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HellStar is the het ship between Constantine and Zari from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Romeo and Juliet

When at first Behrad brings his sister aboard the Waverider, she and John don't interact as John is busy finding a way to save Astra, mostly working with Charlie and Ray in his home in England. Eventually, Zari's allowed to come along on missions and slowly becomes part of the team. Zari and John first meet when Constantine hosts Ray and Nora's wedding at his home, as they both attend the wedding and the party afterwards.[1] After Ray, Behrad, Constantine, Mick and Nate drunkenly fight 16th century Englishmen at the Globe, Shakespeare changes his plays into superhero works. After trying to repair the damage, Shakespeare's funding is retracted and he quits playwriting. Inspired by Ray, Sara makes the Legends perform the original Romeo & Juliet at the theatre, casting Constantine as Romeo and Nate as Juliet. When Nate is overcome with emotion at Ray's departure, Zari comforts him and he leaves, with Zari taking over as Juliet. To everyone's surprise, she's off book and performs eloquently, Constantine also seeming surprised as he was mostly being silly before, but gets into the part with Zari. He climbs the trellis onstage and as he reaches the top he looks at her and his expression changes to a seeming look of surprise. As part of the play they kiss and the audience applauds.[2]

You got us into this mess and now he's dead because of you. Can that Loom bring him back?

Zari wakes up one morning in Nate's bed and they're informed by Gideon that she sleepwalked there. Nothing happened between them, but Zari is freaked and hastily leaves Nate's room in a nightgown and robe. She happens upon Behrad in the corridor as Nate follows her out and Charlie happens upon the scene. Zari and Nate tell them that nothing happened and then Constantine appears. He comments on the scenery and Zari gets all flustered and speaks in half-sentences until she walks off embarrassed while Constantine looks after her, cackling. While Constantine goes on the hunt for the next Loom piece, Zari goes on a Totem quest to understand the previous timeline and meets Zari 1.0. Meanwhile, Atropos boards the Waverider and before Behrad has a chance to wake Zari, Atropos murders him in cold blood, with Zari waking up to see her brother's body on the ground. Zari runs to him and crumbles on the floor in tears. After grieving for a while in the same spot, she gets up, resolute, and walks into the infirmary where Constantine is healing. She tells him that Behrad is dead because of him and that she wants to leave immediately to find the Loom pieces so they can save him. Zari severely informs Constantine that she's not leaving his side until they save her brother and Constantine takes it in, silently.[3]

Behrad is gone and he's not coming back until you find the ring. So figure it out, "Magic Man" — fast!

The team gather on the bridge to discuss a plan as Charlie tells them how Enchantress hid the last piece of the Loom. Everyone is dubious of their chances to locate it, but Zari refuses this and calls out Constantine, saying he's supposed to be versed in this and better get a move on finding the piece. Zari sits in the dining area fiddling with her totem until Nate walks in. She tells him about meeting Zari 1.0. in the totem and they share a soft moment, which Constantine interrupts, calling them 'lovebirds' and saying he's got something so they need to move. At Constantine's house, he gathers everyone in a circle to use their combined energy to summon the ring. Constantine chants and it works as the ring starts appearing in a swirl in the centre of the circle. Sara collapses and the circle breaks. Constantine keeps chanting and reaches for the ring, as does Zari and they're both sucked in through the insignia on the floor. They fall through to Constantine's house and Zari lands on top of him; he looks at her flirtatiously and she feels the energy for a second, before rolling her eyes and asking why the others aren't there. Constantine realises that he bound the ring to the house, but not a specific time so they've been sent back in time and Zari's annoyed.

A woman appears and they realise it's a hotel, then another guest, Dr. White, arrives, asking if they aren't getting a room. Constantine tries to provide the cover that they're married, but Zari refutes it. Dr. White looks at her predatorily, at which point she says she and Constantine are engaged, prompting Constantine to give her a firm pat on the shoulder. They head to their room and start bickering, questioning each other's capabilities and being annoyed with one another. Constantine casts a locater spell that they follow through the house to Dr. White's room and Constantine jokes that Zari can 'influence' him out of the room, which she counters is him needing her skillset. Zari successfully gets the doctor too leave his room, although he continues to act predatorily towards her and she leaves quickly. She looks for Constantine in the doctor's room and White comes in, wielding a scalpel. Constantine appears from behind the door, grabs the doctor and snaps his neck, revealing he did so because the doctor is actually Jack the Ripper. Ripper attacks again and they realise he's an encore. Constantine ties him up and stuffs him in the closet, at which point Zari and Constantine start bickering again.

