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“Astrid, you and I have been through everything together. You don't think we can handle this? Astrid, you have me, no matter what. Okay, whatever that means, whatever you want it to mean. I am with you. There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always.”
— Hiccup to Astrid who is temporarily blind in "Blindsided"

Hiccstrid is the het ship between Hiccup and Astrid from the How to Train Your Dragon fandom.


How to Train Your Dragon

At first Astrid does not care about Hiccup, and after Astrid lands on Hiccup, she questions what side he is on. Later, Astrid starts getting jealous of Hiccup and how well he is doing in Dragon Training. Astrid eventually discovers that Hiccup is hiding a dragon, and is angry, and heads back to tell the village about it. However, Hiccup has Toothless grab Astrid and they go to the top of a tree. Astrid, refuses to hear what Hiccup has to say. Toothless then flew out of the tree on Hiccup's instruction but instead of going to the ground he those rough maneuvers and Astrid soon apologizes, and upon that happening Toothless smooths out his flight. After discovering the dragon's nest and going back to the cove Hiccup stops Astrid from going to tell his Dad, and Astrid agrees to stay silent, and then punches Hiccup for kidnapping her, and then kisses him on the cheek for everything else. The next day, Astrid gives Hiccup her support and swears to protect Toothless no matter what happens, as Hiccup is about to do go into the ring to fight a dragon. Later, Astrid goes into the ring, after the Monstrous Nightmare is riled up and throws something at it to distract it.

Later, Astrid holds Hiccup back after Toothless, who came to save Hiccup, is captured. Astrid then gives Hiccup support, and questions him about why he didn't kill Toothless, to which Hiccup avoids answering initially, but eventually gives Astrid an answer and then decides he is going to do something crazy to save Toothless and the Vikings. Later, Hiccup saves Astrid after she is knocked off her dragon, and Astrid says go to Hiccup after he drops her off. After Hiccup kills the Red Death, he is knocked unconscious and when he is not seen when the smoke clears, is initially thought dead, and Astrid is seen with tears in her eyes. After Stoick apologizes to Toothless, Toothless opens his wings to reveal that he protected Hiccup from the flames and after Stoick confirms that Hiccup is alive, Astrid is overjoyed and relieved. Later, after Hiccup comes out of his house, Astrid comes up to him and punched him for scaring her, and then kisses him, for everything else (which is left unsaid by Astrid but can be implied).

Gift of the Night Fury

After Hiccup brings the dragons back, and everyone goes to the great hall, Astrid came up to Hiccup and thanked him for bringing back the dragons, and then gives Hiccup a kiss followed by a hug.

DreamWorks Dragons: The Series

Riders of Berk

Astrid and Hiccup are friends, and Astrid is Hiccup's number two. In "Animal House", after getting trapped in the snow, Hiccup and Astrid shy away from each other after realizing how close they are to each other, and that they are hugging each other. Later, after Fishlegs points out to Hiccup and Astrid that they could have used their body heat to stay warm, Hiccup and Astrid realize that they are sitting very close to each other and move away from each other. In "Alvin & the Outcasts", Hiccup gives himself up to save Astrid who is being held by Alvin, saying that he is the dragon conqueror. In "Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man", Astrid is worried about Hiccup after he falls down, after the floor gives out, and is relieved when she sees he is okay. In "Thawfest", Hiccup gets carried away by his winning the dragon events, to which Astrid says that the thing she liked about Hiccup was that he was a gracious loser, and she is unhappy that he is a lousy winner. Later, after Hiccup throws the race, Astrid says to Hiccup that she knows what he did, and says to Hiccup that he was the better Viking today and gives him a kiss. In "When Lightning Strikes", when Hiccup and Toothless have to flee, Astrid is sad, not knowing when she will see Hiccup again. In "Breakneck Bog", she is the one to convince the others to stay to help find what Hiccup's mom gave him, after the others had decided to abandon Hiccup.

