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“I-I've got a lot to say to you, but... That'll have to come later...! Because it's like All Might said... Giving help that's not asked for... is what makes a true hero!”
— Izuku to Tenya when Tenya told Izuku to leave when Izuku is going to face Stain
“Because giving help that’s not asked for… is what makes a true hero.”
— Tenya to Izuku, repeating Izuku's words for him when Izuku refuse to go back to UA.

IidaDeku is the slash ship between Tenya Iida and Izuku Midoriya from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Entrance Exam Arc

Tenya scolding Izuku

Izuku was fanboying over Present Mic when he explains the rules of the Entrance Exam, muttering about he listens to Present Mic’s radio every week, he’s so moved and very amazed that every UA Teachers are Pro-Heroes, and then Katsuki told him to ‘shut-up’. After Present Mic explains about the rules, Tenya asks a question, talks about how shameful if UA did a misprint and then points his finger at Izuku, scolding him for muttering, telling him it’s distracting and then telling him that if he’s there just for a pleasure trip, he better go home.

Before the exam begins, Izuku spotted Ochako near the gate, so Izuku thinks on approaching her to thank her for helping him when he’s falling before. But when he’s still walking, Tenya puts his hand on Izuku’s shoulder to stop Izuku and telling him that Ochako appears to be trying to focus. And then he asks Izuku about what he is doing there and thinking that Izuku is taking the Entrance Exam to interfere with everyone else which Izuku quickly told him that it’s not like that.

After Present Mic says ‘Start’ to start the exam, they’re all stopped for a second and after Present Mic told them that heroes doesn’t need countdown so go run, Tenya and the other Examinees quickly run into the gate leaving Izuku and then Izuku run trying to catch up with them. After his One-Pointer Robot got ‘stolen’ by Yuga and Present Mic announced that the exam will end in 6 Minutes and 2 Seconds, Izuku search for Pointer Robots, where he see Tenya kicking a Two-Pointer Robot while shouting “45 Points!” and Izuku repeated his words in surprise.

After the Zero-Pointer Robot is released, Izuku freeze on his place, Tenya can be seen running past him while looking at him but the quickly looks away. After Izuku saves Ochako from the Zero-Pointer Robot, Tenya along with the other examinees stare at him with a very amazed or rather surprised expression.

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

When Izuku is going to enter his class; 1-A, he hopes that he won’t be in the same class as Katsuki and Tenya, but when he opens the door, he ended up seeing Tenya scolding Katsuki for putting his legs on the desk and saying it’s disrespectful to the heroes who once sat on that desk, the upperclassmen’s who once sat on that desk, and the desk maker. Katsuki asks Tenya “What junior high did you go to, you side character?”. Izuku’s face immediately changes into a ‘God please have a mercy on me’ expression while pitying himself with the fact that the Top 2 of students he doesn’t want to be in the same class is the first sight he sees after he enters the class.

And then Tenya introduces himself as Tenya Iida from Soumei Private Academy, and after some convo, Katsuki and Tenya notices Izuku standing on the class entrance, Tenya looks incredibly surprised, saying “You’re…” making the entire class looks at Izuku. and while Izuku awkwardly stuttering, trying to form a sentence, Tenya approaches saying, “Good Morning” to Izuku and then trying to introduce himself where Izuku cuts him by saying “I heard!”. Tenya stops on his track, Izuku calms down for a second and then introduce himself and replies by saying; “Nice to meet you, Iida”.

Iida changes his gesture from his signature chopping air gesture to standing while putting both his arms straight beside his torso, asking that if Izuku realizes ‘there’s something more than that practical exam’, Izuku’s face turns into a confused expression and Tenya continues his talking, saying that he have no idea, confessed that he has misjudged Izuku and admitting that he hate to admit but he thinks Izuku is better than him and Izuku mutters “Sorry, actually I didn’t realize anything” and after that Ochako appears and Tenya just standing there watching the two having a conversation.

Tenya not believing Katsuki's words about Izuku is quirkless

When it’s Izuku’s turn on the Pitch Ball, Tenya commented that it doesn’t look good for Izuku if he continues like this, and when Katsuki replies by saying Izuku is Quirkless, Tenya gasps in surprise and replies; “Quirkless?! Are you not aware of that he did in the entrance exam?”. After Eraserhead talks to Izuku and giving him back his quirk after erasing it, Tenya observed and saying that it looks like he received some advice, whereas Katsuki replies by stating the probability of Eraserhead just telling Izuku that he's expelled.

After Izuku tries to do the Pitch Ball again using his quirk, Tenya and the other’s face turned surprised. Tenya notices his finger are swollen and saying it with a concerned voice. He also noticed that the same thing happens on the Entrance Exam and thinking he has a strange quirk. When Katsuki makes an explosion and run at Izuku angrily thinking Izuku has been lying to him by hiding his quirk, Tenya, along with Ochako and Yuga makes a surprised gasp. When Eraserhead says that he’s lying about the whole expulsion thing, Tenya, Izuku and Ochako together makes a surprised scream while saying “What?!”.