Zari“This might be Behrad's totem, but there is a little warrior me inside here from a different timeline, and she's gonna protect me”
Constantine“I don't even know what to say to that”

They stop as more guests arrive - more encores, and Zari suggests it might not have been Astra who sent them but that the encores are there for the ring. Constantine decides to dine with the murderers, disguised as Jack the Ripper, telling Zari to stay behind, even if he has to tie her up, as he feels like he'll have to protect her. The Encores soon threaten each other, Clyde and Bonnie gearing up to attack John next when Zari interrupts, walking through the doors as Cleopatra. She convinces everyone to be strategic in their pursuit of the ring and John vocally backs her. They retreat to their room where John criticises her plan and Zari says he should thank her for saving his life. He cedes that he was in a bind, but carries on about them not wasting time and going off to look for the ring and they watch Black Caesar use a hell compass to track it. Constantine's wary at Zari's insistence that she come with, but caves and they follow him. Clyde Barrow arrives and shoots Black Ceasar, making Zari jump and hold on to Constantine, then realising what she's doing and letting go again. They use the compass, but it doesn't work and Zari's words have Constantine realise that Enchantress's spell is making it impossible for people who want the ring to find it. He suggests they get drunk to stop thinking about it.

In the kitchen, Constantine tells Zari that he's drinking to avoid being hopeful about how the ring could provide redemption for him as he could make things right for Astra and Natalie. Zari, in turn, confesses that she usually represses things but can only think of Behrad sacrificing his life to save her, and that he might not have died if she hadn't been wearing the totem. Constantine moves next to her and tries to make her feel better and Zari tells him not to, making him smile. With a shaking voice, Zari turns to him asking what if they can't get Behrad back. At that moment, Bonnie & Clyde announce that they're hunting Constantine and he sends Zari through a hidden passage in the house, telling her she will get Behrad back and she acquiesces, but returns to save John when the Encores capture him. Ripper blows Zari's cover, too, and Bonnie threatens to kill Constantine, which makes Zari inadvertently use the air totem for the first time, killing Clyde.


Constantine unties himself and fights off Ripper, but Bonnie gets up to shoot him and Zari uses her powers again to defend John. They take out Ripper when Bonnie again aims at Constantine and Zari pushes him out of the way, inadvertently redirecting Bonnie's shot to take her out. Constantine shoots up and they look straight at each other. He asks if Zari's okay. She says yes and they almost kiss when Constantine spots the ring. He says it must've been there the whole time and that it must be because he stopped thinking about it. Zari looks at him and he smiles; an understanding passes between them as Nate and Ava barge through the door. Constantine confirms they found the ring, crediting it to Zari. Back on the Waverider, Zari tells Nate that she made the totem work and he hugs her as Constantine walks in. John looks downcast for a moment and Zari looks at him, but then Gary cannonball-hugs Constantine.[4]

Constantine“Y'know I can't believe I let you talk me into this”
Zari“It's not my fault you can't resist my effortless charms[5]

When Charlie gets ready to use the Loom, she asks whom she shall bring back first and while Zari of course wants her brother, Constantine promised Astra to bring Natalie back. He tells Zari, visibly upset, that he's sorry. Ava kicks off a fight about it and Charlie revokes the decision, choosing to bring back Behrad. As she spins the thread it doesn't work and the ship is shut off as a result. John suggests doing research at his house and surreptitiously tries to get Zari to join him, but she firmly declines his attempt at reconcilliation. Zari and Astra try to manipulate the other in their own favour, and Astra lets her observations of Zari and Constantine be known. Astra points out the difference between him and Nate; that while Zari has Nate wrapped around her finger, Constantine is a different story.[6] Astra might be mistaken, as Constantine lets Zari use his house as headquarters for their Greek scheme. John and Zari exchange flirty banter and looks as he leaves so as to not witness the desecration of his house by rush week.[5]


After Astra transports them to England, the Legends travel towards London for a time courier back to the Waverider. With no money, they hijack a local bus. Zari worries as there's only 20 hours left of the Legends's day as Gods and Nate tries to comfort her. She sees John getting a smoke out and angrily swipes it from him, asking why he'd start again. John relays he's hurt over Astra's betrayal, which has got him expecting the worst, but Zari turns him around. Mick hits someone with the bus, but it turns out to be a zombie, courtesy of the Fates. The Legends start fighting them, but not Constantine, as his soul is damned. Zari worries for his safety again, and takes out a zombie with her air totem, at which John smiles, impressed. He fills her in, and teases Zari a bit blocking a zombie from her with his body, which she finds disgusting. She asks him to do something and he very obviously shows off for her, conjuring fire in both hands and setting the zombies head ablaze.[7]


Constantine“Oh, and watch out for these bad boys. They bite, hm?”
Zari“So do I[5]


ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't have) | BUZZCOCKS
Zari and John at his house; plays again later when they perform

Behind the Scenes

That exploration, I think it works. It’s fun to see the polarity of the two of them, which I always think is great in a romance on-screen. I think that always works. [Ashe and Ryan] both have a lot in common on-camera training-wise, to where their scenes together are really fun. But that’s just me being from behind the scenes
—Nick Zano, on HellStar[8]


Zari and Constantine shippers gained a bit more traction after Romeo v Juliet: Dawn of Justness. Many fans felt that Matt and Tala have enough chemistry that the two could work as a couple. Although the ship normally also includes Nate or Charlie. Although many believed that the series was pushing Nate and Zari so didn't really believe that the two would become canon.

The ship gained both fans and detractors after The Great British Fake Off where the two interacted more, and were set up to have a romance.


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