Defenders of Berk

Astrid and Hiccup remain good friends in this season. In "Fright of Passage", Hiccup admits that dragons is not the only thing he thinks about, to which Astrid responds asking Hiccup, did he really say that with a straight face. Later, after Astrid is paralyzed by the Flightmare, Hiccup with Toothless goes in to save her, and shakes her to unparalyze her. Hiccup then decides they need to get rid of the Flightmare. After rerouting the Flightmare elsewhere, Astrid, Hiccup, and Fishlegs fly back to Berk, and the first thing Hiccup does after saying the Flighmare is gone is to clear the Hofferson family's name, and restore their honor. In "Frozen", after Hiccup returns with Johann, and enters the place the village fled to because of the Speed Stingers, is greeted by Astrid with a hug. In "The Eel Effect", Hiccup goes off to get the last ingredient for the cure for eel box, a bloodbane eel. After getting help from Fishlegs, and feeding the cure to Toothless, they fly back to Berk, and Astrid is happy to see that Hiccup is okay. In "Cast Out, Part 1" Astrid is knocked off her dragon and Hiccup and Toothless are able to grab her just before she hits the ground. Hiccup grounds Snotlout, angry at his antics, and for the fact that he almost got Astrid killed.

Race to the Edge

Three years later, Hiccup and Astrid remained friends, and slowly but surely their relationship develops towards a romantic relationship. By the time of "Blindsided" is when the two become a official couple.

Season 1

In "Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part 1", Astrid was telling Hiccup that she is joining the Berk guard, and Hiccup is happy for her. Later, Hiccup saves Astrid after she falls into eel-infested waters, due to the boat that they are on being tipped over. In "Imperfect Harmony", Astrid and Hiccup sit next to each other while looking at the moon, and discuss what they had found, and how much more there is to explore. Later, Astrid pushes Hiccup out of the way of a blast of amber goo coming his way, and gets hit with it herself, but eventually is freed by Hiccup through the use of Monstrous Nightmare gel that he set on fire. In "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 2", Heather asks Astrid about her relationship with Hiccup and Astrid replies hat she and Hiccup are just friends. At the end of the episode after Heather flew off, Hiccup tells Astrid, "I am sorry that you are losing a friend", to which Astrid responds, "But I still have you.". In "The Next Big Sting", Astrid tells Hiccup that he is done with the Dragon Fly one, after a couple of failed attempts, and a sort of failed attempt. Later, Astrid tells Hiccup that she will lock him up if he says Dragonfly 2.

Season 2

In this season, Hiccup and Astrid's relationship developed a bit more as they grew closer. In "Team Astrid", after Astrid's parents house is destroyed by Dagur, Astrid decides to stay and train an auxiliary team of riders, for extra protection for Berk. Hiccup is supportive of it and initially stays behind to monitor the training and do a sweep of the area. In "Night of the Hunters, Part 1", Astrid ends up in the water after her dragon is captured by Dragon Hunters. When Astrid does not return Hiccup is concerned and has everybody go searching for her and they split up. Astrid ends up losing consciousness and is found just in time by Hiccup, who saves her from drowning. Hiccup to make sure Astrid was okay, yells her name, to which she responds, "What took you so long?", which Hiccup responds to by saying "Oh, thank Thor. Whew." In "The Zippleback Experience", Astrid notices that Toothless is there and Hiccup is not, and realizes that Hiccup is in trouble after Barf and Belch send a warning signal. In "Snow Way Out", Astrid keeps it secret that Heather is spying on the hunters from Hiccup, and Hiccup when finding that out tells Astrid he is disappointed with her, and that he relies on her. Astrid tells Hiccup that she didn't want to keep the secret from him but Heather said she had too. At one point in the episode when Astrid is told to keep said secret, she stated that she has never lied to Hiccup before.

Season 3

In this season, Hiccup and Astrid's relationship continued to develop, but throughout the season they were still just friends. In "Buffalord Soldier", Astrid is scratched by a Viking with the Scourge of Odin, and she comes down with that disease. She hides it from Hiccup, but when Stormfly enters Hiccup's hut, Hiccup knows something is wrong with Astrid, and discovers that she has the Scourge of Odin. Initially, Astrid is left behind, as the other riders, along with Hiccup, go to find the island the Buffalord lives on to get it's saliva. After discovering that the saliva dries up quickly, Hiccup sends Snotlout to get Astrid. As soon as Snotlout gets back to the island, Astrid falls off the dragon and Hiccup catches her and then carries her to the rock and puts her down. Hiccup tells her that he can't imagine a world without her in it. Hiccup then gets more saliva in the cup and feeds it to Astrid, but nothing happens. Through the twins eating the grass, Hiccup realizes that for the cure, the Buffalord's saliva has to be mixed with the grass. While trying to get some of the Buffalord's saliva mixed with the grass, Viggo appears and captures the dragons. Eventually, Hiccup gives up the dragon to Viggo in exchange for the cure, so he can feed it to Astrid and cure her of the Scourge of Odin. After getting the cure, Hiccup takes it to Astrid and has her drink it, and it instantly cures Astrid, who quickly stands up, but falls over a little and is caught by Hiccup. Later, after the Viking funeral for the ship of Vikings that had died from the Scourge of Odin, Astrid thanks Hiccup for what he did for her, and Hiccup replies, "That you would have done the same for me", to which Astrid replies, "I can't imagine a world without you in it, either."

