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Hercugara is the het ship between Hercules and Megara from the Hercules and Once Upon A Time fandoms.



The day Hercules and Meg meet, he hears her scream from a distance and immediately goes after the sound to help her. As soon as he sees Meg being harrassed by Nessus, Hercules gets mad. So he goes to rescue her, but Meg immediately scoffs at him. This surprises Hercules, who asks her "aren't you a damsel in distress." Then, Meg says her iconic line "I'm damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day." In Hercules' try to save Meg, he embarrasses himself by failing to rescue her. But ultimately, he ends up doing so. Philoctetes warns him to not get distracted by Meg, but Hercules gets an instant crush on her, acting flustered and clumsy around her. Meg, being very independent, just walks away, but Hercules invites her on a ride on Pegasus, but she declines.

After this encounter of the two, Meg goes with Hades who finds out through her that Hercules is still alive, when he thought he wasn't. So she gets recruited by him on his mission to kill Hercules. Since Meg gave her soul to Hades to save his ex-lover who she was madly in love with, but who ended up leaving her for another woman, she's now under Hades' control. But he lets her know that if she wants her freedom back, she must bring Hercules for Hades to kill him.

So reluctantly, Meg starts getting closer to him and they even go on a date, where she starts realizing that Hercules seems to be "perfect" and not like other men she knows. Their date gets interrupted by Pholictetes and Pegasus who come to pick Hercules up, but before they part ways, he gives her a flower, so Meg starts having feelings for him, although she denies this.

Hercules falls deeply in love with Meg as well, but right at that moment, Philoctetes realizes that she's working with Hades to kill Hercules, so he warns him about this, but Hercules doesn't believe him, getting mad at him. After this, Hades goes to visit Hercules after he realizes that Meg is his weakness, and kidnaps him. Since he got what he wanted, Hades frees Meg and lets Hercules know that she deceived him, making Meg deeply ashamed. Hercules gets deeply heartbroken, so much so that he gets really weak and loses his will to fight, but right when he was about to get crushed by a pillar, Meg pushes him aside, sacrificing herself to save him.

This leaves Meg with fatal injuries, but she gets to tell Hercules that she really loves him before passing out. After Hercules saves Olympus, he goes back to Meg, realizing she's about to die. So Hercules decides to strike a deal with Hades, exchanging Meg's life for his own freedom. However, when he goes save Meg, Hades realizes that he cannot die because he is a God. But Hercules ends up turning down his God status and dream to go back to Earth as a normal human with Meg.  

TV Series

The animated TV series is a prequel to the film, as it is set in the intervening period between Hercules' teen years and his first journey to Thebes as an adult, while he is still under Phil's training on his island. As well as the reason why Megara and their relationship only appears in the series twice as a special feature.

The animated sequel to the film and extension of the series, "Hercules: Zero to Hero", reveals that Hercules and Megara have gotten married and have moved into a new home together. During the move-in, however, Hercules discovers his old High School yearbook that holds a few details to his time at Prometheus Academy and orders Hermes to send the book back to Phil's island, as his fears that Meg would see him as someone who is pitiful, like his peers did in his youth, should she ever learn the truth about his embarrassing past. When he finally got himself to reveal the truth to her, his bride reassure him that she couldn't care less about it and that her love for him was still as strong as ever.

While Meg's official teen appearance in the TV series, "Hercules and the Aetolian Amphora", reveals that she and Herc have met before their first meeting in the film. She gives him the chance to be a hero by retrieving the amphora for her, so she can use it to forget about Adonis and the terrible blind date she went on with him; and while both Hercules and Megara were able to retrieve the amphora from Ares' sons she leaves Herc to escape on his own. Despite her actions of betrayal towards him, he goes to her recuse when he learns that she has been captured by Pain and Panic; during a fight for the amphora Meg confesses to Hercules that she has liked him from the start. As they were about to share a romantic kiss, however, the amphora's water is dropped on them, in which causes the two to forget how they met; as well as the reinforcing fact that Hercules and Meg never established any true romance towards each other until they re-met as adults.

Once Upon A Time

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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts II

  • As Hercules's exhaustion was getting worse from his break-less fights, a worried Megara tries to convince him to get some rest.

Kingdom Hearts III

  • As Sora asks Hercules how he pushed back his exhaustion and found the strength he needed to save Meg, he tells him that his need to protect Meg allowed him to find it.
  • Just as they were about to leave Mount Olympus Sora asks Hercules why he isn't staying behind to be with his family, and as much as he wants to he tells Sora that a life without Meg is an empty one.



Herkie is the son of the Disney Descendants versions of Hercules and Megara. He appears in two novels of the series, Return to the Isle of the Lost and Rise of the Isle of the Lost, where he is shown to have inherited his father's strength.


Hercugara is the most popular ship in the Hercules fandom. Due to the fact Hercules and Meg are together in most media where this ship is featured, this makes the ship even more famous. Fans of this ship love the dynamic these two share. Specially Meg's character breaking most sexist tropes of "damsels in distress" and with Hercules being a gentle, caring partner. The ship currently has 96+ works in AO3.



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