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Honeyunzel is the femslash ship between Honey Lemon and Rapunzel from the Disney fandom.


As Honey Lemon and Rapunzel are from different series, they have never met in canon. Although a few Disney crossover video games could have them cross paths with one another or get added to the same team, by the player's choice.

Both Rapunzel and Honey Lemon have upbeat, cheery and caring natures, as they have away to see the best in others. The two also have a female friend with short dark hair and tough girl personalities, Go Go and Cassandra, as well as a young male friend who also have dark colored hair and are into science, Varian and Hiro Hamada. Honey Lemon is into chemistry from residing in the world of science, while Rapunzel had stepped into that world for Corona's science exposition and there have been times where she help Varian with his science or turns to him for help, just as Honey Lemon lends Hiro a hand from time to time. While Honey Lemon is close with a robot and has met and faced a few others, where some of them were in the form of an army, Rapunzel had came across automatons and even an army of them, along with both Honey Lemon and Rapunzel facing a giant robot mech.

Another thing the two have in common is their strong love for art, and drawn themselves and their friend in a few of their paintings. Honey Lemon had kept her second passion a secret from her friends because of the rivalry between the two collages, but in the end she learns that they don't have a problem with it. Rapunzel on the other hand had went through a case of painter's block and was only able to recover with the help and love of her friends. Rapunzel's loves painting the walls of her tower and castle's bedroom, while Honey Lemon enjoys throwing sticker parties where she decorates the whole apartment with stickers. As a superheroin, Honey Lemon does a bit of detecting work and Rapunzel had stepped into the world of crime solving in order to help a friend. As well as both girls doing whatever they can with their friends to save and keep their home city/kingdom, San Fransokyo and Corona, safe, along with them catching criminals who are causing trouble for others.

Their animated TV series even have the two girls coming across the work of respected historic figures in their worlds, Lord Demanitus and Lenore Shimamoto, along with them making sure that their work isn't used for evil. Honey Lemon had came across Shimamoto's journey, took it bac from a villain and had even used its contacts to help her, Rapunzel did similar things with King Herz Der Sonne's journal before all of its ancient contacts from Herz Der Sonne's time were washed away from its pages. Honey Lemon's signer item is her chem-purse, while Rapunzel is seen carrying around her own bag-like purse in the Tangled TV series, Honey Lemon commonly wears a pair of glasses and Rapunzel had worn a pair of reading glasses in "Fitzherbert P.I.". In the episodes, "Muirahara Woods" and "Rapunzel: Day One", as Honey Lemon and Rapunzel end up in a forest and are about to fight someone in them they use sticks and leaves to make their weapons and forest warrior-like looks.


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Because of Honey Lemon's blond hair and green eyes, along with her cheery and upbeat nature, a few fans had began to theorize she is a descendant of Rapunzel, in the Disney connected universe. In a few versions of a Tangled AU with the BH6 characters, Honey Lemon is sometimes seen as Rapunzel, just as a Superhero AU of the Big Hero 6 universe sometimes have Rapunzel as Honey Lemon.



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  • Both of their CGI Disney films have their own follow-up animated TV series.
  • Both Rapunzel and Honey Lemon appear in Kingdom Hearts III.
  • They both make cameo appearances in Ralph Brakes the Internet. Even though Honey Lemon makes a very small background appearance in the film, while the netizen version of Rapunzel serves as one of the supporting characters.
  • They are two of the characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms.


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