In "Stryke Out", Astrid is visabily concerned when she and the other riders discover that Hiccup was captured. At the end she is able to get to the place where Hiccup is being held, and she opens the door and then runs to Hiccup and they share a hug. Later, Astrid states that she is relieved that they found and him, and she had been really worried about him. In "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1", Hiccup was sent into a pit with three speed stingers and Astrid reacts by trying to get to Hiccup, and yelling his name but is blocked by Throk.

Season 4

In this season, major development happens with Hiccup and Astrid's relationship, as they become a couple towards the end of the season.

In "Midnight Scrum", Astrid is concerned about the bounty on Hiccup's head, and she wants Hiccup to lay low, but Hiccup says he wouldn't since that would be playing into Viggo's hand. Later, Hiccup is captured by Bounty Hunters, and Astrid is very concerned about this, and tells Hiccup's dad about the bounty on Hiccup's head. Later, after rescuing Hiccup, Astrid helps Hiccup upon seeing his leg is missing, over to the dragons. In "Dire Straights", after the Diving Bell is thrown onto the ship by the Submarriper, Fishlegs and Astrid pull Hiccup, who is unconscious, out of the diving bell and put him onto the deck of the ship. Astrid shows immediate concern and says to Hiccup, please breathe. After Toothless licks Hiccup, Hiccup regains consciousness and Astrid moves and she and Hiccup hold hands, as Astrid is relieved now that Hiccup is awake.

In "Blindsided", Astrid loses her sight from a big flash of lighting and is sent flying in the dragon stables, where she is found by Hiccup, who takes her back to the clubhouse. Hiccup then talks to Astrid alone and tries to comfort her, and Astrid understands what Hiccup is trying do and is appreciative of it. Hiccup encourages Astrid to get some rest, and Astrid asks Hiccup to stay with her until she falls asleep, to which Hiccup responds he is not going anywhere. Later, as they are flying out to find Stormfly, Hiccup keeps Astrid from falling off after they hit some slight turbulence, and then Hiccup admits that he was glad she was here. Later, on the ground Astrid starts calling Stormfly's name, and trips over a rock. Hiccup dives and catches her, and when they hit the ground they are face to face with each other. Later, Astrid thinks Stormfly doesn't want her riding her, after Stormfly tossed her aside, but Hiccup says that Stormly was protecting Astrid, and that she did not want her in the fight. Hiccup comforts Astrid, who is feeling helpless, and says "Astrid, you and I have been through everything together. You don't think we can handle this? Astrid, you have me, no matter what. Okay, whatever that means, whatever you want it to mean. I am with you. There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always."

At that moment Hiccup acts like he is going to kiss Astrid, but is interrupted by the Triple Stryke returning. Later, Gothi restores Astrid's sight and Hiccup is relived and thanks Gothi, followed by Astrid standing up and hugging Hiccup. Later, Hiccup and Astrid are sitting on the edge of the platform connected to the dragon stables, and Hiccup asks Astrid if she is feeling okay, to which she says she is fine, and the Hiccup can stop worrying about her now. Hiccup admits that he always worries about her, and Astrid says the same goes for her too with Hiccup. After that, Astrid asks Hiccup if he was trying to kiss her in the forest, to which he responds that he thought about it. Astrid asks Hiccup why he didn't kiss her and Hiccup says that the moment was not perfect and that he was thinking that when it happened, and yes he thought about it a lot, that when it happened, that it had to be perfect. Astrid responds after looking out at the sunset, that this moment was pretty perfect, to which Hiccup responds, that it is, and then Hiccup and Astrid share a kiss, their first as a couple, and after the kiss Astrid leans over on Hiccup and puts her arm around him.

