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“Relations between the hero course and the evacuees have grown warmer since Uraraka's stirring speech.”
Tenya making Ochako blush with her words.

IidaOcha is the het ship between Tenya Iida and Ochako Uraraka from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Tenya and Ochako met during the U.A. High School ​entrance exam and after they passed the exam they became classmates. Although they did not speak at first, the two became good friends in part thanks to Izuku Midoriya and since then they can be seen together even if Izuku is not present. Tenya and Ochako have different personalities, as Tenya is disciplined and serious while Ochako is cheerful and hyperactive, but they get along very well despite their differences. They both care for each other and when one of them is hurt or in danger, their first thought is to help the other, showing deep camaraderie.

They trust each other and work together very well, having each other's back in battles. Ochako often laughs at Tenya's serious and rigid personality and that he takes everything so seriously. Tenya comes from a well-known and wealthy family while Ochako is known to be poor so Tenya and Ochako also have different kinds of lives and childhoods. However, unlike with her friend Momo Yaoyorozu's wealth, Ochako does not show any kind of envy or jealousy towards Tenya and instead compliments and admires him.

Battle Trial Arc

The first major interaction between them is in the battle trials, where Tenya and Ochako have to face off, while he and Katsuki Bakugou have to play the role of Villain. While Izuku was facing off against Katsuki, Ochako went to Tenya's location to find the bomb he had to grab to win, however, she couldn't help but laugh out loud as she saw him trying to have the mentality of a villain, lowering our guard. This makes Tenya realize that Ochako is in the room and tells her that he was waiting for her. In their combat, the ground is destroyed by Izuku's Detroit Smash and Ochako takes the opportunity to launch his Home Run Comet attack towards Tenya, distracting him long enough for Ochako to grab the bomb, causing Tenya and Katsuki to lose the battle. Tenya was not upset with Ochako for defeating him and approached her worried when he saw her exhausted after the fight.


After the two voted Izuku to become their class's president and were having lunch together, Ochako could tell from their shared conversation that Tenya is from a wealthy family and asks him if it is so. Even though Tenya tries to hide that part of himself, he does confirm Ochako's question as he explains his family's heroic reputation and how it was his brother who inspired him to become a hero. Just as the love Ochako has for her family inspired her to become one as well. Soon after the school's students were informed that there has been a security breech, Tenya notice that the said breech were the press corps and asks Ochako to help him float in order to clam the large number of panicked students. Tenya and Ochako's combined teamwork later led to Tenya becoming their class's president.

The next day, Tenya, Ochako and the rest of their class were brought to the U.S.J. for field experience training, but their class gets interrupted by an army of supervillains. Tenya and Ochako were able to stay together with Thirteen next to the exit, while the rest of their classmates were scattered all around the simulation, along with a supervillain making sure that their group doesn't escape. Because Iida's Quirk makes him the fastest in their small group, Ochako gives Iida her support for when Thirteen creates a window for him to fetch help from. Even though Iida's role as class president had him not wanting to leave Ochako and the others to the villains, he agrees to do it when Ochako remind him of his actions at the cafeteria. As Iida made his way to the exit, Ochako helped to ensure that the shadow villain doesn't stop her friend from leaving. Iida later returned with the teachers as promised and even though they got the villains to retreat, Iida, Ochako and the rest of class 1-A were still shaken from the incident.

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Before the Sports Festival starts, Tenya and Izuku are surprised to see that Ochako is the most excited about the event and she decides to tell them her motivations for being a hero. Ochako points out that his reasons are selfish but both Tenya and Izuku believe that Ochako's goal is noble and Tenya immediately told Ochako that he need not feel ashamed in his search for money, even before discovering it was only due to Ochako's wish to improve her parent's lives. Izuku and Tenya point out that Ochako's Quirk could drastically reduce business expenses if she got licensed, and her family could sell their construction equipment as well. Ochako agrees completely, but remembers that her father encouraged her as a child to follow her own dreams instead. Izuku and Tenya are genuinely inspired by Ochako's noble ambition.