After the test ended, Izuku is walking to the gate to go home tiredly, and then Tenya puts his hand on Izuku’s shoulder, stopping him on his track. Izuku turns his head and saying his name surprisedly. Tenya asks Izuku about his finger, “Is your finger healed?” he asks. “Yeah! Thanks to Recovery Girl” Izuku replies. And then they decided to walk together, Tenya starts by telling Izuku that he was really taken in by Eraserhead, thought that ‘This is the best of the best’ and such, that he didn’t think a teacher would encourage them with a lie. And while Tenya is talking, Izuku thinks to himself that he thought Tenya was scary, but he’s just earnest.

And after Ochako saying that she thought Izuku’s name were ‘Deku Midoriya’, Izuku explains that his real name is Izuku and Deku is just a nickname that Katsuki gave to Izuku as an insult, Tenya mutters “An insult, huh?”. And after Ochako apologizes and saying that it’s sounds like ‘Dekiru (You can do it!)’ and Ochako love how it sounds, Izuku quickly says that “I’m Deku!” Which Tenya disagree, saying that he’s accepting it too easily, “Wasn’t that an insult?” he continues. And that how their friendship with Ochako began.


Tenya Iida: President of Class 1-A

After the class decided to take Tenya’s suggestion on using voting to pick the leader, Tenya ended up in 0 Votes because he choose to vote Izuku rather than to vote himself. At lunch, Izuku told Tenya and Ochako that he feels like even though he’ve been chosen as the class rep, he didn’t know if he qualified for it or not. Ochako replies by saying he is qualified, and Tenya assure Izuku that it’ll be fine.

Turns out, Tenya is the one who voted for him along with Ochako. Even though he want to be the class rep, he trusted Izuku more to become the class rep, thinking Izuku is more suitable and confessed that he merely did what he judged to be correct. Ochako and Izuku immediately notices that Tenya is a rich person, when Ochako asks if he is a rich person, Tenya immediately changes his expression into a kind of unhappy one, telling them that he tries to change how he talk because he didn’t want to be called that and sighed when Ochako and Izuku stares at him awkwardly.

Tenya tells them about his family has been heroes for generations, and he’s the second son. Izuku and Ochako let out an amazed ‘What?! Wow!’, and then Tenya mention about Tensei Iida, or also known as; The Turbo Hero, Ingenium. He asks them if they know about him, and Izuku excitedly says that he does know about him, telling all the information he know about Ingenium. And his expression quickly changes after he realizes something; Tenya straight out telling them that Tensei is his elder brother and Izuku screams “That’s amazing!”.

Tenya tells them that Tensei is a likeable hero who honors the rules and leads people, that he set his sights on being a hero because he want to be just like Tensei. However, he think that it’s still too sun for him to lead others. Because he thinks that, unlike him. Izuku realized the point of the practical portion of the entrance exam, so he thinks that Izuku is more suitable for that job. After Ochako points out that it’s the first time that she see Tenya smiles, Izuku realizes that Ingenium is to Tenya what All Might is to him.

Suddenly, a bell rang and announcing that there’s someone trespassing on school grounds. Izuku, Tenya and Ochako quickly run to the emergency exit, but due to the crowded hallways and panicked students, Izuku got separated far from Tenya and Ochako. Tenya got very close to the point his cheek got pressed on the window and he finds out that the press is the ones who trespass, so he tries to calm everyone down but ended up being pushed even further to the window and got separated from Ochako.

Izuku shouts Tenya's name in worry

Tenya tries to approach Ochako while thinking of what Izuku or his brother would do in this situation. After he got floated by Ochako’s quirk, he use his ‘Engine boost’ to go over the emergency exit door, on the way, Izuku shouts Tenya’s name in worry. Tenya hits the wall in the emergency exit sign people pose and told everyone to calm down and then announcing that it’s just the press that trespassing, Izuku stares at Tenya amazed and then smiles with a sparkle in his eyes.

After all of that, Izuku confessed to the whole class that he thinks that Tenya should be the class rep after all, saying that he was able to get everyone’s attention in such a cool way, and he think it would be the best for Tenya to do it. And Tenya stares at Izuku in disbelief, quickly looking at Eijiro who adds that it’s true that Tenya was a big help at the cafetaria today and Denki replies by agreeing and say that he kind of looked like the person on the emergency exit signs.

Excursion to the USJ

When Tenya blow his whistle and calling the whole class to gather round, telling them to form two lines by their student numbers in order to make bourding the bus go smoothly, Izuku commented about Tenya to Ochako that he thinks that Tenya is going at full throttle, but the bus ended up to be the type that Tenya didn’t thought gonna be.