In "Shell Shocked, Part 1", Hiccup and Astrid talk by the stairs to the great hall, and are about to share a kiss when they are interrupted by Fishlegs, who assumes they were talking about where to hide the dragon eye when they got it back. After Fishlegs leaves, Astrid and Hiccup are relieved that Fishlegs did not find out. This leads to Hiccup questioning Astrid about why they are keeping it secret. Astrid explains that the relationship is so new that she wanted to keep it to themselves, and that she wanted to enjoy it with just him. Then Hiccup puts out is hand for a handshake but Astrid goes and pulls him in for a kiss, which he returns, and Astrid as she is preparing to leave says, "Did you think I would leave here with just a handshake?" As Astrid leaves Hiccup states that Astrid is something else. Later, Hiccup and Astrid try to share another kiss after deciding that they have to keep the relationship out of the battle and in battle act like they had been before the relationship started. They go to kiss but are interrupted by the twins, who misinterpret what is going on and wrongly think Hiccup and Astrid are dying.

In "Shell Shocked, Part 2", at the end Astrid is captured by Viggo, who says to Hiccup, "Do you want to give up your future for the Dragon Eye?" as Hiccup is thinking about what is going on. Hiccup says, "NO!" and tosses the dragon eye towards Viggo and Viggo lets go of Astrid, and tries to retrieve the dragon eye, but can't before it falls into the volcano. After Viggo falls into the Volcano, Astrid comes up to Hiccup and say "it's over. It is over, right?" to which Hiccup responds that it is over. Astrid then apologizes to Hiccup about not keeping their relationship outside of the battle and says that it will not happen again. Hiccup forgives her, and says to Astrid to just tell him how she feels, as he relies on her. This is followed by Astrid pulling Hiccup in for another kiss, which the other dragon riders see, and say "This. Changes. Everything.", having through seeing Hiccup and Astrid kissing found out about their relationship.

Season 5

In this season, even more development happens with Hiccup and Astrid's relationship, with them being confirmed to be betrothed early on in the season.

In "Living on the Edge", Hiccup kisses Astrid on the forehead before leaving Melody Island, and thus leaving Astrid alone to deal with the hurt dragon.

In "Sandbusted", Hiccup has the betrothal gift he is going to give to Astrid, and he tells Snotlout that saying, "This is my betrothal gift to Astrid. It means we'll be together forever." Meanwhile, Astrid does not have a betrothal gift for Hiccup, and worries over it because there is only 48 left for her to get him a gift as by the end of the sixth moon cycle after a couple gets betrothed, they have to exchange betrothal gift. Astrid says, "What can you get a guy, who has it all, wants nothing, and need nothing?" Astrid and Hiccup and the gang head up to the Northen Markets where Astrid gets help from the others minus Snotlout, but does not come up with a gift for Hiccup. Later, after Astrid rescues Hiccup, along with Snotlout and Amos, Hiccup stops Astrid and tells her he needs to show her something. Hiccup pulls out the necklace saying, "This was my father's bethrothal gift to my mother. --um, And he gave it to me, to give to you. Astrid, you're a part of our family. You always have been and I hope you always will be." Astrid accepts the gift but sighs, and tells Hiccup that the necklace is beautiful, and that it is perfect. Astrid then tells Hiccup that he didn't get a gift for her, and that she didn't know what to get him. Hiccup tells her, "But you did. Astrid, you got me the greatest gift in the world. You, You, just being here with me. It's the only gift I need." Immediately after that Hiccup and Astrid shared a hug.

In "A Matter of Perspective", Astrid asks Hiccup how he figured out how to get past the Sentinels and off of Vanahiem. Hiccup tells Astrid that it is all about perspective, and that if you look at things with a different persepective, you see things you might not have seen before. Astrid then says she has had enough thinking for the week and that she was going to go get some sleep and then shares a kiss with Hiccup before heading off to bed.

