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Heathelsa is the femslash ship between Elsa and Heather from the Frozen and How to Train Your Dragon fandoms.


Elsa and Heather never meet due to Heather being a DreamWorks owned character, while Elsa is a Disney character.

Both Elsa and Heather have a sibling with reddish brown hair who are the current leader of their home land, that sits close to water. The leaders before their siblings were their fathers, who had went out to sea and never made it back home, both girls were devastated by their deaths and done whatever they can to look after their people in their place. Heather had went in search for Oswald with Dagur before they learn that he had passed away, while Elsa and Anna had learned how their father passed away on their journey that allowed them to learn more about their family. Even though Elsa had began to despise her grandfather when she learned what he had done to the Northuldra, Heather was a first shocked to learn that Dagur is her brother, due to what he had done to the people who took her in, but in the end she forgave him and began to acknowledge Dagur as her brother because of the love he has for his sister. Elsa also had trouble bonding with Anna because of her own fears, before Anna helps her to place love over any fear Elsa may have.

The two have also been to legendry place that sites on the water, and have also been snow mountain arias on and off water, sing someone a lullaby that their mothers had once sang to them before their deaths, wear their hair in a braid and have befriended a type of reptile that has a fire-like ability. Windshear the Razorwhip and Bruni the Fire Spirit. To help them remember a family member of theirs, Heather looks at the horn that was given to her by her birth father, while Elsa wraps herself in her mother's shawl. Heather and Elsa have even had their own battles on water with a type of animal that lives within its waves, along with encountering a type of giant that have green as one of its colors. Heather is shown to have knowledge of blacksmithing and had made her own double bladed axe, and possibly her Race to the Edge clothes with some of Windshear's iron scales, Elsa on the other hand is able to use her ice powers to create ice objects and had even used them to create two of her dresses. Along with Elsa's powers creating an ice made sword that Anna took from one of the frozen memory water ice sculptures.

When Heather was asked to stay on Dragon's Edge with the rest of her friends she had settling in due to how she had live her life after her home island was destroy, just as Elsa secretly left that didn't feel truly at home in Arendelle and had temporally left the kingdom to start a new like in the North Mountain. In the end they found the places that they truly belong and are most needed, on Berserker Island as the chief's sister and in the Enchanted Forest as its fifth Spirit of Ice. Even though they live their own lives away from the people they lived with in their old loves, they still keep in contact with them. The two lave also kept leaders from other lands, where a few of them, like Hans and Viggo, became their and their fiends' enemies. As a dragon rider Heather spend a lot of time in the air with the dragon she had, while Elsa was lifted into the air by a Wind Spirit who she later tames before doing the same with the spirits of Fire and Water, which allowed her to bring back the lost peace that the humans and spirits of the Enchanted Forest shared with one another. Heather has also used her dragon training knowledge for peaceful means, as she and her friends help dragons and humans to get along with each other.

Similarities and Comparisons

  • The two conflicting personalities could definitely lead to some very interesting interactions and tensions.


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In a few Frozen AUs with the HTTYD characters, Heather is sometimes seen as Elsa. While is a few versions of a Dark AU, Elsa is commonly viewed as her antagonist self from one of the earlier layouts of Frozen, while Heather had pretended to be a villain so she could get close to Dagur when he had joined forces with the Dragon Hunters.

On AO3, the ship has 5 fanfic in total, while has 3 with only one placed under pairing.



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