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This article is about Inosuke and Shinobu. You may be looking for the ship between Shino Aburame and Ino Yamanaka.

InoShino is the het ship between Shinobu Kocho and Inosuke Hashibira from the Demon Slayer fandom.


They meet eachother while Inosuke was recovering at the Butterfly Estate. To motivate Inosuke to continue his recovery training, Shinobu condescendingly mocks his inability to do simple things, and thus prompting Inosuke to angrily train harder.

Initially, Inosuke kept a rather rude behavior to Shinobu. She was able to figure out his personality, and teased him, wondering if he could train without messing up, until he cracked, and threatened to rip off her breasts. She took him, along with Zenitsu and Tanjiro, to the Butterfly Mansion so they could get better. Shinobu was often treating him, as he was reckless during missions, and got hurt often. There, she showed him what a pinky promise was, and used it so that he wouldn't get hurt. This made Inosuke feel affection for her, and her kindness reminded Inosuke of his mother, which he didn't remember.

After seeing Kanao injured, he told her that Shinobu will get extremely angry, but was angered when learning of her death. He vowed revenge for her, and succesfully killed Doma. He also mentioned that he wanted to ask about Shinobu why she reminded him of someone, but that he couldn't because of her death.

After Shinobu's death, Kanao decided that she would defeat Douma. Inosuke appeared in the middle of their fight and decided to help Kanao defeat Douma too.


Romantically, InoShino isn't considered extremely popular, due to Shinobu's motherly vibe to Inosuke, and how she's one of the few people that had reminded him of his mother. It has more works on the gen side. Prior to the manga, they have had minor interactions, therefore manga readers would tend to like them more. Others find the age gap strange, as Inosuke is 15 years, and Shinobu is 18. Inosuke sometimes is very respectful and kind to Shinobu, unlike with other people he is very competitive and rude. He even helped Kanao defeat Douma, since he knew it wasn't only a fight-to-win (as he always do), he did knew how Shinobu and her were sisters and it was something importart for Kanao.

There are only 16 works in AO3, since het ships like GiyuShino or AoIno are likely more canon (GiyuShino isn't canon, but it's the most popular ship for her).



Inosuke & Shinobu tag on AO3


  • While Inosuke often gets people's names wrong, he has never incorrectly said her name.


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