In "Dawn of Destruction", Hiccup and Astrid are sparring with each other as practice for future fights with the Dragon Hunters. After being told that Johann is here for him, Hiccup heads off for the docks, and Astrid goes along with him. After being told by Johann that he unfortunately did not get the oil he wanted and where to go get it, Hiccup and Astrid prepare to go off to the Isle of Thizzian, to get the oil Hiccup needs. The others tell Hiccup and Astrid that since they became a couple they have been ignoring them more and that their priorities are shifting because of it. Hiccup and Astrid then fly off for the Isle of Thizzian leaving the others behind. At the island, Hiccup having a conversation, which starts with them wondering if they are ignoring them and not being team leaders like the rest of the gang said they were. Astrid says no, and that she has not been ignoring Snotlout more than she usually does. Hiccup then replies to Astrid that he wants to make sure and that he does not want to be ignoring the rest of the gang more, but adds that at the same that is important he spend time with her. At that statement Astrid hugs Hiccup. Hiccup asks Astrid what that was for, to which she responds, "Just for being you. I love how sensitive you are." Hiccup tells Astrid not to tell Stoick that, but Astrid replies, "Oh, I think he knows. Everyone knows. It's what makes you such a great friend, a great leader, and, um, a great boyfriend." After deciding to not to head back to the Edge, Hiccup asks Astrid if she wants to take a Moonlit flight with him, while at the same time he twirls Astrid once. Astrid accepts the invitation for the Moonlit flight, and flips Hiccup over. They then take a Moonlit flight together which lasts the whole night.

In "The Wings of War, Part 1", Hiccup says it is going to take something they never thought of to get around and keep from hurting dragons, to which Astrid responds that he will come up with it. Hiccup says thank you and asks her how she knows that. Astrid responds, "Because Hiccup Haddock is the wisest, most talented and brave Dragon Trainer on Earth. And he always comes up with it." Later, Astrid joins Hiccup on a Sea stack, where Hiccup was thinking about the Dragon Flyers, and trying to figure out another way to deal with them because he did not want to harm the Singetails. Hiccup asks Astrid how she found him, and she says she knows a Hiccup "thinking" sea stack anywhere. Hiccup and Astrid have a discussion about the Dragon Flyers and Hiccup says that it isn't the Singetails fault for what happened since the Dragon Flyers made them do it. Astrid replies that she knows, but it doesn't matter if was dragon or flyer that did it and that she does not want to hurt dragons either but in tough times tough choices have to be made. Hiccup tells Astrid that she is absolutely right, and Astrid is happy to hear that. But Hiccup then tells Astrid that he hears everything she is saying, and that it makes perfect sense, and that she has the warrior spirit for this, and while she has the stomach for it, he doesn't, and that he can't be in charge of something he doesn't believe in. As he is about to fly elsewhere, Astrid asks Hiccup where he is going, and he responds, "To find another way".

In "Snuffnut", Astrid puts her hands on Hiccup's shoulders while standing behind him, as she and Hiccup are talking to Tuffnut about Ruffnut and Throk.

In "Sins of the Past", Hiccup and Astrid are watching Dagur talking to Heather. Hiccup sees Heather crying, and tells Astrid that Dagur must have told her that they found Oswald. Astrid replies that Heather can at least leave it behind her. Astrid than asked Hiccup what was in the letter Oswlad left for Heather? Hiccup answers "Closure", and puts his arm around Astrid and pulls her closer during which Astrid puts her arm around Hiccup, which is immediately followed with Hiccup and Astrid leaning their heads closer to each other. Hiccup and Astrid stay in this position, sharing a romantic moment, while still watching Dagur talking to Heather.

Season 6

In "Mi Amore Wing", at the beginning of the episode, it's brought up that Mala and Dagur are getting married and the way they act together makes Astrid question her relationship with Hiccup. Astrid later puts on the Betrothal Necklace Hiccup gave her hoping he would notice it. When Hiccup comes to her hut he does not notice the necklace. Later she hints Hiccup on how she is wearing the Necklace but instead Hiccup notices the Dragon Eye Lense on the Armor Wing which makes Astrid angry. When Hiccup notices how Astrid is acting he walks over to her and asks what she is trying to tell him in which Astrid gets angry as she tells Hiccup that he has been ignoring her and the fact she is wearing her Betrothal Necklace and throws it back at Hiccup. However, later on she and Hiccup make up and work together to fight Krogan and his Flyers. At the end of the episode Hiccup apologizes saying "I love you, Astrid Hofferson with everything I have, and I always will." Astrid blushes and then Hiccup pulls Astrid in for a passionate kiss taking her by surprise. As they look at each other Fishlegs, Mala, and Dagur walk away to give the two some privacy, and Hiccup and Astrid lean on each other and look out at the setting sun.

