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IronQrow is the slash ship between James Ironwood and Qrow Branwen from the RWBY fandom.


Ironwood and Qrow are both part of Ozpin's inner circle, although they do not always see eye-to-eye. Qrow seems to be against Ironwood joining their ranks and it was only through Ozpin's invitation was Ironwood brought in. It is because of Qrow's warning that Ironwood brings his fleet to Vale in hopes of preventing any conflict in the Vytal Festival, an action which only frustrates Qrow.

Despite their differences they still hold a level of trust of respect for each other. During the battle of Beacon Qrow saves Ironwood from a Grimm he has not noticed approaching and trusts that Ironwood is not responsible for by his robotic army turning against them. Qrow then asked him for suggestions regarding their plan of action to deal with the invading Grimm. Following the fall of Beacon, they part way as Ironwood returns to Atlas to guard his home Kingdom and Qrow begins working alongside Team RWBY.

After the Battle of Haven, Qrow sends a letter to Ironwood telling him of the events happening in Mistral, and their plans to join him in Atlas. Upon arriving, Qrow is shocked by the heavy military presence Ironwood is using and worries how far me may have went. After being arrest by the Ace-Ops, Qrow and the other are brought to Ironwood and are then updated on his plans to fight Salem. After the meeting Ironwood stops Qrow to tell him it is good to see him again, and hugs him, which surprises Qrow at first but he returns the hug.


IronQrow is one of the RWBY fandom's most popular slash ships, and is fairly popular overall though the fandom tends to favour femslash and het ships. Shippers were drawn to their antagonist dynamic which can lends itself well to the (fr)enemies to lovers trope. On AO3 it is Ironwood's most written for pairing and Qrow's second most written.



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  • Qrow calls Ironwood "Jimmy".


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