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Stark“What is your job exactly besides making balloon animals?”
Strange“Protecting your reality... douche bag.”
Avengers: Infinity War

IronStrange is the slash ship between Stephen Strange and Tony Stark from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


Avengers: Infinity War

Tony and Pepper are jogging in the park when Strange opened a portal next to them and tells Stark he is needed for superhero business. Despite their multitude of similarities, Stark and Strange are cold to each other at first and insult and despise one another with their arrogant attitudes. Strange and his friend Wong explain Thanos' quest for the six Infinity Stones to Tony and Bruce Banner.

The conversation is interrupted by Thanos' "donut ship" hovering over New York and the general chaos erupting in the streets. The four are confronted by Ebony Maw who asks for the Time Stone, and after the ensuing battle, captures Strange and tortures him aboard the ship. Strange is subsequently rescued by Stark and Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Maw being killed in the process. In a brief tense moment, Stark and Strange go head to head in arguing what to do now that they were on a huge ship hurtling into space.

The ship is hijacked by Guardians of the Galaxy and the whole group lands on Titan, Thanos' homeworld. Stark and the Guardians perform introductions while Strange uses the Time Stone to view all of the possible outcomes of the struggle against Thanos. When he breaks out of his trance, Stark comforts him, saying "it's okay" and "you're back now". Strange reveals that there are 14,000,000 possible outcomes and in only one do the Avengers win.

The group formulates a plan to wrest the Infinity Gauntlet off of Thanos. When the plan fails to come to fruition, Thanos battles and delivers what seems to be a mortal wound to Stark but is soon after healed by his nanotech suit. Thanos threatens to kill Stark if Strange doesn't give up the Time Stone, so to protect Stark's life, Strange hands it over, readying Thanos to retrieve the final stone, the Mind Stone, in Wakanda, and perform the fatal snap. After the Decimation and the dusting of the Guardians, Strange tells Stark that "there was no other way" before being dusted himself.


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Within two weeks of the premiere, IronStrange had entered at no. 5 on the Tumblr Top 20 weekly ships list.[1]



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  • Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Stephen Strange) have both portrayed Sherlock Holmes.





FrostIronStrange refers to the ship between Stephen, Tony and Loki
Supremefamily refers to the ship where Stephen and Tony are a couple and are the parents of Peter Parker



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