In "Triple Cross", Hiccup and Astrid are spending some alone time, having a picnic with no distractions, and no interruptions, till the twins comes crushing down. As Hiccup was about leave, Astrid was worried that the message didn't sound like Stoick and wanted to go with him but he assured her that he will be careful.

In "King of Dragons, Part 2", near the beginning of the episode, Astrid is talking to Hiccup and giving him support and telling him to find the king of dragons or the war would go on forever. Astrid says she's proud of him and kisses him on the cheek. Hiccup pulls Astrid back as she starts walking away and kisses her on the lips, Astrid then smiles, and brushes her hair out of her face and puts her hand on his heart. Near the end, Astrid and Hiccup are shown kissing at Dagur and Mala's wedding.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

By the time of the second film, Hiccup and Astrid are still in a relationship, and are closer than ever. Astrid finds Hiccup on Itchy Armpit, and asks him where has been. Hiccup responds that he was avoiding his dad. Astrid responds by asking "What happened now?" Hiccup starts describing what happened that morning and than starts imitating his dad to explain what is going on, and Astrid imitates Hiccup. Hiccup has to stop multiple times to question what Astrid is doing, and question Astrid's imitation of him. On the final line of Hiccup's imitation of Stoick, Astrid interrupts finishing the line, by saying "to make you chief". Astrid is excited for Hiccup, but Hiccup does not feel that he is ready to be chief and that it is not him. Astrid thinks Hiccup is missing the point, but Hiccup responds saying that Astrid knows who she is, but he is still looking for who he is. Astrid and Hiccup then sit down and Astrid tells Hiccup that what he is searching for is in him and not in the world, and proceeds to kiss him on the cheek.

Later, when Stoick is battening down the hatches and shutting Berk down, and grounding all dragons, Astrid tries to stop Hiccup from leaving, but Hiccup says he has to and kisses Astrid on the cheek before he goes. Later on Astrid boasts to Drago about Hiccup saying that, "He is the greatest Dragon Master the world has ever seen." In the final battle, after Hiccup heads back in after freeing Toothless, Astrid yells to him, "Take em' down babe!" At the end after Drago and the Bewilderbeast are defeated, Astrid comes up to Hiccup and says "See, I told you it was in here." to which Hiccup responds, "Still doing that one. Come here, you." and pulls Astrid in for a kiss, After the kiss Hiccup gets interrupted by Gothi touching Hiccup's shoulder with her staff. Astrid looks on as Hiccup is made chief, and is happy for Hiccup. Later, Hiccup takes a break from his chiefing and grabs the black sheep and throws it into Astrid's basket making her the winner of the current dragon race.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

After the dragons leave to the Hidden World, Hiccup and Astrid get married in front of a statue of Stoick the Vast. Some years later, the couple has two children, a girl called Zephyr and a boy called Nuffink. The family goes to visit the Hidden World, where the dragons have been hiding for years. They spot Toothless with the Light Fury and their 3 children. The children are afraid of Toothless at first, but after some encouragement from their parents, they get closer. In the end, Hiccup and Nuffink ride Toothless while Astrid and Zephyr ride Stormfly.

How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

Hiccup and Astrid are shown concerned that their children "believe dragons are monsters." As much as they try to tell them their not, Zephyr and Nuffink won't believe it. Hiccup and Astrid then decide on a Snoggletog Pageant, to teach their children and other children, that dragons weren't that all bad. Astrid helps encourage Hiccup that the whole idea will work and they help with the pageant. Once the tragic events of the pageant, and Toothless appears, which only Zephyr saw, she then believed they weren't that all bad as she thought. Hiccup and Astrid are happy to see that their children then cared about dragons and are shown all together at the end of the short watching Toothless, Lightfury, and the Nightlights fly away from New Berk.

Graphic Novels

The Serpent's Heir

Hiccup makes Astrid the acting chief when he needs to go to Nepenthe to help out with a great disturbance there. Astrid in turn makes Gobber the acting chief, so she can go along with Hiccup to make sure he does not get into any trouble. After they return to Berk, along with the others who came along with them, Hiccup gives new roles to people, including making Astrid his general, so he and Astrid can lead Berk side by side. During Hiccup's announcement he and Astrid hold hands, and they look at each other in a sort of romantic way.




