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Honeysabi is the het ship between Honey Lemon and Wasabi from the Big Hero 6 fandom.



Both Honey Lemon and Wasabi are students that attend SFIT, where they are classmates and friends. They are friends with Go Go, Fred, Tadashi Hamada and their newest friend Hiro Hamada. When Tadashi died in a fire, they and their two other friends try to help Hiro through his grief, but end up being pushed away by him until they followed Hiro and Baymax to the docks and encountered Yokai together. Knowing that the masked villain is the reason for their professor and friend's deaths, they promise Hiro that they'll help him bring Yokai to justice, with the superhero armour and gear that Hiro builds to help them in their self set task, as a team. Like Wasabi, Honey Lemon was worried about facing Yokai and they had mistake a pigeon for the masked supervillain, but Honey Lemon was able to reassure Wasabi and the others that they'll be able to do it by stating that their little scare as allowed to see that they're gear words wonders. When they did face Yokai, after he made the first move, Wasabi was still nervous and a bit freaked out by Yokai's attack while Honey Lemon is able to join in the battle with easy. After Honey Lemon was down with Go Go, Wasabi stepped in to face Yokai himself, but had also failed to take his mask and if it wasn't for Hiro and Baymax, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and the others would of been crushed. Even though they were shocked to learn that Yokai wasn't Krei but their believed to be dead professor, Robert Callaghan, Wasabi did want he could, with Go Go and Fred, to stop Baymax from killing the man, until Honey Lemon inserted the healthcare chip back into their robot friend. Shortly after Hiro gets Baymax to leave Honey Lemon, Wasabi and the others on the island, they were able to download a copy of the footage they earlier saw onto a memory drive. Which they show to a clamed down Hiro, after they rejoined him in the city. Wasabi asked Hiro to not leave them on that type of island again, before Honey Lemon hands him the memory stick.

Once they realize that caused their professor to turn from a good man to a bad one and who his main target is, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and the others race to the opening of the new Krei Tech building in order to stop him before anymore people could get hurt. Shortly after Callaghan had used the microbots to force the two and the rest of Big Hero 6 into their own corners, Hiro's words allowed them to free themselves by looking for "a new angle". Since their original plan didn't work the last two times, they decide to focus on the microbots instead as Wasabi, Honey Lemon and the other took them out on the ground and in the air. Even though they were able to stop Callaghan and manged to find cover until the unstable portal destroys itself, the two were sad that Baymax sacrificed "himself" so Hiro and Abigail could get out of the portal before it was destroyed and believed that their robotic friend was gone for good. Until Hiro had found Baymax's chip and builds "him" a new body. Since then, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and the rest of their friends continue to live their lives as a superhero team so they can protect their home city in Tadashi's memory.

TV series

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After they saved the city and joined Hiro at his first day at SFIT, Honey Lemon and Wasabi, along with Go Go, wanted to go back to living their normal lives and focus on their school work, Fred however wants to continue Big Hero 6 and tries to convince them otherwise to no avail.

When Hiro asks Honey Lemon and Wasabi what Go Go is up to in "Muirahara Woods", they both tell him that it really was none of their business and that they shouldn't pry into things that Go Go wants to keep to herself. They even tried to talk Fred and Hiro out of the idea of following her, to no avail. After Go Go returns from the forest and learns from Honey Lemon and Wasabi that Hiro, Baymax and Fred had followed her, they become worried upon seeing their phones had "died" and since their last known location was in the forest and is quickly getting dark outside, they go to look for them. Upon finding Hiro and Fred in a net and hearing that Baymax is in trouble, Hiro them forest made versions of their hero gear and armour so they can take on Ned Ludd.

During Rivalry Weak, Wasabi learns about Honey Lemon's love for art and the part time class she takes at their rival school. She kept it all a secret from everyone as she was worried that the rivalry between the two schools would hinder their friendships, but is relived to know that they don't hate the art collage or really mind her secret art lessens.

On the day leading to Wasabi's birthday in "Steamer's Revenge", Honey Lemon subjects that they get him a puppy, but was reminded of the fact that he is allergic to dogs. After Hiro and Baymax retrieved Wasabi's car from the bay, she helps them and Go Go repair and modify it so they can present it as his birthday gift. Since Wasabi misses his car and made sure that a few of their upgrade can have Wasabi use it as their superhero team vehicle.

When Honey Lemon tries to do a project on Lenore Shimamoto's secret life as a scientist, Wasabi lends her his assistance. Even though he felt a little unconveyable in looking for a dusty covered room, but the UV light he shone in the room for dirt did help Honey Lemon find the hidden notes in Shimamoto's journal.


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Both Honey Lemon and Wasabi are seen as the sensible ones in the team.

On AO3, the ship has 6 fanfics on it.



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  • Like the characters and Marvel comic that Wasabi, Honey Lemon and the Disney Big Hero 6 film is based on, the two are allies who go the codes names that are the same as their nicknames. That were both given to them by Fred.
  • The ship's commonly used title was mentioned in the Big Hero 6: The Series episode, "Fan Friction", by Fred. Along with a few of other ship titles within the Big Hero 6 fandom.



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