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Hoolith is the friendship between Hooty and Lilith Clawthorne from The Owl House fandom.


When Lilith was tasked to capture Eda for Emperor Belos, she saw Hooty as a pest that is in her way. While Hooty does his guardian of the house duties, he acts friendly towards Lilith as well as enjoying playing with Lilith and the grunts she brings with her. Her first known attempt to approach the Owl House had her making the mistake of going to the said house alone and ends up getting caught by Hooty, who brings her to Eda in "Wing It Like Witches". He later serves as the referee of the Grudgby match between the Clawthorne sisters, even though Lilith lost the match Hooty liked the way that Eda helps Lilith by giving her ring to her sister so she could save face for when she returns back to her Emperor. Along with Hooty being happy to know that Lilith plans to come back to the Owl House again, as he enjoys having lots of people at the said house.

As Lilith tried to ambush the Owl House again in "Agony of a Witch", she makes sure to bring an army of grunts with her and seeing Hooty asleep gives her hope that they'll be able to capture Eda without having to deal with Hooty. Hooty proves Lilith wrong the moment he wakes up and began attacking the grunts. Lilith tries to attack Hooty but ends up failing to land a single blow on the house guardian and returns to the Emperor's Coven empty handed again. The long years that the Clawthorne sisters didn't talk to one another prevented Lilith from knowing that Eda cares about Hooty, as much as she cares about Luz, King and Owlbert. Despite Lilith's attempts to capture Eda on Belos's behalf, Hooty never saw Lilith as an enemy.

When Lilith moved into the House Owl after she betrayed Emperor Belos in order to save Eda from him, Hooty is happy to have Lilith as a new added member to their make shift family. Even though Lilith wasn't happy with Hooty's attempts to bond with her, as she is still recovering from the fact that she is no longer part of a coven and had lost the naturally way to do magic when she placed half of Eda's curse into herself. This is why Lilith wants to prove to herself that she can continue on without magic or help. Hooty felt sad that Lilith wanted nothing to do with him, but he doesn't let it stop him from helping Lilith when she needs it. This gets Lilith to warm up to Hooty and begins to acknowledge him as a friend. Their friendship continues to grow as Lilith works on mastering glyph magic, while playing with Hooty as the two have fun ice sculpturing through the ice glyph.

Their friendship surprises Luz and King in "Echoes of the Past" as the two talk about glyph magic, the way Hooty protects Lilith from the pillow King threw at her and Hooty siding with Lilith when she tells King that history has never mentioned a king of Demons. At first Lilith was a little shocked, as well as disgusted of the way Hooty detached himself from the Owl House so he could join Lilith, Luz and King to the island that holds King's "kingdom". After Lilith recovers from what she and the others saw, she becomes glad that Hooty is able to company them on their trip to the island, just as Hooty is happy to not be left behind while everyone else goes on adventures without him. Hooty presents also allows Lilith to have someone to talk on their way there and when they began to explore the island's only building. After Eda reveals the truth to King, Hooty began to cry while Lilith tries to comfort him. Hooty later assists Lilith in fighting the monster they encountered the island, until King gets it to stop attacking them. Sometime after they turned to the Owl House, Hooty reattaches himself back onto the building while Lilith looks over the photos she took on the island.

In "Keeping Up A-fear-ances" Hooty witnesses Lilith going through her first curse beast transformation. Before Lilith began to sprout feathers the second time that day, Hooty could see that Lilith is deeply bothered with how her own mother is more focused on Eda then her and tries to help Lilith. With Gwendolyn stealing all of Eda's elixirs when the Clawthorne sisters needed, Hooty could only watch Lilith search the house for some until she begins to transform. Even though Lilith was able to be given the elixir to return back to normal, her reconnecting with Gwendolyn gets Lilith to make the decision to leave the Owl House so she and her mother can continue catching up on lost time. Hooty didn't want her to leave and begins to cry as she promises to stay in touch with Hooty by them becoming pen pals.

"Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door" shows Hooty writing Lilith one of their letters to each other as he tells her the events of the said episode, as one of Lilith's letters to him revealed that she had concerns for Hooty after he told her how unimportant he felt in one of his previous letters to her. Her latter is what gets Hooty to help King, Eda and Luz with the things that have been holding them back.


“Hello Hootsifer,
Your letter concerns me. You
write of feeling unimportant while
Luz, Eda and King are off on
adventures. But, Hooty, you are
the Owl House. You take care of
everyone inside you. If that isn't
a worthy purpose, then what is?
All my best,
— Lilith's letter to Hooty.


After Lilith and Hooty become best friends in the first part of season two, fans fell in love with their new friendship since the two had first started out as enemies before Lilith moved into the Owl House and became part of its makeshift family. While many have the two as friends, there has been a rare group of fans who have het shipped them. Many were sad when Lilith departed from Hooty and The Owl House but later were relieved to learn the two were actively writing to each other. On AO3, the ship currently has 22+ gen works and 2+ het works. Though, one of the het works was written as a joke.



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Owl House Family refers to the ship between the two, Luz Noceda, King Clawthorne, Eda Clawthorne and Owlbert


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