After Tomura bring a huge amount of villains into USJ, and Eraserhead attacks him, the students except Izuku quickly evacuate to the exit door, Izuku observes Eraserhead until Tenya turns his back and call out Izuku telling him there’s no time in analysing things and commands him to hurry up and take a shelter.

UA Sports Festival Arc

Before the Sport Festival

The whole class is very excited about the sport festival, talking about standouts. Izuku is very amazed and commenting that everyone’s so into it. Tenya replies by asking “You’re not?”, and then stands up (He was sitting on his chair) reminding Izuku that they have enrolled there to become heroes, so of course they would get fired up. After Tsuyu commented that Tenya got a unique way of getting fired up, Tenya repeat his ask again does he feel the same, Izuku replies that of course he do.

After Tenya and Izuku got into some conversation with Ochako about why she wants to become a hero, All Might appears and asking Izuku to get lunch with him, where Izuku glances at Tenya to ask for his approval. And after Tenya nods, Izuku quickly run at All Might to have lunch with him. Ochako and Tenya is in a line to get lunch when Ochako blurted out that she wonder what All Might wanted with Izuku, and then Tenya replies by telling her that “I heard that when All Might was attacked by villains during the USJ incident, he rushed out alone to help, so it’s perhaps about that. Or the boundless power they both have are similar too, so maybe All Might has taken a liking to him.”, and then he palms his fist, changes his expression into an admiring expression while saying that Izuku is amazing.

On the Sport Festival

On the Calvary Battle, nobody wants to be in Izuku’s team, but then, Ochako joins Izuku’s team, saying that it’s good to friends to team up. Unfortunately, when Izuku tries to recruit Tenya in his team, Tenya refuses. Tenya explains that while he sees Izuku and Ochako as best friends, he also views them as rivals. Tenya chose to be in Shoto’s team because his team is stronger than Izuku’s, and Tenya promises that he will defeat Izuku’s team.

Before the match between Ochako and Katsuki, Izuku offers an advice for Ochako whereas Ochako refuses to take his help, and then admit that she feels embarrassed for relying on Izuku during the Calvary Battle and declares that she will do her best to defeat Katsuki on her own. And when the match between them happens, Tenya asks Izuku what his advice for Ochako was, and Izuku says that she needs to strike first and touch Katsuki to send him out of bounds using her quirk.

Before the match between Shoto and Izuku starts, Tenya along with Ochako and Fumikage discuss how Izuku could win the match. After the match ended, Tenya with Ochako, Minoru and Tsuyu abruptly enter Recovery Girl’s room to check on Izuku and inform him that matches has been postponed to repair the arena which Recovery Girl forces all of them all to leave so she can prepare for surgery, further worrying Tenya and the others.

After the surgery done, Izuku returns to the stands in time for Katsuki and Eijiro’s match. He’s upset that he missed both Tenya and Fumikage’s victories (Tenya won against Ibara and Fumikage won against Mina). Tenya happens upon Izuku, who congratulates him on his victory and suggests Ingenium must be proud. He tells Izuku that he tried to inform Tensei but to no avail and that he will hopefully be able to later notify his brother of further victories in the festival. After the match between Tenya and Shoto, and Tenya doing some things we didn't see on sceen, Tenya reunites with his class, greeting Ochako and Izuku with a smile until his phone rings. He pardons himself to speak with his mother, who informs him that his brother has been severely injured by a villain.

Vs Hero Killer Arc

It’s raining, Izuku walks to the school using his umbrella while muttering that it’s only morning, but he’s already tired, and he stops on his track after hearing Tenya greet him with a good morning while running, Izuku is incredibly surprised seeing Tenya wearing a poncho and rain boots. Tenya scolded him for walking so slow and saying that he’s going to be late. Izuku panicked and run with him while saying “Late? There are still 5 Minutes until the first bell” and then Tenya replies by stating that UA Students should always arrive 10 Minutes early. After they’re arrived, Izuku tries to start a conversation awkwardly, but Tenya cuts it by telling him if it’s about his brother, there’s no need to worry and apologize for worrying Izuku needlessly with a non-assuring smile and leaves. Izuku only stares at him with a concerned expression but no words.

At the end of the school day, Izuku agrees to walk home with Ochako, who notices Tenya has already left. Before they leave, All Might suddenly appears in the doorway and takes Izuku aside to inform him about his nomination. All Might discloses that his former homeroom teacher, Gran Torino, extended the offer to Izuku and that he knows about One For All. Izuku is excited to hear the news, but All Might appears to be fearful as he's reminded of his old teacher. Meanwhile, Eraserhead notices that Tenya chose a lower class offer from a hero in Hosu City.

Izuku reunites with Ochako and informs her that he got an offer. They both notice Tenya has left school already and Izuku recalls hearing about Ingenium on the news, having been taken out by the Hero Killer: Stain. On the first day of the internships, Shota dismisses the students after giving out their costumes. Before Tenya leaves for Hosu, Izuku and Ochako approach him. They advocate for him to talk to them if he's feeling helpless and asks if he's comfortable doing so because they are all friends. He affirms their friendship and walks away, changing his expression from a smile to a vengeful glare.