Zephyr Haddock

Zephyr Shot
Zephyr is Hiccup and Astrid's first born child (and their only daughter). In the official art book of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, she is described of having her father's nervous personality, as well as carries notebooks around with her like he had. Despite Zephyr looking like a brownish-auburn haired child version of Astrid, as Zephyr's hair style and clothes are similar to the ones that Astrid worn in a flashback of her childhood. Because she is their first born child, and being the first Haddock to be born on New Berk, there is a chance that Zephyr is their tribe's heir. She also appears in How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming.

Nuffink Haddock

Nuffink Shot
Nuffink is Hiccup and Astrid's second child (and their only son). In the official art book of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Nuffink is described of having his mother's personality, of being adventurous and turbulent, which might explain his toy sword; while the timidity and shyness he displayed in the film could simply be due to his young age or being scared of Toothless at first glance. Despite Nuffink looking like a blond haired child version of Hiccup. He also appears in How To Train Your Dragon: Homecoming.

Behind the Scenes

“They are pals. The are explorers. She is as much a contributor to the map as Hiccup has been. They just have a very easy-going, very relaxed, very comfortable relationship.”
— Dean DeBlois
“She [Astrid] is in every sense really Hiccup’s equal.”
— Jeffrey Katzenberg
“Regardless of how docile and weak Hiccup seems, Astrid is the girl of his dreams. I think for a bunch of different reasons. She can do no wrong in his eyes.”
— Jay Baruchel
“Their relationship is still very playful and competitive, but they match each other in their lust for life and adventure. What is fun is that our characters are more grown up now. Because there is a romantic aspect to their relationship, there are more tender moments between them. In the first film she was thinking: ‘Who is this guy? Why should he get to be chief of Berk when I’ve worked hard my whole life?’ But this time she’s his number one supporter because she sees that he’s special and totally capable of leadership. She is a partner in his adventure.”
— America Ferrera
“[Astrid] is strong and she’s fierce, and she’s definitely Hiccup’s hero for sure.”
— Jay Baruchel
“The second film is five years after the first film and it seems as if Hiccup and Astrid have gotten a little bit more romantically involved and comfortable with each other. And I would say they are boyfriend and girlfriend. They never say “boyfriend and girlfriend” but I think that’s what’s going on. They’re both incredibly independent spirits and very independent in their own rights, but are incredibly supportive of one another. Astrid is Hiccup’s number one defender and champion but also her own leader in her own right.”
— America Ferrera
“[Astrid] is my favorite. She is self-assured, commanding and she knows who she is. I see what a great stalwart she is for my son [Hiccup]. How much she grounds. She is the voice of reason to Hiccup. She is a warrior as well. I love the fact- I think she reminds me of my wife [Valka]. My wife [Valka] was super strong, competitive, and uncompromising... and that's Astrid. I wanna see my son [Hiccup] grow up. I wanna have grandkids! And I want it with the coolest chick in the clan, and that is Astrid.”
— Gerard Butler
“Astrid is still a strong feminine character. But she is a little less tomboy and a little more glamorous. Her relationship with Hiccup has evolved. They are somewhat like Prince William and Kate Middleton, only Viking style.”
— Pierre-Olivier Vincent, The Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2
“Astrid and Hiccup have a wonderfully relaxed chemistry, as the fact that they are now lovers is handled with minimal fuss (their most romantic moment involves Astrid doing a killer impression of her boyfriend’s agitated worrying)”
— Scott Mendelson, FORBES
“The relationship between Hiccup and Astrid is one of the most well done established relationships in an animated movie. Without being overly romantic, and maintaining a kid-friendly theme, the relationship is still very healthy and showcases good communication.”
“Early on in the story, Gobber suggests Hiccup and Astrid should stop stirring up trouble, making enemies, and saving dragons. Instead, they should stay at home and rule like a proper royal couple, which means getting married. She [Astrid] bristles at the idea, though we later discover that she wants to get married but doesn't think Hiccup's ready. And she's right. Hiccup has lost so much, including his father. He is afraid of change. He focuses on Toothless as a security blanket and won't let go of the idea that coexistence with dragons is possible. Astrid points out that bringing the dragons back to Berk is not working. Hiccup's solution is to move somewhere else, but she understands they might being doing something wrong and maybe the dragons need to return to the wild. It's an issue they need to resolve before they can move on with their relationship.”
— Dean DeBlois
“I love that you feel their relationship evolving but the story was never a love story. It was never about will they, won’t they. I love that Dean [DeBois] didn’t go that route, which is often the lowest hanging fruit. It was always sort of they fell into who they were with each other and it’s always been that way and we do get the satisfaction the thing you want it to become but without that being the focus.”
— America Ferrera[[src]]
“As Hiccup is becoming a man, Astrid is becoming a woman -- becoming a woman in a new world. As they have fallen in love with one another -- it’s a really interesting relationship, and quite a modern relationship in a true and wonderful sense. They’re absolute equals. They’re competitors, they challenge one another, but they're also able to be gentle with one another and tell the truth to one another. And Astrid has abilities in her own rights -- and I think that’s something that (if any man can) Hiccup can respect. So it’s a really dynamic, robust, modern contemporary relationship.”
— Cate Blanchett