Ochako looks a bit depressed when Tenya doesn't want to be on the same team as her and Izuku in the cavalry battle during the Festival, but when the battle ends, Ochako is not annoyed ​at him for competing against she and was shocked by Tenya's Recipro Burst and playfully annoyed him for hiding his abilities, causing Tenya to apologize profusely.

They both watch Izuku's match against Hitoshi Shinso and gladden when their friend wins. Tenya and Ochako also watch each other's fights at the Festival and cheer on each other. When Ochako has to fight Katsuki, Tenya goes next to Izuku to see Ochako in the waiting room worried about her before the match and are shocked when she rejects Izuku's notes on a strategy against Katsuki. Tenya watches Ochako's combat along with some of her companions, worrying when Katsuki's explosions hit her repeatedly, and asks Izuku if she had a strategy before the fight. Ochaco cheers on Tenya during his fight against Shoto Todoroki and is disappointed when he defeats him.

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

After U.A.'s students move into Height Alliance, on the night of the move, Mina Ashido suggests a rooms competition and when it is Tenya's room turn, Ochako laughs again at her stiffness due to which has shelves full of replacement lenses. In the training for the provisional license exam, Ochako and Tenya are walking together towards the Development Workshop and while talking about the improvements they wanted to make to their Heroes suits, Ochako is shown smiling to see Tenya encouraged again. Suddenly an explosion hits Izuku, to the surprise of Tenya and Ochaco, and the three meet up with Mei Hatsume since the Sports Festival.

Tartarus Escapees Arc

Prior to Class 1-A's showdown against Deku, it is revealed that the students confronted Endeavor about Izuku's location after receiving his farewell letters and, although at first they are surprised, Tenya and Ochako are among the most willing members of the Class to help and recover Izuku.

During the fight against Deku, Tenya and Ochako work together with their companions to stop Izuku and at some point in the fight, Ochako prepares to use her Quirk on Tenya, allowing him to take Izuku's hand and stop him. When the civilians are against Deku entering U.A., Ochako uses her Zero Gravity to jump on top of the building and make a speech about the reasons why Izuku should enter U.A. Tenya listens carefully to Ochako's speech with Izuku and tells him that Ochako is fighting. After the speech ends, Minoru Mineta tries to get closer to Izuku but Tenya stops him and tells him that this is not his time, then turns to see Ochako and says internally "Isn't that right, Uraraka-san?."


Vs. Hero Killer Arc

  • Ochako is worried about Tenya when he looked sad before the practices with Heroes because of what happened to his brother and she, along with Izuku, told him that they would give him their support when he needed it.

Joint Training Arc

  • Ochako is excited when it is Tenya and her team's turn to fight the Class B team and after the match ends in a draw, Ochako is worried about Tenya and says her name sadly.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

  • Before the Paranormal Liberation War began, Tenya and Ochaco can be seen together preparing to evacuate civilians and when Gigantomachia starts to destroy the city.
  • Two days after the War, the two watch Katsuki being held back by Tsuyu Asui and reflect on how things have returned to normal for Katsuki as they wait for Izuku to recover from his injuries.

Star and Stripe Arc

  • When Izuku asks Tenya if they can freely walk around U.A. due to the civilians' earlier anger towards him, Tenya replies that thanks to Ochako's speech the tension between the Heroes and the refugees has lessened (causing Ochako to blush in the distance).


Ochako“I think that's the first time you've smiled, Iida!”
Tenya“Eh!? is that true!? I smile too!! All the time!!”
Ochako seeing Tenya smile, Chapter 12.
“Next time! Iida gets a phone call! Can't wait!”
Ochako about Tenya, Volume 4.
“Iida... This must be frustrating for him...”
Ochako sad for the defeat of Tenya, Chapter 206.
“Midoriya right now Uraraka... is fighting.”
Tenya attentively ​observing Ochako's speech, Chapter 324.
“This isn't our moment. Isn't that right, Uraraka-san?.”
Tenya talking while looking at Ochako from a distance, Chapter 325.


