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ItaIzu is the het ship between Itachi Uchiha and Izumi Uchiha from the Naruto fandom.



Itachi and Izumi first meet when they are five. Izumi and her playmates ask Itachi to hang out with them, but he declines and the bullies mock him and throw rocks at him for it. Izumi asks them to stop but Itachi defends himself easily. After that event, Izumi starts to develop a crush on Itachi.

During the Nine Tails attack, Izumi is seen crying for her parents. When she's about to be killed Itachi quickly saves her. Relieved that she isn't dead, Izumi asks if she can hold Sasuke. Itachi declines knowing Sasuke would cry, so Izumi still gets a hold of Sasuke. The young infant starts crying anyways. Itachi takes him back and leaves, making Izumi quite irritated.

Later after the Nine Tales attack, both Izumi and Itachi enroll into the academy. Izumi happily waves at Itachi as other girls admire him from afar. However, Itachi brushes them off. A year after graduating from the academy, Izumi and Itachi don't share much interactions due to the both of them being busy with missions.

After a few missions, Izumi and Itachi sit by a bridge on the lake. Izumi pulls out a box of dango and offers them to Itachi. But he declines before he realizes he can't resist his favorite food. Itachi blushes and looks away as he's embarrassed to accept the food. Izumi laughs, finding it funny that someone as mature and serious as Itachi has such a sweet tooth. As they eat together, Izumi apologizes to Itachi for not bringing him a graduation present. Itachi tells her to not to worry about it, and she asks what he want, to which Itachi replies Sharingan, as he stares into her eyes. Izumi realizing this, reassures Itachi will awaken it soon. Tenma then comes to pick Itachi up and teases the two to stop flirting. Izumi, becoming flustered, retorts that they weren't flirting at all.

When Itachi becomes an Anbu captain, he and his comrades spy on the Uchiha clan. Itachi spots Izumi walking out of an Uchiha meeting. And on the night of the Uchiha Massacre, Tobi chains up Izumi. The girl cries out for Itachi to save her, but she's killed by Tobi, not aware Itachi was behind.

After Itachi's death, Tobi states that Itachi killed his "lover" who was Izumi.

Itachi Shinden

Itachi and Izumi meet shortly after enrolling into the academy. Itachi fails to realize Izumi has feelings for Itachi and ignores her attempts to get close to him. When some older students start to harass Itachi, Izumi yells for them to stop and activates her Sharingan to scare them off. Because she couldn't use the Sharingan very well, she ends up passing out. Itachi takes her to the nurse's office and afterwards they become close friends.

A couple of years later, both Izumi and Itachi graduate from the academy. Going to a tea shop, Shinko teases them as a couple. Arriving at the shop, they start talking, and Itachi asks her the question of why she wants to be a Shinobi. Izumi responds that she wants to follow the path her father took. Itachi, fearing she would get hurt or possibly killed, tries to convince her to follow a path where she can help people without going to the battlefield. Feeling pressured by Itachi, Izumi cries and runs off. Itachi then earns a scolding by Shinko. Eventually, the two reconcile and are seen as "lovers" by many of their peers.

On the night of the Uchiha massacre, Itachi goes to Izumi's house. Itachi planned to make Izumi his first victim so he wouldn't have doubts about going through this. When he met with her, he told her Danzo had instructed the Uchiha Massacre and he could only spare Sasuke. Izumi understood Itachi's choice and accepted her fate. Before killing her, Itachi puts Izumi under a Tsukuyomi where she could live out her entire life in 0.000000001/th of a second. In her dream, Izumi graduated at Chunin, retired from her Shinobi life, became Itachi's wife, had children, and died at eighty with Itachi by her side. Since her mind departed from reality, she collapsed into Itachi's arms. As she is dying, Izumi thanks Itachi for giving her the life she wanted. Itachi thanks her as well, for loving him. Izumi peacefully passes away as Itachi leaves to continue the Uchiha massacre.


Ever since the book releases and the anime adaptions, ItaIzu has gained quite a bit of popularity among the fans. They're mainly shipped due to their numerous scenes and how Izumi died in the manga. However it isn't as popular as other ships due to Itachi's feelings never being too clear in the story.



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