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Jasunzel is the femslash ship between Rapunzel and Jasmine from the Disney fandom.


As Rapunzel and Jasmine are from different series, they have never met in canon. In a poster for Ralph Breaks the Internet Jasmine and Rapunzel are seen standing beside each other, Jasmine was also seen standing behind Rapunzel in the Princess Group Photo from one of the trailers.

Both of their love interests are thieves and have animal pets, Raja and Pascal. Along with both of them being women who speak their minds, are strong and brave as they don't shy away from danger and have fought armed men who have attacked them and their allies, in their own TV series. When the two refused to give Gothel and Jafar, they punished the princesses by locking the two up, before harming their love interests. At the end of both Rapunzel's TV series and Jasmine's 2019 remake, the two became their kingdom's new rulers.

Despite the two being angry for what Iago and Varian had done to them, Jasmine and Rapunzel were able to forgive the two and a few others who had wronged or tricked them in the past. Even though the Rapunzel and Jasmine are royals, their duties and rules cause them to dislike their royal life styles from time to time. Since they make Jasmine and Rapunzel feel like prisoners in their own homes, but it hasn't stopped them from caring about the well being of their people.


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A rarepair shippers believe they would get along very well given that they've felt trapped within their own homes before meeting a thief who shows them the outside world. Some have cast Rapunzel as Jasmine in a Aladdin AU, Jasmine's film had also got fans to draw Rapunzel as a Harem girl in a Agrabah setting. Jaladdin and Eugunzel fans prefer to have them as friends who can turn to one another for support. On AO3, the ship has three fics, the ship also has a small fanbase on FanFiction.Net and DeviantArt.



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  • Are two of the Disney based and owned characters in Once Upon A Time.
  • Both appear in Sofia the First.
  • They are two of the Princesses of Hearts in Kingdom Hearts.



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