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Hosie is the femslash ship between Josie Saltzman and Hope Mikaelson from the Legacies fandom.


At the beginning of the show Hope and Josie are not close despite having known each other for years. However, throughout the show they grow closer and consider each other good friends. When everyone loses their memories of Hope there is some tension between the two as Josie begins a relationship with Landon in Hope's absence. However, the two eventually resume their friendship after Josie returns everyone's Malivore memories. The two are close and have been shown to trust each other and go to extreme lengths to protect each other.

In "This is the Part Where You Run" Hope witnesses Josie setting her ex-girlfriend Penelope's hair on fire. Using this information she gets Josie to help her perform a dark magic spell in order to find Landon.

In "We're Being Punked, Pedro" the Salvatore School students are doing community service as a punishment for breaking out into a fight in the previous episode. Josie chooses to join Hope in picking trash. During this they argue a bit but eventually begin to bond. Later on in the episode, Josie helps Hope defeat the Gargoyle. At the end of the episode, Hope looks at Josie from across the room. Josie returns her look briefly but eventually ignores Hope and turns back to her previous conversation.

In "Mombie Dearest" Josie finds a letter from Hope wishing her a happy birthday, including a talisman which Josie decides to wear. Hope later helps find Josie after she was buried alive. When Josie asks what the talisman was supposed to do, Hope responds with "make quiet things heard".

In "There's a World Where Your Dreams Came True" Lizzie encounters a jinnie and is granted multiple wishes. One of her wishes takes her into an alternative universe where the Salvatore Boarding School doesn't exist and twins attend Mystic Falls High. Alaric is recruited by this universe's version of Hope Mikaelson to become the new headmaster for her father's school. While touring the school, Lizzie sees AU Josie and Hope flirting.

In "There's a Mummy on Main Street" it is revealed that Josie lied to Lizzie when they were kids and told her that Hope was spreading rumors about her. Josie says that Lizzie had made a remark about Josie being obsessed with Hope, so she lied. When asked why she did that, Josie reveals that she had a crush on Hope and didn't want Lizzie finding out. She also reveals she accidentally lit Hope's room on fire while trying to burn a love note she had slipped under Hope's door.

In "That's Nothing I Had to Remember" Hope tells Lizzie that she had a crush on Josie for a week when they were fourteen.

In "Facing Darkness is Kinda My Thing" Hope goes inside of Josie's subconscious in order to help bring her back from the dark magic inside of her. Josie's subconscious takes the form of a fairytale. In this fairytale Josie, the queen of the fairytale, is asleep. Upon finding a sleeping Josie, Hope's pig companion suggests she kisses Josie in order to wake her up. Hope declines, saying a "non-consensual kiss is never the answer". It is later revealed Josie was the pig.


Hosie is one of the largest ships in the Legacies fandom. Fans have shipped the two together ever since their first scene on the show. The ship gained even more popularity when it was revealed in 1x12 that Josie had a crush on Hope when they were children, a sentiment returned in 2x06 when Hope states she used to have a crush on Josie for one week when she was 14, and has since been semi-canon. It is never confirmed if Josie's crush lasted into their later teens.

Hosie has a large and dedicated fanbase who create fan works frequently. There are over 1800 works written under the "Hope Mikaelson/Josie Saltzman" tag on ao3. There are over 500 works in the "Hope Mikaelson & Josie Saltzman" tag. Fans were disappointed that Kaylee Bryant (Josie Saltzman) left the show, causing the Ship Sinking trope.


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Why don't you pick on someone your own size?


  • Actresses Kaylee Bryant and Danielle Rose Russell have also shown support for the ship on numerous occasions.[citation needed]
  • Hosie has also inspired the song Kindred Spirits by Sarah Barrios.[citation needed]



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