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HuXiao is the het ship between Xiao and Hu Tao from the Genshin Impact fandom.


There isn't much content that contains the two as they have not interacted in the canon timeline yet.

They both have butterfly as their symbol. Xiao's story quest is called "Butterfly's Dream" while Hu Tao's quest is called "Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away".

In their voice lines, Hu Tao seems to be the only human that Xiao actually finds 'humorous', and Xiao is also one of the very few people who has a positive impression of her. This is quite surprising since Xiao is an introvert who keeps himself away from others and has a stoic, serious personality. On the other hand, Hu Tao's voice line about Xiao sounds like she is flustered and is trying to keep a secret about him. Similarly, her voice line is surprising because Hu Tao is not shy—she doesn’t hold back her opinion on any other character she has voice lines about.

In Chapter I, Act I: Of the Land Amidst Monoliths, there is a ghost named Dusky Ming who Xiao is taking care of at Wangshu Inn. He described her as a spirit who had never hurt anyone, yet is also not yet able to be moved on. The ghost can be seen singing 'Hilitune', a song which Hu Tao composed. Moreover, this ghost was also featured on Hu Tao's birthday post, playing hide-and-seek with her.

Both the yakshas and Wangsheng Funeral Parlor play a role in keeping Liyue safe from the resentful remnants of evil gods. Xiao’s story quest and voice lines mention that the yakshas keep the resentment from spreading by slaughtering the demons that spawned from remnants. Hu Tao’s story quest and the Staff of Homa description mention that doctors and directors at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor have historically helped purify the resentment that plagued the people of Liyue.


“Hu Tao? Her liveliness is irritating. Fortunately, she is also humorous, so you need not worry about her growing into a boring human.”
— Xiao about Hu Tao
“What would I know of the adepti? Ai-yai-yai, that kind of stuff is top-secret! Don't come asking me about it!”
— Hu Tao about Xiao
“Do you know the history of the Yaksha? They once fought against the ancient gods. They fought brilliantly in a battle that engulfed the whole world in darkness. Although the gods were defeated in the end, their resentment persevered.”
— Hu Tao in her story quest "Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away": "In Pursuit of a Phantom"


The ship was born when their voice lines about each other were revealed. HuXiao shippers often think that Xiao would be protective towards Hu Tao and Hu Tao might be the one to help Xiao find peace/happiness.

Many HuXiao shippers like the ship due to their fun dynamic, angst potential, and many thematic similarities. A key point is their shared associations with butterflies and death. Hu Tao and Xiao are like two faces of the same coin. They both deal in death, but Hu Tao is about moving on, seeing death as a peaceful conclusion of life that everyone must experience. In contrast, Xiao is about death as a redemption, where life is so full of suffering that death is a release. For Hu Tao, death is a path of life thus the butterfly (soul) flutters away (moves forward). For Xiao, death is a dream (desire).

Those who don't ship HuXiao romantically enjoy their dynamic as friends or as a found family (usually with Zhongli as the father figure and sometimes Ganyu/Qiqi as sisters). Their similarities in gameplay (being hypercarries who require HP management) has also led to fanworks depicting the two of them together.

HuXiao is often overshadowed by some ships like XiaoVen and Xiaother on Xiao's side or YanTao on Hu Tao's side, although it remains one of Hu Tao's more popular ships. On AO3, there are currently 200+ fanfics about Xiao and Hu Tao.



