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Hartmon is the slash ship between Cisco and Hartley from The Flash fandom.


Cisco and Hartley meet at S.T.A.R. Labs in 2013 when Eowells hires Cisco. They don't get along, Hartley taking affront to Cisco relaxed demeanor, dismissing him as unworthy. Hartley is quickly subdued when he challenges Cisco, finding that Cisco is indeed brilliant, too. Hartley finds the fault with the Particle Accelerator and Eowells fires Hartley to keep his cover, thus creating Hartley's alter ego, Pied Piper, who returns to fight Team Flash in 2015. As ever he is rude and hurtful to Cisco and Caitlin, Cisco and he especially battling it out (in two languages) while he's locked in the pipeline. Hartley later reveals to Cisco he knows where Ronnie Raymond is hiding, and in their quest to find him, Hartley manages to escape.

In 2016, Barry, in a quest to increase his speed, decides to travel back in time to get training from Eowells, but a time wraith leads him to trip and he lands at the moment in time where Flash caught Hartley. With the benefit of future knowledge, Hartley's plan to escape is diffused and Barry changes the past sufficiently that Hartley's future is altered for the better. Hartley comes to be on good terms with his parents and is there to help Team Flash when Barry returns to 2016, where Hartley is now a good friend of Caitlin, Barry and Cisco.


This is a rare pair which took off as Hartley is introduced in S1, and the pairing got more scenes when Barry travels back to this time in S2. The ship was more popular in the first two seasons, but interest dropped due to Hartley's lack of appearances post-S2, and other ships for Cisco rival it, notably Barry/Cisco and Cisco/Harry. On AO3, Hartmon is the most written ship for Hartley, and the fifth most written ship for Cisco; It's also the twelfth most written ship in The Flash (TV 2014) tag.




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  • There's a fandom week and account called Hartmon Fest dedicated to the pairing. The 2019 event ran from 18 February — 17 March.[1]





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