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Jacob's sibling is a character from the Harry Potter fandom.


This character is the main protagonist in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and their name, appearance and Hogwarts house are chosen by the player. They are the younger sibling of Jacob, a Hogwarts student who got expelled after his involvement with the Cursed Vaults and went missing afterwards, and have somewhat of a negative reputation because of it. At Hogwarts, Jacob's sibling dedicates most of their time to looking for the Cursed Vaults and finding their brother.


Due to Jacob's sibling's gender being chosen my the player, all ships here are listed as non-binary. Due to their name being chosen by the player, there are no set ship names.


Andre x MC — the ship between MC and Andre Egwu
Barnaby x MC — the ship between MC and Barnaby Lee
Ben x MC — the ship between MC and Ben Copper
Bill x MC — the ship between MC and Bill Weasley
Charlie x MC — the ship between MC and Charlie Weasley
Chester x MC — the ship between MC and Chester Davies
Chiara x MC — the ship between MC and Chiara Lobosca
Felix x MC — the ship between MC and Felix Rosier
Ismelda x MC — the ship between MC and Ismelda Murk
Jae x MC — the ship between MC and Jae Kim
Merula x MC — the ship between MC and Merula Snyde
Murphy x MC — the ship between MC and Murphy McNully
Penny x MC — the ship between MC and Penny Haywood
Rowan x MC — the ship between MC and Rowan Khanna
Talbott x MC — the ship between MC and Talbott Winger
Tonks x MC — the ship between MC and Nymphadora Tonks
Tulip x MC — the ship between MC and Tulip Karasu


Jacob's sibling is the most popular character when it comes to shipping in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, as Jacob's sibling is often used as a sort of self-insert and a lot of people want them to date a certain character. As Jacob's sibling is customized by the player, different ships for them are generally not considered rival ships, but rather players' differing opinions of which character they'd most like to date.

When referring to this character in general rather than their own personal version of it, fans generally use the terms MC (short for main character) or player character. On the Harry Potter Wiki, this character's page is called Jacob's sibling due to their only known named family member being Jacob, and this term has since spread.



Player Character tag on AO3
Jacob's sibling on FanFiction.Net


# portmanteau characters type
61 Penny x MC Penny Haywood het/femslash
54 Merula x MC Merula Snyde het/femslash
44 Charlie x MC Charlie Weasley het/slash
27 Rowan x MC Rowan Khanna slash/femslash
22 Barnaby x MC Barnaby Lee het/slash
21 Penny & MC Penny Haywood gen
17 Bill x MC Bill Weasley het/slash
18 Rowan & MC Rowan Khanna gen
16 Merula & MC Merula Snyde gen
11 Felix x MC Felix Rosier het/slash

Notes and references

  1. Jacob's sibling can have feelings for both male and female characters, although these (with one exception out of six choices) are optional.


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