Hu Tao/Xiao tag on AO3


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  • Xiao is 161.2 cm tall, while Hu Tao is 156.2 cm.
  • In Chinese culture, the butterfly is a symbol of long life and conjugal bliss.
    • "Butterfly Lovers" is a famous Chinese legend about the tragic love story between two lovers who couldn't be together in life and became butterflies in death.
    • The butterfly is a shared motif of Hu Tao and Xiao. Butterflies can be seen fluttering around the pair during both Elemental Skill and Burst (Hu Tao) and Elemental Burst (Xiao).
  • Silk flowers, Hu Tao's ascension material, is seen within a bouquet being held by Xiao in the second official mid-autumn festival art.
  • Hu Tao and Xiao were featured as the mascots of the real-life Sweets Paradise x Genshin cafe collaboration (Liyue version). As such, there is official merchandise depicting them together in their cafe costumes.
  • The 5th tab of in-game chat stickers is dedicated entirely to Hu Tao and Xiao stickers.
  • Staff of Homa, Hu Tao's signature weapon, also has ties to the adepti in lore, specifically the yakshas. It so happens that Xiao is the last remaining yaksha.
    • Staff of Homa was once wielded by an ancestor of Hu Tao. There was once a time wherein plague and curses frequented Liyue as a result of the gods’ lingering resentment, and thus killed many citizens and non-citizens; Hu Tao's ancestor, a doctor, had used the staff to cleanse the dead bodies of karmic impurity.
    • In her story quest, Hu Tao shows a deep understanding of yakshas and their place in history. Many in-game sources indicate that knowledge of yakshas is very uncommon among the people of Liyue in the current era.
  • Hu Tao has several connections to Wangshu Inn, where Xiao resides:
    • Her ascension level-up materials (silk flowers) are found there.
    • The recipe for Vegetarian Abalone, the base for her specialty dish, is sold there.
    • Her favored indoor furnishing set Cloudy Haze Dream-Court is designed to look similar to the rooms in Wangshu Inn.
  • In the description about the Stone Lion Statue: The Knowing, it is said that the first stone lion were built from jade and based on the forms of adepti, having an ability to frighten evil away. People are often seen preparing a serving of Almond Tofu as a little token of appreciation for a certain adepti for that. Contrastingly, according to the description about the Stone Lion Statue: The Warding, despite the fact that most people treat these statues with an utmost respect, Hu Tao seems happy to disregard this tradition, regularly showing up around them to play some pranks.
    • In Chinese architecture, stone lion statues usually come in a male-female pair and are used to protect the buildings they guard from harmful threats. This could be a reference to the roles that Xiao and Hu Tao play as protectors.
    • The furnishing set Thouroughfare Entrance: Evil Banisher features these two statues together with an Adeptus Gate.
  • They have quite the similarities:
    • Both Xiao and Hu Tao are five star polearm users who were initally released in patch 1.3 and use Juvenile Jade as an ascension material.
    • The two of them both have ombre hair.
    • Both of their elemental powers drain their HP and imbue their attacks with an element.
      • Both of them at max level decreases a total 30% of max health.
        • Hu Tao drains herself from Elemental Skill an immediate 30% of max health.
        • Whilst, Xiao would drain himself from Elemental Burst a 2% for 15 seconds for a total of 30% max health drained as well.
    • They both favor the outdoor furnishing set Qingce Cloud Residence.
    • They both hold respect for Zhongli.
      • Zhongli's true identity being Morax remains a secret to most, but both their voice lines for Zhongli imply that they know who he is.
    • Qiqi is a significant character to both of them.
      • Qiqi's story and voice lines imply that Xiao was one of the adepti involved in her death and/or resurrection.
      • Hu Tao proclaims herself as Qiqi's "true friend" and wishes to lay Qiqi to rest, though later Hu Tao accepts Qiqi's will to live and no longer wants to force her to move on.
    • They both highly regard Beidou's fighting ability.
    • They both deal in death and serve as protectors of sorts.
      • Xiao as the Conqueror of Demons killing evil spirits to protect Liyue, and Hu Tao as the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor carrying out last rites and ceremonies to protect the world's natural order.
      • Even though their personalities are very different, they're both serious about doing their jobs correctly and respecting the "rules" of the world. Xiao’s first lines upon meeting the Traveler are telling them that too much contact with the adeptal world is “breaking the rules”. Hu Tao’s entire reason for initially wanting to put Qiqi to rest is that Qiqi’s existence contradicts the natural cycle of life and death.
    • They both have the ability to communicate with spirits/ghosts.


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