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IidaYama is the slash ship between Tenya Iida and Yuga Aoyama from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Due to their greatly differing roles in the story, and closer relations with others, Yuga and Tenya do not interact all too often in canon, although a shared friendship with Izuku does bring them together on occasion, if not for long. Additionally, the two are seated in the same row in the 1-A classroom, allowing them to be seen alongside each other more than once in full class scenes. Tenya finds himself lost on the battlefield, and runs around to hopefully regroup with his classmates, if not a few of them. He eventually runs into Yuga, who’s hiding in the midst of a pile of rubble as to not be seen, seemingly having given up on completing the exam successfully. Yuga points out that he could just remain there as the rest of their classmates pass, but Tenya tells him that as class president, it’s his duty to make sure Yuga passes, and he wouldn’t feel right not doing so. He proceeds to carry Yuga with him as he works to pass them both.

The two eventually decide that the (extremely noticeable/recognizable) light given off by Yuga’s Naval Laser could be used as a beacon to regroup their classmates, albeit with a risk posed for attracting enemies alongside their class. Yuga wears a grim expression as he proceeds to do just that, and mutters that he’d “always wanted to be an equal”, before shouting for Tenya to prepare for a sudden rush of opponents who were drawn to his laser. When Tenya doesn’t move, he repeats himself, albeit more desperately. In the nick of time, their classmates arrive and help to defeat/escape the sudden “onslaught”. Tenya and Yuga use this opportunity to flee to a new area. As they run, Tenya begins to speak, telling Yuga, “Aoyama-kun, I don’t know who, or what you want to be equal with, because I don’t know what you’re measuring yourself up against, but this (in reference to 1-A’s rise) was thanks to you!” The two proceed to hit their final targets, and in turn, pass the combat section of their exams. At this, Yuga mutters “Well, I guess that means my twinkle won’t stop, huh?” Tenya replies, “Yeah, probably!” as they continue to run.

The fact that Yuga openly expresses the impact Tenya's words had on him and also opens up on his desire to be an equal to his classmates demonstrates the respect Yuga gained for Tenya and how he was willing to open himself up to his classmate. Their whole interaction in the Provisional License Exam is actually an important scene that gave us the clue of Yuga being the UA Traitor, given that Yuga's eyes usually visible on-screen every time he's inside a scene. In the UA Traitor Arc, Tenya was deeply shocked to discover he and his family were spies for All For One. He had a saddened look on his face while Yuga was interrogated for his betrayal. However, he declares that Yuga's actions are all in the past, and as his friend, he must reach his hand out to him if they are to stand as equals, showing that he doesn't hold any grudge towards Yuga.


While lacking the popularity that would’ve been brought upon by more frequent interaction. The duality of character between Tenya and Yuga creates a potentially interesting dynamic, which did not go unnoticed by fans, and brings notable attention to the ship, although not enough to make it counted as particularly popular.

IidaYama has 190+ fics on AO3.



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  • Yuga and Tenya are both noted to be based off of geometrical shapes, triangles and squares respectively.




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