IidaOcha's Fandom is relatively small compared to other Ships, such as IzuOcha or Kacchako. However, it is still one of the most popular Ships for Tenya and one of the Ships Het for Ochako. It is often liked by those who ship TodoDeku, as they are both part of the Dekusquad. In fanfictions these two often portray them as friends to lovers, spending so much time together both with and without Izuku that they end up developing romantic feelings for each other. ​In the Fanfictions, it is commonly written that Tenya is the first to fall in love with Ochako and acting shyly towards her in a similar way to Izuku in canon.

In AO3, IidaOcha is currently Tenya's most popular Ship and the fifth for Ochako, surpassing other known Ships of the characters such as IidaMei, Togaraka, and IidaDeku.



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  • Although potentially a translation error, Ochako is the only student to call Tenya by his first name in the English dub, doing so frequently. Similarly, Tenya refers to Ochako as 'Uraraka-kun' in Japanese, instead of the more respectful 'Uraraka-san' used by others like Izuku, both of these showcasing their closeness to each other.
  • Tenya and Ochako speeches.

    In chapters 323 and 324 of the manga, Ochako is forced to make a speech in front of many civilians in order to reassure them in the same way that Tenya gave her speech to U.A. students in chapter 12, even having to float above those people with Zero Gravity to be able to do it.
  • Comparison of Kyoka's laugh with Ochako's.

    The way Ochako laughs at Tenya's rigid personality is the same as Kyoka when she laughs at Kaminari's silly personality.
  • For the Volume 4 quote for Volume 5, Ochako is the character on the page and comments that Iida receives a phone call.
  • On both the covers of the School Briefs Novels III and V, Ochako and Tenya are standing next to each other.
  • Official sketches of Tenya and Ochako together.

    Tenya and Ochako are often paired in Horikoshi's official sketches⁚
    • In the sketch for chapter 68, Tenya and Mineta watch Ochako fly with his Quirk.
    • In the two sketches for episode 2, Ochako and Tenya are seen getting excited about the broadcast of the episode.
    • In the 2020 New Years celebration sketch, Tenya is on the kite that Ochako was flying as the two end up flying in the air.
  • My Hero Academia- Ending 3 | Datte Atashi no Hero⁚ Ochako and Tenya are shown side by side as they greet Izuku and fighting ​the monsters.
  • My Hero Academia- Ending 4 | Update⁚ Ochako sleeps on one of Tenya's shoulders while they are on a bus.
  • Ochako's strikingly similar poses.

    The pose Ochako makes when she is saddened by Tenya's defeat in their fight in chapter 206 is almost identical to the one she does in episode 57 when she reflects on her feelings for Izuku.
  • For the room contest, when it's Koji Koda's turn, Ochako wears a pair of Tenya glasses.
  • In one of the series' official calendars, Tenya dressed in an apron is seen holding some sweets while Ochako happily tastes them.
  • In a promo image for the first movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Ochako and Tenya are dressed formally while standing side by side smiling.
  • Extremely similar moment of Tenya and Ochako.

    In chapter 338 there is a Déjà Vu to the chapter 100 of the manga: when Izuku walks towards the development workshop and the door explodes in his face. Only instead of being Ochako the one who is surprised when Mei Hatsume falls on him as she was in chapter 100, it is Tenya who makes that expression of surprise in the same way that Ochako did.


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Dekusquad refers to the ship between Tenya, Ochako, Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu Asui and Shoto Todoroki
IiTsuChako refers to the ship between Tenya, Ochako and Tsuyu Asui
OchaIiDeku refers to the ship between Tenya, Ochako and Izuku Midoriya
OchaIiMei refers to the ship between Tenya, Ochako and Mei Hatsume
TodoIiDekuOcha refers to the ship between Tenya, Ochako, Shoto Todoroki and Izuku Midoriya


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