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{{Infobox/Ship|image=BC-Hibari-and-Yagyu.jpg|caption=HibaYagyū|characterI=Hibari|characterII=Yagyū|canonical=Fanon|status=Close Friends/Teammates|aka=Yagybi, Yabari, Hiyū|tropes=[ Living Emotional Crutch]}}
{{Infobox/Ship|image=BC-Hibari-and-Yagyu.jpg|caption=HibaYagyū|characterI=[[Hibari]]|characterII=[[Yagyū]]|canonical=Fanon|status=Close Friends/Teammates|aka=Yagybi, Yabari, Hiyū|tropes=[ Living Emotional Crutch]}}
'''HibaYagyū''' is the [[femslash]] ship between Hibari and Yagyū from the ''[[Senran Kagura]]'' fandom.
'''HibaYagyū''' is the [[femslash]] ship between Hibari and Yagyū from the ''[[Senran Kagura]]'' fandom.

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HibaYagyū is the femslash ship between Hibari and Yagyū from the Senran Kagura fandom.


Yagyū's relationship with Hibari is just as tight as her relationship with Nozomi. At the beginning before attending Hanzō Academy, Yagyū came across Hibari and noticed how similar she acts and how she looks almost identical to Nozomi. Still coping from Nozomi's death and getting out of her solitude, Yagyū decides to try again and vows to protect Hibari as if she was Nozomi. Throughout the Hanzō story mode of Burst, Yagyū took care of Hibari the same way she took care of Nozomi. At times, there were instances where Hibari was getting annoyed about it and how it makes her feel weak.

Whenever Hibari gets mad at Yagyū, Yagyū begins to go through some form a depression, but she still keeps her head up high to get Hibari to stop being mad at her. After Hibari went to Hebijo Clandestine Academy to retrieve the Super-Secret Ninja Scroll, Yagyū decides to save her solo despite her serious injury from earlier since she still feels alone due to the solitude she went through and Hibari was the only light in her darkness. However, Asuka and co. decides to go and save her when Yagyū began to feel overwhelmed by the enemy and weak due to the amount of blood she lost. At that moment, Yagyū finally realizes that she was never alone and that Hibari isn't a replacement for Nozomi. From that moment, Yagyū began to see Hibari as her closest friend but she continues to protect and take care of Hibari at all costs while sometimes giving her faith that she can do things by herself.


"I don't mind you leaning on me. Anytime you call... I-I'll come running..."
_ Yagyū telling Hibari that she'll always protect her no matter the cost.
“Good luck Hibari, I know you can do it."”
— Yagyū encouraging Hibari as the latter struggles to summon her Guardian.


The ship sailed due to Yagyū's deeply protective and supportive nature towards Hibari.

While not to the degree of IkaYomi, HibaYagyū obtained it's own fair share of fanart and fanfiction within the Senran Kagura fandom.


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