In a train where Gran Torino and Izuku rides to Kyushu, Izuku wonders about how Tenya is doing and worrying him, and suddenly, the train they rides got attacked by a blue Nomu. Gran Torino told Izuku to sit down and then he kicks the Nomu away. But Izuku didn’t listen and get off the train and ran away, worrying about Tenya whose internship location is there. While Izuku is thinking how and how, he suddenly heard someone calling Tenya’s name; “Tenya-kun!”. Izuku stops on his track after he heard that voice. And the voice didn’t just call Tenya’s name once, but twice.

Izuku notices that it’s actually from the Normal Hero: Manual. Manual is looking for Tenya due to the chaos the Nomu’s made. He says vocally “Why did you choose a time like this to go off somewhere, Tenya!”. Izuku thoughts to himself in disbelief thinking the fact that Tenya went off somewhere in time as dangerous as that, ‘that diligent Iida’. He thinks that it’s weird for Tenya to go off with such a major incident in front of him.

Izuku starts to collect the puzzles; Hosu City, Tenya, Hero Killer. Izuku immediately starts to run into the dark alleyways searching for Tenya. After he finds Tenya, there’s Stain and another American’s Indian-styled hero called Native. Izuku jumps between the walls and then hit Stain’s cheek with a smash. Tenya stares at Izuku in disbelief and says “Mi… Midoriya?” and Izuku replies that he’s there to save Tenya.

Stain warns Izuku that it's his duty to kill Tenya, and if the young man gets in his way that the weaker of the two powers will be culled. Intimidated, Izuku realizes that Stain is a totally different breed of villain than those at the U.S.J. and decides to send out his location information. Tenya pleads for Izuku not to get involved because it has nothing to do with him but he refuses, re-stating words he had once heard from All Might: That the essence of being a hero is meddling where they don't have to.

Back at the hospital after the fight with the Hero Killer, Tenya tells Izuku that his hand has received serious damage. Although it can be healed through surgery, Tenya states that he won't get it healed until he's become a true hero and use it as a reminder of his foolish actions. Izuku can relate and says he will do the same with his crooked hand. They make a pact to become strong together, but Shoto feels guilty that they both hurt their hands in skirmishes involving him. Shoto claims he isn't joking, but Tenya and Izuku laugh in response.

Final Exams Arc

Izuku and Tenya both try to encourage the other students who is worried for the exam to do their best.

After Momo and Tenya is done with their exams, Izuku congratulates them both on passing.

Forest Training Camp Arc

Filler Episode

After the boys of 1-A do their endurance training, Tenya told Izuku to take a break and then offers Izuku a can of orange juice. Izuku thanked him and take the can, opens it, and then drink it. Tenya waits for him until Izuku asks Tenya “What?”. Tenya replies by saying that he just thought it was strange that during the entrance exams, he didn’t think he’d end up being such good friends with Izuku, Frankly, he didn’t think much of Izuku back then, and then Tenya mentions about Izuku saving Ochako.

Izuku sat down on the thing that people stands before swimming into the pool, and then replies by telling Tenya that it had always been Izuku’s dream to attend All Might’s alma-mater, UA. But when he was told that whoever was last place in the fitness test would be expelled, he thought it was over for him. Which Tenya interrupt by saying that even so, Izuku didn’t give up. And Tenya also remembers the combat training (Villain vs Hero Training, Hero Team; Izuku and Ochako vs Villain Team; Katsuki & Tenya). Tenya stands up and saying that Izuku’s methods were reckless, but Tenya could feel Izuku’s tenancity. Tenya looks at Izuku and states that he think that’s what him and Katsuki lost to. Izuku smiles and look at his balled fist while saying that he’s there thanks to the help of many different people, that’s why he need to work harder. And their conversation is being interrupted by Katsuki arriving and shouting “Of course!” while walking to them, Katsuki challenges Izuku to a fight. Izuku refuses, and Eijiro quickly put one of his arms in front of Katsuki apologizing that they’re late. But Tenya decides to hold a competition to see who can swim fifty meters the fastest. The boys go in groups, but most of them use their Quirks to reach the other end of the pool rather than swimming. Izuku swims and uses his Quirk to defeat even Tenya who uses his Recipro Burst technique.

The Disillusioned Youth

Class 1-A is severely worn out, but the pro-heroes congratulate them anyway. Izuku asks who the little boy accompanying them is. Mandalay explains that his name is Kota and he is her nephew. Izuku tries to introduce himself, but Kota hits him with a low blow and walks away. Tenya quickly rushes to Izuku, holding Izuku's weak and pale figure (Ofc its going to weaken, he got a blow on his balls), scolding Kota because he punch Izuku's balls.

