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Iris West-Allen is a principal character from the The Flash fandom.


Iris West-Allen is the founder of Central City Citizen and a former journalist for Central City Picture News. Iris is also the wife of Barry Allen and the mother of Nora West-Allen. She is the daughter of Joe West and the late Francine West. Iris' curiosity led her to write articles about The Flash which led to her job at CCPN. Once she found out Barry's secret she joined Team Flash. Taking the helm during his absence. Her passion for journalism was reignited as when she became a Speedster for the day and started writing about Clifford Devoe.



Coldwest — the ship between Iris and Leonard Snart
Irisco — the ship between Iris and Cisco Ramon
Sciris — the ship between Iris and Scott Evans
Westallen — the ship between Iris and Barry Allen
Westhawne — the ship between Iris and Eddie Thawne
Westqueen — the ship between Iris and Oliver Queen
Westwells — the ship between Iris and Harry Wells


Canarywest — the ship between Iris and Sara Lance
HackerNews — the ship between Iris West and Zari Tomaz
HawkWest — the ship between Iris and Kendra Saunders
Smoakwest — the ship between Iris and Felicity Smoak
Snowest — the ship between Iris and Caitlin Snow
Superwest — the ship between Iris and Kara Zor-El
Westpark — the ship between Iris and Linda Park


Barriscowest — the ship between Iris, Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon


West Family — the ship between Iris and her family


Barry Allen

Main article: Westallen

Iris West is a bubbly psych graduate working at Jitters. She is best friends with Barry Allen who is secretly harboring feelings for her. When Barry is struck by lightning gaining meta-human powers. Her life changes forever. Iris sets out prove the existence of the Flash to help Barry. This sparks a passion for journalism which puts Iris in danger situations. Her courageous and fearless nature are part of her charm. Iris comes to realize that she too has feelings for Barry - and always have. They begin dating, eventually get engaged and married, while protecting Team Flash together. They are the Flash.

Eddie Thawne

Main article: Westhawne



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# portmanteau character(s) type
3849 Westallen Barry Allen het
657 Westhawne Eddie Thawne het
196 Barry & Iris Barry Allen gen
164 ColdWestAllen Barry Allen • Leonard Snart poly
150 Snowest Caitlin Snow femslash
99 Westhallen Barry Allen • Eddie Thawne poly
99 Westpark Linda Park femslash
80 Barriscowest Barry Allen • Cisco Ramon poly
57 Iris & Caitlin Caitlin Snow friendship
43 Nora & Iris Nora West-Allen family


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