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I will wait across eternity for my love to come back to me
— Chay-Ara to Khufu

Hawkmates is the het ship between Kendra and Carter from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.



In a different life, thousands of years ago in Egypt, Kendra was the high priestess Chay-Ara and Carter was the royal Prince Khufu of Egypt. They fell deeply in love, but a love that was kept secret as their positions were not supposed to marry. Hath-Set, the High Priest to the King (Prince Khufu's father), was also deeply in love with Chay-Ara and scorned upon discovering the affair between her and Khufu. Hath-Set plotted to murder them both, but Chay-Ara managed to kill Hath-Set before she died, and spoke an incantation, which, coinciding with a meteor hitting earth, created a paradox that made Hath-Set immortal, and ensured the eternal rebirth of Chay-Ara and Khufu upon their deaths.


In the present, Kendra does not remember any of this, but Carter does and he is the one to find her again in this, their present lifetime together. Kendra, at this point, just moved to Central City, works at Jitters and has just become romantically involved with Cisco Ramon. They are first accosted by Vandal Savage (Hath-Set) in Jitters and Cisco alerts Barry, inadvertently revealing Barry's secret identity to Kendra and introducing her to the supernatural world. Barry suggests they seek help from Oliver Queen in Starling City, at which point Carter shows up. Working together, they manage to capture Carter who explains to Kendra who he is, who they were and who she truly is.

Carter insists that Flash and Arrow can't protect Kendra from Savage, which leaves Kendra confused and questioning her life, along with having just learned about meta-humans and superpowers. Carter tries, unceremoniously, to get Kendra to remember her past life and, after talking with Cisco, Kendra suddenly takes flight. Carter tries to help Kendra train in combat with her hawk powers and they eventually succeed in temporarily getting rid of Vandal Savage. Kendra decides to leave Central City (and Cisco) to go with Carter and learn more about her new life.


Kendra and Carter spend time together training when they are sought out by Rip Hunter, who invites them to join his quest to take out Vandal Savage. After some consideration they decide to take him up on his offer and become time-travelling legends.


A common pairing as it is canon from the comics, Hawkmates wasn't particularly popular on the series due to the lacklustre storyline provided for Kendra and Carter. The pairing has faded into the background in the Arrowverse and arguably Kendra's other pairings with established characters Ray and Cisco, respectively, are much more popular.



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