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Hisoka x Abaki is the family ship between Hisoka Morow and Abaki from the Hunter x Hunter fandom.


Hisoka joined the Moritonio's circus troupe when he was 14 years old. He and Abaki met shortly thereafter and quickly became good friends. They were also both Moritonio's Nen students, what made them even closer to each other.

Abaki seemed to be the only person in the circus, who truly liked Hisoka, despite his quirks and treated him as the part of the family. She was also the only person with which Morow sincerely enjoyed talking - beside Moritonio. While reading the manga, you can tell too that Hisoka visibly cared about her - when he noticed that John Doe 's going to attack Abaki, Morow immediately defended her.

What's interesting is the fact that it's been told in the spin-off that Hisoka liked to copy other circus members' tricks - all members beside Abaki. There was nothing about him copying her tricks, which probably means he never did it.

Unfourtunately at some point, Hisoka needed to run away from the circus and both of them never saw each other again.

Hisoka and Abaki didn't have a lot of moments in Hisoka's Past, when they were shown side by side in one panel. However, they still were one of the most important threads in the comic, since Abaki was so dear to Morow. Based on those moments we can also know for sure that they spent a lot of time with each other and liked going for a walk together. They had their own common places, they liked to go to the most.


Relationship between Hisoka and Abaki was shown to us in the Hisoka's Past official spin-off written by Sui Ishida. There's not too many people in the fandom who openly say if they appreciate their relation, so it's hard to say how many people actually liked their relationship.



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  • Hisoka's Past was written by Sui Ishida, who is also an author of Tokyo Ghoul.



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