J2 is the slash ship between actors Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki form the Supernatural fandom.


The fandom really kicked off in early 2006, fueled by public appearances of Jensen and Jared together - particularly at the William S. Paley Television Festival appearance in March 2006 in which they appeared quite close. The ship is still going strong ten years out, due in large part to the continued camaraderie of the show's two leads, despite the actors repeatedly describing their relationship as ‘brotherly’.

The announcement that as of mid-2008, and the beginning of season four of Supernatural, Jensen had moved in to share Jared's house in Vancouver lead to the shining fans and an avalanche of "curtain fic" - term for stories that focus on a romantic domesticity – as in "they moved in together and started picking out curtains".



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  • Poking fun at the popularity, co-star Misha Collins tweeted in 2012 at the renewal of season eight: “...Fun fact: If Jensen got Jared pregnant when they first met, they would have a 7 year-old.”