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“Keep your eyes front, I’ll watch the rear.”

HopuRai is the het ship between Hope Estheim and Lightning Farron from the Final Fantasy fandom.


Final Fantasy XIII

When they initially team up, Lightning sees Hope as a burden and makes several attempts to shoo him away. When her Eidolon appears and attempts to kill him, Lightning blocks the blow with her saber and promises to “toughen him up”.

After they reach the Gapra Whitewood, both Hope and Lightning reveal things about their pasts and realize they are very similar in pasts and motivations. Lightning lends Hope her survival knife, a gift from Serah on her birthday, as both a means of completing "Operation Nora" and a promise. They create a partnership and Lightning allows Hope to take point throughout most of the chapter.

They continue on to Palumpolum, briefly being separated due to Lightning wanting Hope to talk to Snow, before being reunited where Hope revokes his plan to kill Snow after a failed attempt. Lightning is relieved and the two make a mutual vow of protection. Afterward, the l’cie(minus Vanilla and Sazh) meet up at Hope’s home.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

While Lightning is left in Valhalla for the entirety of the game, she is mentioned in almost every conversation with Hope. In 10AF Hope shows Serah and Noel an Oracle Drive with Lightning as its focus. In 4XXAF Hope says that while he was asleep in the time capsule, Lightning visited his consciousness and told him he was on the right path. Before the final fight, Hope attempts to join with Sarah and Noel in hopes of rescuing Lightning to which he is told to worry about the others.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

On the final day, Hope visits Lightning in her mind as his true self. After a lengthy talk, Hope confesses that he was glad to have met Lightning and trusts she’ll make the right decision for the new world. During the boss fight against Bhunivelze, he will make lewd comments towards her. Since Bhunivelze is a god and cannot create feelings of his own, these feelings come from the portion of Hope’s soul that he combined with his own.

After the fight, Lightning uses her survival knife and Hope’s ultimate ability, Last Resort, to free the remaining part of his soul. Lightning then offers him a new life with his parents, something Hope has wanted since the day his mother died, yet when she pleads for help, Hope is the one to save Lightning and guide her to the new world, giving up the life with his parents. When the group of eight reunite, everyone journeys to the new world with a partner; Lightning and Hope go together with an encouraging shove from Snow.

Reminiscence: Tracer of Memories

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On AO3 it is the most written ship for Hope and the second most written ship for Lightning.


“You and I are partners, Hope.”
—Lightning, FFXIII Chapter 5
Lightning“You’ll be okay. I’ll keep you safe.”
Hope“Lightning. I-me too. I mean, at least I’ll try. I’ll try to watch out for you, too.”
―FFXIII Chapter 7
“Even if the world hates you, I’ll always be by your side, Light.”
— Hope, LR: FFXIII
“As long as you were with me Light, I didn’t have to fear anything. I’m not scared, not even now, because you’re here.”
—Hope’s goodbye to Lightning, LR: FFXIII
Lightning“ Please, don’t- don’t leave me alone. I need you … help me.”
Hope“It’s okay. We could hear you, Light. Let’s go, we’ll be together.”
“The moment I realized this(Lightning was suffering), I knew that I didn’t want to only be protected by her. I wanted to protect her too.”
—Hope, Reminiscence: Tracer of Memories
“May this woman, who was once a brilliant beacon of light in “that other world”, chance upon Hope - this was my wish, and it was like a prayer, a promise.”
—Aoede, Reminiscence: Tracer of Memories



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HopuRai is derived from their Japanese names, ライトニング (lit, Raitoningu) and ホープ (lit, Hōpu).


  • Hope is the only person that Lightning allows to call her “Light.”
  • Hope and Lightning are the only ones to show concern for the other when their health reaches critical(by screaming the injured person's name), other than Fang and Vanille.
  • Before Lumina’s identity was revealed, the most popular theory was that she was Hope and Lightning’s daughter.