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HellHacker is the het ship between John Constantine and Zari Tomaz from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Season 4

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John is at a pub talking to the bartender, when Zari comes up and asks if he used his lonely dark soul line on her. The bartender leaves, John asks Zari how he found him. Zari says that Sara had her put a tracker in his comm, and John can understand why they wouldn't trust him. Zari says that Sara guessed that his baser instincts would take him off mission, and asks if the brooding anti-hero stuff is a panty dropper. John then reveals that the Bartender is his mother, and Zari immediately regrets saying panty dropper.

Zari asks if he was close with his mom, but John tells her that she died in childbirth, Zari feeling awkward again. He tells her that his dad would call him "killer" because of that, but wouldn't guess it by looking at him. Zari turns towards the other side of the bar and see's a man talking to John's mom. She guesses that John didn't just happen to run into his parents, and John drunkenly says that his father was the first person to call him out on the lives he ruined. Zari suggests wallowing in self-pity on the Waverider, but John says that he's not here to wallow, but to fix it. John then starts to run up to his dad and kick him, Zari yelling at him not to, but all that ends up happening is that John falls on the ground. John asks what happened, and Zari calls it the ball-kick paradox. Can't stop yourself from being born, because then who would stop that from happening. He tries again, but it doesn't work and he ends up getting kicked out.

Outside, Zari says that she understands what John wants, but you can't mess with your own past. John says that it's not just his mom, he's hurt others and his past is coming for him. Zari asks what he means, but John just tells her to forget and starts to make his way back to the ship.

After the mission, Zari goes up to John. He says that he's not looking for a mushy, mushy post mission hear to heart, and not to bother. Zari says that John doesn't know her, she's not the kind of person to do that. John asks why she's here then. She then gives him a surveillance photo of him and his mom from the pub, and he thanks her. She says anytime and leaves.


Zari, John and Charlie are sent to find Marie Leveau. They arrive at Royal street when John starts to remember Des. Zari notices him blanking out and asks if he's okay. John snaps out of it and just says that New Orleans has a lot of memories before walking away.

Zari and Charlie can't find John, and ask Gideon to track him, but John had been refusing to wear his comms. Gideon does inform them that John is wearing a tracker, and they wait for her to tell them where he is.


Season 3

Daddy Darhkest

  • Zari informs John and the others that Emily is actually Nora Darhk.
  • Zari asks John why Mallus was afraid of her totem.

Season 4

The Virgin Gary

  • Zari waits with Sara and John on the Waverider.

Witch Hunt

  • Zari says that she thought they had Constantine for magical research.
  • Zari is offended that John would suggest getting a vacation.
  • Zari watches John leave the bridge.
  • Both John and Zari aren't fans of the fairy godmothers singing.
  • Zari and Sara listen to John's explanation on the Fairy Godmother.

Dancing Queen

  • Zari asks if John is being serious or racist about suggesting that the Irishman is a leprechaun. He says it's both.
  • Zari says that she can't hear John over the "terrible music".
  • Sara has Zari trail John through London.
  • Zari hands John a tissue for his bloody nose.
  • John says that he called it on Shapeshifter, but Zari says that he guessed Leprecaun.
  • John walks beside Zari as they walk to the punk's hideout.
  • John suggests that Zari should have put a tracker on Sara.
  • John pushes Zari away from the blasts of Ray's suit.
  • Zari uses her powers to incapacitate Charlie, while John prepares a portal to hell.
  • John says that Zari is too smart to fall for Charlie's tricks, but is disappointed when she says she can't.

Tender is the Nate

  • Zari walks in on a naked Constantine in the library.
  • Zari pulls Hank out of the lab, Constantine following behind.
  • Constantine and Zari both agree that they're being put on the backburner.
  • Zari assures Constantine that they didn't let Hank touch his DnD mini.
  • Constantine and Zari awkwardly look away as Nate and Hank argue.


A more rare pair in the Legends of Tomorrow fandom. The two gained a small following after the episode Dancing Queen. They give off a similar standoffish vibe, which many fans believed is one of the reasons they get along.


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  • Tala Ashe and Matt Ryan are both classically trained actors.


  • Constanzarlie refers to the ship between Zari, John and Charlie


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