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Hellwave is the slash ship between John Constantine and Mick Rory from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Constantine“How's about a light, then?”
Sara“Ask Mick, if you want your face burned off[1]

When Constantine walks onto the bridge of the Waverider, Mick asks Sara why Rip isn't in prison. Sara tells him that this is John Constantine, not Rip, but Mick says they're both skinny Brits in trench coats - all the same to him. John goes on that he's an accomplished warlock and master of the dark art. The whole situation get's too weird for Mick and he leaves.[1] When Mick conjures fire with the totem and is mesmerised by the flames he now holds in his hand. Constantine notices it and asks for a light for his cigarette. He light's it before Mick can respond.[2]

Constantine appears on the ship, saying that he'll help them with the magical fugitives. But only as a consultant to the Legends, and has demands for him to help them. Mick becomes offended when he mentions getting paid and goes to punch him, but Sara stops him, just as a magical fugitive is detected in Salem. Once they arrive, Constantine tells Sara that he doesn't do dress up and to call him if they find anything. In the meantime, he's staying on the ship. Mick says that if Constantine gets to stay he's going to as well. Puritans are not the most fun people. Constantine enters the galley and asks Gideon to use the replicator for ingredients for his apothecary. Mick walks over to the replicator and tells Constantine to move out of his way, but Constantine brushes him aside and tells him it'll be just a moment before telling Gideon what he needs.

You need to simmer down a little bit, sweetheart
—Constantine to Mick[3]

Mick walks into the Captain's office, where Constantine is in his chair and watching soccer. Mick tells him to get out of his chair, since he was gonna watch the football game. Constantine tells him the game's already on, and offers him a crumpet. Mick starts to get angry at him, so Constantine walks towards him and tells Mick to calm down. They're gonna have to learn to deal with sharing space, even though neither of them like it. Mick asks why Constantine is ever there, but is interrupted by the rest of the Legends walking in before he can get an answer.[3]


Season 4

Witch Hunt

  • Constantine calls Mick "mate" and "sweetheart"
  • Constantine steals one of Mick's chips
  • Constantine tells Mick he'll see him, while winking and giving finger guns

Hell No, Dolly!

  • Mick accuses Constantine of taking Bridgets Diary
    • Constantine reminds him that Mick stole it from him first

Season 6

Back to the Finale: Part II

  • John says that Mick is like a cockroach and will survive anything.
  • John gives Mick a beer and congratulates him on saving Sara.


Mick“Why is the weasel running the show?”
Constantine“If you have a problem with me, pie-head, why don't you just say it?”
Mick“I have a problem with you[4]


Shipping between the two is rare. However, there were those shipping it before they interacted, or before the announcement of Constantine being on Legends. Many also hoped to a scene of John using one of Mick's lighters or his heat gun to light one of his cigarette's.

Shipping for the two took off more after the second episode of season 4. This was the first time they shared a few minutes of screen time alone together, and had any significant interaction.



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  • Ramona Young, who plays Mona in Legends, admitted to shipping the two on twitter[5][6]


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