it seems that there is no longer any chance of salvation, Artemis pretends to remember Holly, but she understands that he is pretending but thanks him for his kindness, when they are rescued by Butler and their dwarf friend Mulch Diggums. Artemis then tells Holly that she doesn't want rewards for stopping Opal Koboi. At that phrase for the first time, since Commander Holly's death, she smiles with sincere warmth.

Thanks to a reminder that she had entrusted to the dwarf, Artemis recovers her memories, and is ashamed of having kidnapped Holly, and after telling her that she remembered everything, she apologizes for asking her to be paid. Holly is happy about it, and when a few tears escape after Artemis made her condolences for the loss of Julius, he feels even more determined to hunt down Opal Koboi.

When the group finds out about Opal's project to bring humans into contact with the people, Holly is ready to turn herself over to the police to be able to inform them, but Artemis and the others manage to dissuade her, and in the end Holly entrusts Artemis with the task of devising a plan to save her entire civilization. This shows how huge the trust that Holly puts in Artemis and his intelligence.

Artemis' plan is successful and therefore Opal's fails miserably, as does his attempt to take revenge. During all this Artemis just needs to hear the tone of Holly's voice, to understand when there are problems.

Artemis: Julius would have been proud of you. It's up to you if Haven City is still standing.

Holly: Maybe. Perhaps if I were if I had been a little smarter, he would be here today.

Holly is still very saddened by the commander's death, and Artemis does everything she can to console her, telling her that she has no responsibility for Julius's death. Eventually Holly's innocence is proven, but she still decides to leave the police and become a private investigator, and Artemis agrees to consult her.

The new police commander, unlike Root, does not appreciate humans very much, and makes Artemis and Butler sedate before sending them home amid Holly's protests. Before Artemis passes out, the elf has time to give him a transceiver, which Holly uses to contact him as soon as he wakes up. Holly apologizes for the sedative , and when Artemis says it doesn't matter, since there was no harm, she comments that young Fowl has changed.

Holly needs help with her first case and Artemis after noticing that you never call him to greet him, asks her if they can postpone since her parents have just come home, and wants to greet them. Holly pretends to be angry but agrees.

The Time Paradox

After Artemis and Holly travel to the past, they attempt to get the Silky Sifaka Lemur, JayJay, from Artemis's younger self at the zoo. While there, Artemis gets attacked by a silverback gorilla. Holly heals him, and then gets so ecsatic at his survival, along with her new teenage hormones in the mix, that she kisses him.

Later, after Artemis reveals that he'd tricked Holly into coming back into the past with him, she gets angry with him and refuses to talk to him for a while, being cold and hostile during the moments they are forced to communicate. After the pair make up (due to Artemis suggesting to her to call Captain Julius Root, who was alive in the time they were in), Holly tells Artemis that they were even, but his elf-kissing days were over.


Artemis“So, are we even?”
Holly“Yes. We're even. But your elf-kissing days are over.”
Artemis“I see.”
Holly“It's not a challenge, Artemis. Over is over.”
Artemis“I know.”
— The Time Paradox


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Hartemis is one of the most popular het ships of the Artemis Fowl fandom.



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