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Izumamo is the family ship between Izumo Kamiki and Tamamo Kamiki from the Blue Exorcist fandom.


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When Izumo was little and in Tamamo's care, she had trouble bonding with her mother as Tamamo's irresponsible and carelessness, along with her crying to Izumo about her love life with Soji, Izumo's father and Tamamo's unmarried lover, leaves the house chores to the fox gods/demons and her smothering hugs. As Izumo can't stand them, gets annoyed with her mother and feels that she is the reasonable one in her family when it comes to Tamamo, from looking after her little sister, Tsukumo, and reminds Tamamo of her duties to keep the Killing Stone at by. Even though Izumo acts cold around Tamamo, and doesn't like how the temple treats her and Tsukumo from being the illegitimate children of Soji Inami, it hasn't stopped Izumo from watching her mother do her dance to the stone, and tries to copy her mother's dance moves from when it is time for her to take over Tamamo's duty. While Izumo's coldness hasn't stopped Tamamo from loving her two daughters that she calls her treasures, doesn't like to be apart from them and even tries to get Soji to see their daughters.

After Izumo was approached by members of the Illuminati and returned home with a card that one of them gives her, Izumo tries to tell Tamamo about the weird people but her mother was too excited for her date and asks Izumo to look after her sister. Before Tamamo leaves, she gives Izumo one of her crying hugs as she calls Izumo and Tsukumo her treasures. During Tamamo's date, she asks Soji to come over to her place so Izumo can see him, but Soji sadly informs Tamamo that she shouldn't try to get him and their daughters together as he wants to break up with her. Tamamo is devastated by this and begins to pull away from Izumo. When Izumo tries to talk with her mother about why she is going out too much, Tamamo yells at Izumo in anger as she blames her for Soji breaking off their relationship.

Izumo tries to be strong during that time and wanted to bring her mother back home. Not long after Izumo puts her sister to bed, however, she hears noises in the house and follows them to find Tamamo, who has been possessed by the Nine Tails Fox. Once the demon sees Izumo she tells her hurtful words that are connected to her pain, do to her current state, before she charges at her. Miketsu and Ukemochi keep Tamamo away from Izumo and Tsukumo, after Izumo finds the business card she calls the Illuminati in hopes that they'll be able to save her mother from the demon.

Professor Gedoin, however, had different plans for both Kamikis when they captured Tamamo, with the demon still in her, and imprisoned Izumo and her little sister for the day he can no longer experiment on Tamamo's tortured body and needs Izumo to become the new vessel of the Nine Tails Fox. Izumo agreed to become her mother's replacement, in order to protect her little sister and Tamamo's youngest daughter. Tamamo's familiars, Miketsu and Ukemochi, became Izumo's when she attended True Cross Academy's Cram School in become an exorcist, while keeping her past and family a secret.


  • During the Blue Night, Tamamo holds baby Izumo in her arms away from the danger that is happening in the shrine temple.


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Despite Tamamo only appearing in the Illuminati arc, and Izumo having trouble bonding with her mother, it hasn't stopped fans from supporting their family bond. Since it connects to Izumo's backstory and the reason why she wanted to become a tamer like Tamamo was before her. Some of the ship's fanwork make references to the good times Izumo might have shared with Tamamo, before their lives turned upside down.



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