The next day, the Wild Wild Pussycats told the students to cook by themselves because they'll only serve them once (The first day). Tenya excitedly says that it's important etc while the others just very tired. After he figure out how to peel the potatoes, he peel it with the Class B students. He after that scolds the Class B's for stop peeling the potatoes, Izuku and the others stares at Tenya due to the loudness

Hideout Raid Arc

At the hospital, after Eijiro and Tenya argue whether or not to save Katsuki, a doctor get into a room telling the others to go away because it’s time for Izuku’s exam. Hanta suggests them to leave and check on Kyoka and Toru. After everyone leave except Eijiro and Tenya, Eijiro approach Izuku talking about saving Katsuki while Tenya is on the way walking away but then stops on his track to listen to their conversation, and after he got enough information, he walks away.

At night, after Eijiro, Shoto, Momo and Izuku gathers, Eijiro ask Momo what’s her answer about saving Katsuki. Before Momo got a chance on replying, Tenya interrupts by shout to them and telling then to wait. Tenya successfully stole their attention, Eijiro and Izuku awkwardly saying his name weakly. Tenya grits his teeth in anger and asking why it had to be them out of all people, the one who stopped him when he acted recklessly for personal reasons (Attempting to murder Stain because the damage he caused to his brother, Tensei), ‘You two (Izuku and Shoto)’, who received amnesty with him. Tenya asks them why they are trying to make the same mistake Tenya did, Tenya thinks it’s too much.

Eijiro approach Tenya asking what he is talking about, Shoto puts his hand on Eijiro’s shoulder giving him a silent stare code. In result of Eijiro’s question, Tenya answers by reminding them that they’re still minors. UA is in a bad enough position as it is, and Tenya asks back; Who will take responsibility for their actions? Do they understand? Izuku approach Tenya quickly and telling Tenya that it’s not like that, telling him that they don’t think it’s okay to break the rules either. Only for Tenya grits his teeth and punch Izuku on his face with full emotion, making everyone else (Momo, Eijiro and Shoto) gasps and looking at Tenya in horror.

Tenya broke down and shouting at them that Tenya is frustrated too and also worried, telling them that it’s only a natural thing to feel. He’s the class representative, he’s worried about his classmates! Not just worrying Katsuki, he also worried about the others! He’ve seen his brother on his death bed, so he didn’t want the same thing happens to the other because of their recklessness. Tenya looks at them and shouts at them, asking are they saying that they don’t care about his worries. Tenya grasps Izuku’s shoulder, his harsh voice turns into a pathetic voice immediately, asking Izuku if Izuku is saying that he don’t care about how Tenya feel?

After Izuku recites Tenya’s name, Shoto calls Tenya to get his attention, saying that they don’t expect to face the villains head-on and win either. Tenya release his grasp from Izuku’s shoulder listening to Shoto’s words. Shoto continues explaining that they’ll extricate him without fighting. Eijiro adds by simplifying Shoto’s word; “In other words, covert action! That’s the way we students can fight while toing the line of the rules!”. Momo spoke up as well, she told him that she trust Shoto, but so that she can stop them if anything happens, she plan to accompany them, as well. Tenya and Eijiro blurted out Momo’s name in different ways at the same time; Tenya with a shocked voice meanwhile Eijiro with a happy voice.

Izuku said that he don’t know either, but after hearing that he could still reach, he couldn’t just sit still, and then he brought his head up continuing his sentence; he can’t help thinking that he want to save Katsuki. Tenya grits his teeth and saying in defeat, stating that since they can’t come to an agreement, he asks them to take him with them too. Which making everyone except Tenya gasped in surprise because they didn’t expect that to happen, Tenya then apologizes to Izuku for hitting him.

Momo asks why Tenya had a sudden change of heart. Tenya explains that he's only there to prevent physical combat from breaking out. Momo agrees that she will share this role and is compromising because she understands the boy's feelings. After they’re all arrived and see All For One there, Tenya holds both Shoto and Izuku in place to prevent them doing something reckless meanwhile Momo holds Eijiro for the same reason.

Provisional License Arc

After Izuku realizes that he could use his legs instead of his arms, Izuku excitedly calls Tenya, approaching him with an excited gesture asking for Tenya to teach him. Tenya is confused about what’s Izuku is talking about since Izuku didn’t specify, and also reminds him that their hero costumes haven’t been upgraded, which Izuku says “Oh yeah!” and then Ochako points out that Izuku’s face suddenly cleared up.