Hiccstrid is the most popular ship in the How to Train Your Dragon film franchise, aside from the dragon-rider relationships. It is easily the most popular canon ship of the three canon ships in the HTTYD film franchise. This is the main boy-girl ship of the franchise. From the very beginning, this ship was very popular, and remains very popular. The fan base has been growing for over seven years now. This ship is viewed by the fandom as a very healthy, and very well done ship, in terms of how it was written in the TV series, Films, shorts, and graphic novels. There is tons of fan fiction written and tons of fan art drawn about this ship, more than any other of the ships in this franchise.

As part of the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom, the two are often featured in AU scenarios. One example of this is a Miraculous Ladybug AU where Hiccup and Astrid are commonly seen as Miraculous holders that use two fanon dragon Miraculouses to transform themselves into a Night Fury and Deadly Nadder theme-superheroes, that have a similar kind of relationship that Adrien/Cat Noir and Marinette/Ladybug have with each other, or just simply portray them as the two. Alternatively, it is common to edit Hiccup and Astrid into couples from other fandoms, such as Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel from Tangled.



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  • The main track used during a lot of Hiccup and Astrid's romantic moments is "Romantic Flight", which was first introduced during the flight where Hiccup changes Astrid's mind about dragons.
  • Hiccup and Astrid were first shown as a couple in How to Train Your Dragon 2, which was released before, and is chronologically after Dragons: Race to the Edge, meaning they were shown as a couple before being shown how and when they became a couple. The how and when they became a couple was shown in Season 4 of Dragons: Race to the Edge in the episode "Blindsided".
  • Hiccup and Astrid so far have kissed 12 times
    • They have also shared five cheek kisses (3 by Astrid, 2 by Hiccup).
    • Hiccup has also kissed Astrid on the forehead twice.
    • At the end of "Mi Amore Wing", Hiccup kissed Astrid for the first time, instead of the other way around.
  • In the song, "Fly Dragons Fly," which aired on Cartoon Network, a part in the lyrics said, "Astrid and Hiccup, each other they like. Wonder if they marry? They might." [1]
  • At one point in an interview with Everything Geek Podcast, back in February nine days before Season 4 of RTTE was released, while Douglas Sloan and Art Brown were talking about Hiccstrid, Douglas Sloan said this about Hiccup and Astrid's relationship. "It's not just gonna happen and that's it, we are going to deal with their [Hiccup and Astrid's] relationshp in many ways going foward and until the end of the series. It's something that will become a big part of the series." [2]
  • The ship name for this couple has been said twice in Dragons: Race to the Edge. First time it was said was in "Shell Shocked, Part 1" by Snotlout, and the second time was in "Dawn of Destruction", again by Snotlout.
  • The author of the How to Train Your Dragon books, Cressida Cowell, has tweeted that she loves Hiccstrid too.[3]
    • She also wrote a thanks to Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera for voicing Hiccup and Astrid at the end of her last book, "How to Fight a Dragon's Fury".
  • At the end of the sequel, just as Astrid and Stormfly are about to catch the black sheep, Hiccup and Toothless grab it in at the last few seconds and put it in Astrid's sheep pile instead of his own. This is similar to what Fishlegs and Snotlout did for Ruffnut at the beginning of the movie.




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