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Hooked Wayfinder is the het ship between Moana Waialiki and Maui from the Moana fandom.


When Moana was very little, her grandmother Tala would tell stories of Maui and how he was the one who stole the Heart of Te Fiti from the Island Goddess, which woke the lava demon, Te Kā, and her island killing curse. This would spread from island to island, until Maui and a hero would journey across the ocean together in order to return the heart. Many years later, before her death, Tala reminds her granddaughter of Maui's crime and how Moana must find him in order to end Te Kā's curse before it kills their home. After looking up at a drawing of Maui holding the heart and knowing what she must do, Moana sails towards a consilation of Maui's hook in order to find him, as well as rehearsing the words Tala wants Moana to tell the demigod once she finds him.

After days and nights of training herself to sail her boat and getting caught in a bad storm, Moana wakes up on an island that has been Maui's home and prison ever since he lost his fishhook. Once Moana realizes this, she hides from the demigod when she sees his shadow while he approaches the boat that would grant him his freedom from the island. After lifting the boat up he was startled by Moana's being there. When his startled state caused Maui to drop the boat, he was worried that he might had crushed the girl with it and lifted the boat back up to see if it is so, but Moana had gotten herself clear of it. With her oar by her side, in case Maui tries anything, Moana makes herself known to Maui as she says a few of his known titles, like shapeshifter and demigod of the wind and sea, before saying her name and to say what Tala told her to say once she found Maui, but the demigod keeps interrupting her, along with thinking that Moana is a fan girl and signs her oar; it is then when Moana decides she has had enough. As she isn't in the mood to hear Maui's self praises and saying that he is her hero, when he really isn't, since Moana views him as a thief who doomed the world, and just wants to say what she feels she needs to say so they could begin their voyage to Te Fiti. Maui on the other hand didn't want to face the Lava Demon again or to have anything to do with the Heart of Te Fiti, since it brought him nothing but trouble after he took it from the Goddess, which is why he distracts Moana with his song of all the good things he had done for the humans until he locks Moana in a cave so he can take her boat. With help from the Ocean, Moana catches up to Maui on the open sea and after a series of being tipped on and off the boat, teases him of being afraid of the heart. Even though Maui is against it, his living tattoo version of himself, Mini-Maui, sides with Moana.

As Moana and Maui encounter the Kakamora, who are one of the many monstrous creatures that want the Heart of Te Fiti, Maui became annoyed with Moana when he learned that she doesn't know how to sail, but still wants to go on the voyage with him, and wasn't impressed that Moana is self taught. Even though Moana was able to fight the Kakamora on her own while Maui had tried to sail away from them, without Moana until she managed to rejoin him as they both sail away from the small coconut-like pirates. Once they were far away from them, Moana convinces Maui to return the heart with the promise that his actions will make him a hero again, since the world currently remembers him as a villain from what he had done. Maui agrees to go on the journey with Moana, as long as she agrees to make a quick detour to find Maui's fishhook since he is powerless without it and was the main reason why he didn't help Moana fight off the Kakamora. On the way, after some "convincing" from the ocean, Maui teaches Moana how to sail through the art of Wayfinding as a Wayfinder, even though he wasn't very kind towards Moana as she struggled just as Moana didn't approve of Maui's "joke" during their lesson.

After entering the realm of monsters, a near death encounter with Tamatoa, and escaping with the hook, the two continue on their voyage to Te Fiti, Maui regaining his confidence with his hook through lots of practice. But all that is seemingly wasted when their first encounter with Te Ka goes horribly wrong, resulting in Maui's hook being badly damaged. After a breif seperation, the two try again, resulting in Maui's hook getting destroyed, but Te Ka gaining the heart back, and it being revealed that she is actually Te Fiti. The two bid each other farewell after Maui gains a new hook (and apologises to Te Fiti), and Moana a boat to get home.


Hooked Wayfinder is seen as the main het ship of the Moana fandom, as there are many fans who wanted Moana and Maui to have a romantic relationship with each other. Many fanarts, fanfictions, and edits have been made of the two.



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  • The ship's title is a reference to Maui's magical fishhook and Moana becoming a Wayfinder with his help, just as she had helped Maui to both reclaim and regain control over his hook.