Hunelle is the het ship between Hunk and Romelle from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Hunk first met Romelle when Keith, Krolia and Cosmo brought her to Castle of Lions, where she told him, Coran and the rest of the Paladins her story of the hidden Altean colony and Lotor's monstrous actions towards the Alteans he had took from the colony, like her brother.

In the after math events of Lotor's defeat, the Castle of Lions' loss and the real Shiro's return, Romelle joins Hunk and the others in their Yalmor search, before they had set off to a heard of them Romelle asks Coran and the Paladins as to why they are simply moving on after all they had went through, Hunk answers her question by saying that the others of their group "like to move up". During their Yalmor search, Hunk, Romelle and their party get shrunked and later got cashed by the Yalmor they found Romelle yells "Adventures are not fun", in which Hunk replies "Thank you! That's what I'm always saying!". When Romelle questioned Coran's idea of luring a Yalmor to them while their still small, Hunks says that it is like that he thinks it while she says it. Before Hunk was used as Yalmor bait, so they can get back to normal, he had that thought that he and Romelle had bounded until she tells the Yellow Paladin that she had no trouble of him being the only one of them in danger.

Shortly before they begin their journey to Earth, Hunk tells Romelle that his manganic still and the bond he has with the Yellow Lion helps him to see and feel the state that his lion is in by just looking at it, Romelle is fascinated by this in which made Hunk feel pleased with himself until Pidge "cramped his style" when she shares with what she has gleamed from the lions by checking them manually. While Romelle accompanies them on their long journey the Two don't have much interaction while within the lions, but it hasn't stop them being allies.

After Voltron saves Earth, Romelle becomes a member of the Atlas crew so they can free the rest of the galaxy and stop Lotor's mother. Once peace returned to the whole freed universe, Romelle helps Hunk to cook a meal for the diplomats during a meeting that will help to keep the universe at peace with each other.


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People shipping Hunk with Romelle could simply be due to the events of VLD season 7 episode, A Little Adventure, where the two have both agreed and disagreed with each other, where one of Hunk's continue to bond with Romelle words were, "I mean, it's like I think it, and you say it!". As well as the fact that Romelle had joined Hunk in his new mission of bringing the universe together, one meal at a time.



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