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This article is about the Marvel ship between Tony and Wanda. You may be looking for the RWBY ship between Glynda and James.

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Iron Witch is the het ship between Tony Stark and Wanda Maximoff from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


Wanda's parents were killed by Stark Industries mortar shells, causing her and her brother Pietro to develop a hatred for Tony Stark. During the Avengers attack on the HYDRA research base, she used her powers to make Tony believe he was being chased by a Leviathan. She let him go upon learning of his fear: leading humanity down the path of global destruction.

While not a direct example, Wanda later used her powers to aggravate Bruce Banner. This forced Tony to fight him, causing destruction in his name.

Upon breaking off from Ultron, the twins learned Tony had held onto what would become Vision's body. Returning to the Avengers Tower, Wanda got into a brief scuffle with him before being restrained by Bruce. She claimed Vision was no better than Tony, but he convinced the Avengers he could be trusted. Following this, she and Pietro joined the Avengers and fought alongside them against Ultron.

After Wanda accidentally blew up a building, Tony and Thaddeus Ross introduced the Sokovia Accords, which would regulate the deployment of advanced individuals. When she became unsure of whether to sign, Tony had Vision keep her in the Watchtower until the Accords were ratified.

Escaping the Watchtower with Clint Barton, Wanda joined Steve Rogers' group of heroes who opposed the Accords. This put her back in direct competition with Tony. During the airport battle, she lobbed cars at him and was able to pin him down. Once Steve's team began to retreat Wanda was attacked by War Machine, another Stark Industries creation. She was imprisoned in the Raft alongside a few other heroes; Tony was disturbed by her condition.

Wanda was one of the many people to attend Tony's funeral and kneel at the battle sight.


The Iron Witch ship is a fairly small with around 100 fanfictions on AO3 as per November 2021. It is the eight most written romantic ship on the site for Wanda. A majority of them focus on angst, hurt, or getting together, which makes sense considering their canon history. Some fans think that Tony wants to protect Wanda and do good for her after what he did in the past, though Wanda thinks that locking her means restricting her freedom. There are also fans who ship them as father and daughter.



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