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Henvy is the het ship between Henry Mills and Drizella Tremaine from the Once Upon A Time fandom.


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Henry looks around for Lucy, when he see's Ivy crying on a bench. She see's him and quickly wipes away her tears before insulting him. He says that he's just trying to find Lucy, which Ivy comments on, seeming to believe that Henry's just desperate to get with Jacinda. Henry asks why Ivy took Lucy out Trick or Treating if she didn't want to, when she could have just let Jacinda do it, and make everyone happy. Ivy tells him that its easier to just listen to her mother, and Henry asks why she keeps doing it. Ivy tells him that her mother is the only person she has, but even then she's actually alone, not that Henry would know. Henry tells her that until Lucy knocked on his door he was pretty much alone. Ivy asks the best way to get rid of baggage. Henry thinks its too take chances, and Ivy asks if that what he's doing with Jacinda. He's still figuring it out, and Ivy asks to see the list of places Lucy could be and points him to the Haunted House. He tells her that they should go, and she confusedly follows him.

They bring Lucy to Jacinda, who is shocked that Ivy helped. She tells the three to go trick or treating and she'll deal with her mother, which makes Henry smile.


The chemistry between Henry and Ivy a.k.a. Drizella Tremaine is cute. Many shipped the two believing that they would make a better couple that Henry's canon love interest, Ella. This was also fueled as the main couple was a more traditional couple/fairytale, and Once fans would have expected a less obvious one.

On AO3 it is the third most written ship for Ivy and the sixth most written for Henry.



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