After Izuku's fight with Katsuki, they're punished with House Arrest, Izuku 3 days and Katsuki 4 days. The first day of the house arrest, everyone except Katsuki and Izuku got informed about Hero Work Studies, and the students is talking about it after they're back on the Height Alliance. Izuku thinks that It's only been 1 day but he already get so far behind. Tenya pops out and saying "That's what you're thinking right, Mr.House Arrest?" and Izuku replies "Don't call me that, it's mean!" and then he asks Tenya about the Internship which Tenya refuses to tell him because the teachers said so. After Izuku's house arrest is done, he apologizes to Tenya for dissapointing him

Shie Hassaikai Arc

Before the fight

Izuku seems bothered by the situation with Eri, as well as Sir Nighteye's prediction about the inevitable death of All Might. Tenya notices Izuku is in need and reminds him if there anything Izuku needs to talk about, he can because they're friends. He uses the same words Izuku said to him back when he was in a dark place before their internships due to the Hero Killer. Tenya's kind gesture brings Izuku to tears until he stops and tells himself that heroes don't cry, and thanks Tenya for his support. Shoto argues that sometimes even Heroes must cry before he and Tenya share some of their food at Izuku, who gladly accepts.

After the fight

After Izuku, Eijiro, Ochako and Tsuyu opens the Height Alliance door, Minoru approaches them shouting to inform everyone that “Those guys are back!”. Everyone quickly approach them except Katsuki and Shoto and asking if they’re okay, scolding, hugging, offering a cake, etc. Tenya then scolds them, saying that he know that they’re all were worried, but they needs to calm down. That a lot has happened to them, so they should console Izuku, Eijiro, Ochako and Tsuyu and let them rest quietly and continue his speech. Izuku interrupts Tenya’s speech by calling Tenya’s name, after Tenya looks at Izuku, Izuku thanked him, but it’s okay. Tenya fixes his glasses’s place, saying “Then, if I may…”, suddenly, Tenya shaking Izuku’s body violently while confessing that he was extremely worried about them, and Hanta points out that Tenya is the one who’s being the most violent.

Joint Training Arc

Izuku thinks it's faster than Gran Torino's move

Izuku sees Tenya's 'Recipro Turbo' move and thinks it's faster than The Jet Hero: Gran Torino's move.

Izuku enter the Height Alliance seeing Eijiro and Tetsutetsu arguing over who’s the strongest that ended up agreeing that they got their own strengths. Tenya run to Izuku to greet him and then inform him that dinner that night is beef stew, which Izuku replies with “Ooh, nice” and say that it looks like the Class B is there, too. Tenya explains that they’ve (Class B) come to socialize and discuss that day’s training.

Endeavour Agency Arc

Tenya asks Izuku if he will be going back to the Nighteye Agency, with Eijiro mentioning how Centipeder has taken over, however Izuku tells them he can’t due to how much work they have to do so they don’t have the time to take on anyone. He adds that since Gran Torino is busy too, he’s stuck in limbo so will have to wait to be assigned someone, since this Work-Study is mandatory.

Tartarus Escapees Arc

Katsuki blows through into the air and admits there is so much he needs to say to him, but the only one who can withstand such intense speed is Tenya, whom he launches straight at Izuku using his Blasting Speed Turbo: Cluster. Tenya grabs Izuku's hand finally as he demands he let go, but Tenya refuses, saying that Ingenium is the Hero who will grab the hand of a lost child and that giving help that’s not asked for, is what makes a true Hero. As Izuku fully starts to break down in tears, the second user of One For All reflects about how if there was anyone who could bolster Izuku, it would be those who share his resolve, can match his pace, and are willing to run alongside him, like the entire Class 1-A. Tenya still holding Izuku's hand even when Izuku meets his mom, Inko.


Opening 2: Peace Sign[1]

· After the scene where Tenya is shown to be exercising, Izuku is the ones who become the next person shown exercising.

· Izuku and Tenya are on the same group on the scene where the 1-A students look at each other face to face along with Ochako, Eijiro, Yuga, Mina, Denki, Kyoka, Fumikage, Minoru and Kouji.

· After the scene that represents Izuku and Shoto’s match, shown that Tenya is running towards his enemy (Not shown).

· Tenya is one of the people who got the ‘Cool moments flashback’ along with Ochako, Shoto and Katsuki before Izuku punch the air.

Opening 3: Sora Ni Utaeba[2]

· Shoto and Izuku is on the same green background before they faded into Tenya’s figure, showing slight Tensei’s figure on his glasses that resembles Tenya being helped by them after trying to do some revenge.

· After Stain appears, Shoto use his fire to attack, Tenya is shown running and kicking, and then shown Izuku jumping from wall to walls.

· On the end screen of the OP, Izuku is shown standing next to Tenya.

Ending 3: Datte, Atashi No Hero[3]

· When Izuku falls after leaving his home, Tenya and Ochako helps Izuku to get up.

· On the scene where everyone (Class 1-A) gather up to defeat the dragon, The Dekusquad’s position is in a zig zag, Izuku appears in the first line and Tenya is on the second.

Opening 4: Odd Future[4]

Tenya is one of the characters who got to show off their moves before Izuku’s hair appears to be flying (Like Eraserhead’s when he’s using his quirk)

Ending 4: Update[5]

· After the flashback sketch scene is done, Tenya and Ochako is shown to be standing next to Izuku.

