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Ice Age is the family ship between Weiss Schnee and Winter Schnee from the RWBY fandom.


Winter initially comes across as cold to Weiss, but later asks if she's made any friends and about her eating habits. Although she did still slap her sister on the head and Weiss curtsied when she saw Winter arrive. Winter is also aware of Weiss ignoring their father, and tells her she has two options. Either she can beg for his forgiveness or carve out her own path. She continues training her on summoning her armagigas and part on friendly terms with a hug.

In volume 4, Weiss intends to escape the Schnee manor and go to Mistral where Winter currently is. In volume 5 it was revealed that Weiss and Winter's mom is a neglectful alcoholic. This may explain why Winter took on a somewhat maternal role to her sister since there mother was absent for most of their childhoods. The two sister's are then reunited in the beginning of volume 7. Although Winter expresses relief to see Weiss again, she still criticizes her for her actions on how she re-entered Atlas. Weiss then ran up to Winter and gave her a heartwarming hug and apologizes. Winter then hugs her back. In chapter 5, she tells Weiss to keep the secret about her becoming the next Winter Maiden. They also are then shown training together again.

When Weiss comes to help Winter in her fight against Cinder, she worriedly screams her name out. She then runs up to winter to see if she's ok. But Winter angrily asks Weiss what she did, showing both her frustration and worry of Weiss over her actions. After Penny becomes the Winter Maiden, Winter tells Weiss and her friends to turn themselves in and comply with General Ironwood's orders. When Weiss refuses to do so, Winter then tells them that they should run. Weiss at first refuses to leave her sister behind and tries to argue for her to go with them but Winter refuses. Winter in turn emotionally tells Weiss that she wasn't leaving her, but that she was giving her a head start before proceeding to call for Atlas medical assistance. This shows that even though Winter loves and cares for her sister, her loyalty to Ironwood would always come first. Weiss then sadly bids her sister a farewell and leaves with Ruby and Penny.


While Winter and Weiss are sisters, there have been fans who treat Ice Age as a femslash ship. For some feature them as non-sisters or ship them as incest. Then there are those who strongly prefer to keep Ice Age as a family ship, and hate the idea of pairing them romantically due to them being siblings. Regardless, most people can agree that the two have a healthy sisterly relationship. It has a small fanbase on Tumblr.



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  • Their ship name comes from the fact that both of their nicknames are "ice queen"


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