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ImuTeru is the femslash ship between Rifuta Imu and Teruhashi Kokomi from the The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. fandom.


When Imu first transferred to PK Academy, she was seen as an extremely cute girl. That is, until Nendo mentioned Teruhashi, to which all of the guys said that you couldn't compare Imu to Teruhashi. Imu, angered, asks to see her and upon looking at her, she was extremely shocked. She'd saw wings, but it was only the clouds. Then, Teruhashi comes and talks to Imu, inviting her to lunch. Imu accepts, and arriving there, Imu is given a prawn from the chef because she's cute. After they arrive at the table, Imu checks Teruhashi's plate, and is suprised by the enormous amount of extra food she is given. Imu, jealous, runs away crying. Teruhashi thinks to herself that Imu couldn't match up to her beauty.

Since then, Imu has felt a strong sense of jealousy for her, and attempted to get with Saiki to make her jealous. When talking to him, she in fact finds out that she does indeed like him. Running away, Imu is extremely confused, and plans to confess to him. There, she waits him but it extremely suprised to see that Aiura is with him. There, Imu realizes that she doesn't actually like him, but instead uses her and Aiura to make Teruhashi jealous. When Imu asks about her feelings for Saiki, Teruhashi explains her love. Imu, shocked, hugs her and confesses how much she loves her. Despite having feelings for her, Imu wants Teruhashi to love someone else, and sees Saiki as a scumbag.

She invites Teruhashi on a mixer, much to Teruhashi's dismay. They still have fun, along with Yumehara.

At some point, Imu goes to Saiki and asks him to find a guy her type, or otherwise she'll "switch sides", implying that she'll then switch her interest to girls. Later that day, Imu walks home with Teruhashi, explaining her day. Teruhashi, jealous, thinks to herself that she should've invited her. Then, they come across Teruhashi's brother, and due to him looking like Teruhashi, Imu falls in love with the two. After becoming a Makoto fan girl, Imu attempts to still maintain a good relationship with Teruhashi. She claimed that she loved both equally, and that she wouldn't want to damage her relationship with either. She still stays supportive of Teruhashi's love with Saiki.


This ship turned up immediately after the release of the chapter with the first appearance of Imu, which ended with the girl falling in love with Teruhashi. Despite the fact that the actual plot paid this ship quite little attention, it quickly became the most popular femslesh ship in the franchise and a popular ship in general, not least because some fans disliked Teruhashi and ImuTeru seemed to them the most logical ship. mates for her when she refuses to pairing with Saiki.

This led to a rather specific headcanon among the ship's fans that the theory was that Teruhashi was actually a lesbian or bisexual, for whom the love of Saiki was only a temporary infatuation. Thus, it can be said that there was some tension between ImuTeru and the original SaiTeru shippers from the beginning due to the different views of Teruhashi as a key character and het vs femslesh the nature of shipping in general.



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