· Dekusquad is shown to be on a train, Izuku, Ochako and Tenya is sleeping; Izuku and Ochako put their heads on Tenya’s shoulder while Tsuyu is looking at them.

· The next paper slide is the Dekusquad buying a bun, Tenya and Izuku is shown standing next to each other and receiving a bag of bun each.

· Izuku is kicking the air towards the screen, his movement got freezed and then some other characters pops there with some short movement to make the background and Tenya is one of the characters there.

· Tenya is one of the characters who run with Izuku in slow-motion.

Opening 5: Make My Story[6]

Izuku is just standing in confusion and when he sees Katsuki and Tenya running past him at first, then the other students go past him and then with a push from All Might, he quickly catch up.

Opening 7: Starmarker[7]

· Izuku and Tenya along with Ochako, Eijiro and Tsuyu preparing for the School Festival.

· Tenya is walking behind Izuku when they’re going to the stage wearing the School Festival shirt (Not the fancy suit)

· Izuku is over Tenya at the end screen (Izuku is over the ‘My Hero Academia’ meanwhile Tenya is below it)


BNHA Smash!!

  • No. 5 (Before Cravity Control): Tenya is walking with Izuku along with Ochako and Katsuki
  • Appearances (Don't) Matter: Izuku thinks that it's funny how little Tenya cares about how dumb he looks
  • Tradition Trumps Sense: When Tenya is going to deliver the New Year cards to the main post office, he saw someone's purse got snatched, so he decided to just deliver it all by himself, the only panel shown is when he deliver it to Izuku's house, "Happy new year! And I'm sorry!" And explains the thing happens, Izuku thanked him and thinks "Chill out"
  • Epidemic: When Tenya arrives, Izuku, Ochako, Eijiro and Minoru makes a satisfied faces, Tenya asks Tsuyu what on earth happened to them, Tsuyu replies that she got no clue and glad Tenya is there
  • Once a Fanboy: After Tenya tells them that he's a relative of Ingenium, Izuku's reaction is more loud than in the actual show. Tenya said that "You (Izuku) ought to come over sometimes" and Izuku panicked about what he gotta wear
  • Maid for Heroes: Izuku, Tenya, Rikido and Minoru wears a maid outfit instead of a suit
  • Intimate: Izuku notices Tenya calls Tsuyu "Miss Tsuyu" and thinks "Oh! That works!"
  • A Rivalry is Born: Izuku observes about Eraserhead when he's fighting the villains in USJ while Tenya and Ochako praise him
  • Stressful Symptoms: Tenya and Izuku, along with Minoru got the 'Trembling limbs' nervous when entering the stage of the Sport Festival
  • Sore Loser: Izuku jolts when Tenya shouts "I'm ready!" when Katsuki is the one who get called
  • Master of Self Esteem: Izuku is getting brainwashed by Hitoshi and going out from the bounds, Tenya shouts at him to get to control himself, and giving him an example of himself, trying not to blush when imagining people praising him[8]
  • Super Stubbed -> No Bones About It: Tenya and Izuku's legs are both injured duo to the same foolish actions
  • Fanboy Mode: Tenya scolds Izuku and telling him archiving projects comes later
  • Neptunida: Izuku thinks Tenya is like some sorta sea god after he rescue the manequin
  • Seeing Other People: After some talks with Tenya, Izuku said "Sorry Kacchan, I've moved on"[9]
  • The Entire Chapter 81: Denki, Ochako and Hanta made Tenya addicted to a game, and they asks Izuku, Shoto and Fumikage for help but they ended up being addicted too. But after Denki, Ochako and Hanta become panicked and "Oh what do we supposed to do?", Tenya and the others pops out and telling them that Tenya is doing some 'Reverse psychology' tactic on them and Izuku, Shoto and Fumikage helps him
  • Total Knockout: Katsuki unitentionally broke Izuku's backbone with 'Pendulum Backbone', and while the other students panicking, Tenya shouts at them to go fetch Recovery Girl


Tenya“Your courage and judgement at critical moments make you worth following, that’s why I voted for you”
Izuku“It was you?!”
— Tenya to Izuku when he doubts himself as a class rep.
Wanting to do it and being suitable for it are different issues”
— Tenya to Izuku, when Izuku doubts himself as a class rep
“Ingenium is to Iida what All Might is to me.”
— Izuku thinking about Tenya.
“What would Midoriya… or my brother… do in this situation?”
— Tenya thinking how to calm down all the students.
“You're a wonderful friend, but that's why; If I keep following you, I will never grow”
— Tenya to Izuku, refusing to be in the same team on Calvary Battle
“I'm a novice. I can't measure up to their standards! Be that as it may... I have to stand up! Never again! Never again will they... or my brother... leave me behind in the dust!”
— Tenya to himself, in regards to Izuku, Shoto, and Tensei
“I just thought it was strange that during the entrance exams, I didn’t think I’d end up being such good friends with you. Frankly, I didn’t think much of you back then. But during the practical exam… you prioritized saving Uraraka over passing the exam.”
— Tenya to Izuku discussing about their friendship.
“You brute nephew! Why would you do that to Midoriya's scrotum!”
— Tenya, scolding Kota for punching Izuku's balls
“Are you saying that you don’t care about how I feel?!”
— Tenya to Izuku breaking down because him and Shoto, Eijiro and Momo insists on saving Katsuki.
“That's right, once you decide to do something, you're unstoppable. That's what I respect about you as a friend and rival.”
— Tenya thinking about Izuku when Izuku is muttering
Izuku“Iida-kun! can you teach me?”
Tenya“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about but wait a minute! You may not have noticed, but we haven’t made progress on any of our costumes”
— Izuku asking Tenya to teach him how to kick after realizing he could just use his legs instead of arms.
Tenya“I was extremely worried about you guys! Jeez, you guys! You guys!”
Hanta“You’re being the most violent!”
— Tenya shaking Izuku’s body, confessing that he’s worried about the Work Study Students.


