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This article is about the RWBY ship between James and Glynda. You may be looking for the ship between Tony and Wanda from Marvel.

Ironwitch is the het ship between James Ironwood and Glynda Goodwitch from the RWBY fandom.


Glynda and Ironwood are first introduced together in volume 2. It is noted that the two seem to have a shared past history, as he warmly greets her in volume 2 chapter 1. Glynda however, does not return the sentiment, she sarcastically says "Oh, James". Before leaving Ozpin's office saying she'll be waiting outside. Ironwood then jokingly says she hasn't changed at all.

In chapter 7, Ironwood is seen inviting Glynda to dance with him. She reluctantly accepts, rolling her eyes while taking his hand. She is later seen smiling though. In chapter 8, The two clash, with Glynda questioning why Ironwood always has to resort to military might the moment a threat arises and treat everything like a dick measuring contest. The two seem to butt heads often because of their conflicting ideologies.

In chapter 9, Glynda goes to comfort Ironwood outside when he voices his concerns about Ozpin's lack of action. Glynda then for the first time shows genuine empathy for James, agreeing that while they don't always agree with Ozpin's methods, they should still be willing to trust him. She then tells Ironwood that he is a good person and tells him to stop talking about trust and to start showing it. She is then seen arguing with him and Winter about Qrow. She is then later seen helping and comforting him in the final chapter of volume 3.


People started shipping those two in volume 2. It especially gained popularity after it was implied that the two danced together in dance dance infiltration. Also after she put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and comforted him in volume 2. It lost popularity after volume 3 since Glynda hasn't been seen since then. The ship permanently died after Ironwood turned into a villain in volume 8. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



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