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JackDaniels is the slash ship between Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


Season 1


Jack walks up to Peggy and Daniel after the briefing on Howard Stark, asking Peggy to organize some files, which she's offended by. As Jack leaves, Daniel jokes that he lost his personality during the war. The next day Peggy and Daniel see Jack in a meeting with the Chief. He comments that Jack's working on his next metal and how he got a lead on the Stark case, but didn't know anything else.


Daniel and Jack are assigned to investigate at Stark's mansion. Daniel knocks on the door, telling whoever is inside to open up. He sarcastically comments on how a criminal isn't answering the door. Jack tells him to knock harder, Daniel countering to borrow his forehead. Jack motions for Daniel to move to the side and he knocks at the door. Jarvis answers the door and the two introduce themselves as SSR agents. They ask if he reported a stolen car and they confirm that he did.


Season 1

Now is Not the End

  • During the briefing on Howard Stark the two sit next to one another

Bridge and Tunnel

  • The two look over the pictures from the investigation together along with the Chief


Daniel“Unbelievable, a known fugitive isn't answering his door.”
Jack“Knock harder.”
Daniel“Sure can I borrow your forehead.”
— Time and Tide
Jack“Why don't you wrap this up? I'll buy you a drink. You can tell me all about it.”
Daniel“Sorry, Jack. Chief's work is never done, you know how it is.”
Jack“Come on. Oklahoma can wait. You can show me that Frolic Room Bar I keep hearing about.”
Daniel“Next time.”
Jack“Yeah, uh You're on. Next time it will be.”
Daniel“Take care of yourself, Sousa.”
Jack“Safe flight.”
Daniel“Nice shirt.”
— Better Angels
Daniel“Why don’t you stay here in case we’re wrong and Vernon returns?”
Jack“Don’t you trust me Danny boy? I’m hurt.”
Daniel“You don’t have the best track record.”
— The Edge of Mystery
Jack“You trust me?”
Daniel“Not at all.”
Jack“Good enough.”
— A Little Song and Dance


On AO3, JackDaniels is the second most written ship for Jack and the third most written ship for Daniel. As well as the eighth most written ship in the Agent Carter tag.



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