The shippers ship this because of the closeness of their relationship, and the fact that both Tenya and Izuku are huge nerds. Tenya was one of the first people to impact Izuku and be impacted by Izuku. Some shippers tends to ship them with Ochako in a poly ship because they’re often seen together. The popularity of IidaDeku isn’t as popular as the other ships, rivalling IzuOcha, TodoDeku, IidaOcha and TodoIida. IidaDeku is Tenya’s 4th most popular ship and Izuku’s 13th most popular ship. There's a joke by an IidaDeku shippers on Tumblr; "Ochako is trying to have a romantic floaty moment meanwhile Izuku is getting sweaty picturing the shape of Tenya's flexible body". For context: When Ochako's crush for Izuku got revealed, Izuku is training his feet for his special move. Because Tenya is the one who teach him how to kick, he thinks about Tenya while training, Ochako is floating and see Izuku training through the window.



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IidaDeku posts on Tumblr
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IidaDeku tag on Tumblr


Tenya's relationship with Izuku on My Hero Academia Wiki
Izuku's relationship with Tenya on My Hero Academia Wiki


  • In the Entrance Exam, Tenya and Izuku is in the same Battle Center, Battle Center B.
  • When the Zero-Pointer Robot is released, the scene where Tenya look at Izuku and then look away while running got animated in a slow motion.
  • In the Battle Trial Arc, Izuku thinks that Tenya’s Hero Costume is very cool.
  • In Chapter 321, Tenya is the one who grab Izuku’s hand.
  • Tenya grabs Izuku his hand in Chapter 321 is paralleling Katsuki holding Eijiro’s hand in Chapter 90.
  • Izuku told Eijiro to save Katsuki and Katsuki told Tenya to save Izuku.
  • On the way on Training Camp, Tenya and Izuku's seat is sitting next to each others.

    The panels

  • Tenya in Chapter 320 got the similar thought with Tenya in Chapter 86; In Chapter 320, he thinks that "He's set his mind on something, he refuses to stop. I knew that well". Meanwhile in Chapter 86, he thinks that "That's right, once you decide to do something, you're unstoppable. That's what I respect about you as a friend and rival." Quite a few people believe the words in the second panel of chapter 320 belong to Katsuki. That is not the case. Those words are Tenya's.
  • Tenya is the first rival Izuku got in UA (Katsuki doesn't count, remembering that Katsuki and Izuku is already rivals since childhood)
  • Tenya thinking "What would Midoriya do in this situation" is similar of how Ochako thinks about it.
  • Tenya and Izuku's rank in the Midterms, Tenya is 2nd and Izuku is 4th, they only got separated by Katsuki, being the 3rd
  • Their birth months are only different 1 month, Izuku being in July and Tenya being in August
  • In the 4th Popularity Poll (Japan) Official Art, Izuku and Tenya stare at each other[10]
  • The ship name "Green Rice Field" is taken from Izuku's surname, Midori (緑) means green and Tenya's last name, Da (田) means rice field.
  • Meanwhile, "Cooked Green Rice" is taken from Tenya's surname, Ii (飯) which was an old way to say "Cooked rice" and Izuku's surname, Midori (緑)
  • The ship name "Green Heaven" is taken from Izuku's surname Midori (緑) and Tenya's name, Ten (天) which means "Heaven"
  • Tenya and Izuku's relationship is almost the same as Ochako and Izuku's relationship, the only obvious difference is Ochako have shown romantic feelings for Izuku meanwhile Tenya haven't



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Bakugou Rescue Squad refers to the ship between the two, Shoto, Momo and Eijiro
Dekusquad refers to the ship between the two, Shoto, Ochako and Tsuyu
OchaIiDeku refers to the ship between the two and Ochako
Smartsquad refers to the ship between the two, Katsuki, Momo and Shoto
TodoIiDeku refers to the ship between the two and Shoto
TodoIiDekuOcha refers to the ship between the two, Shoto and Ochako



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